Please Proceed, Jeb!

Jeb! has told us we common folk need to work longer hours and retire later. Now comes his pitch for the African American vote:

Bush pointed to his record on school choice and said that if Republicans could double their share of the black vote, they would win the swing states of Ohio and Virginia.

“Our message is one of hope and aspiration,” he said at the East Cooper Republican Women’s Club annual Shrimp Dinner. “It isn’t one of division and get in line and we’ll take care of you with free stuff. Our message is one that is uplifting — that says you can achieve earned success.”

Yes, the “free stuff” line worked so well for Mittens four years ago. And let me add that’s it’s just too rich for a Bush to be chiding others about achieving “earned success.”

Update: I didn’t see this coming — John Boehner will resign from Congress in October.

16 thoughts on “Please Proceed, Jeb!

  1. Eric Cantor was standing behind Boehner, as usual, when he made the announcement. I have noted before that he seems to be seeking to select a spot to stick the knife in Boehner’s back. Target acquired, evidently. Things may Cruz into interesting territory now. Not that Cruz will be ascending to Boehner’s position, but I expect much more Tea Party “leadership”.

  2. If he thinks “school choice” will be a hit with African Americans, Mr. Excitement has been inhaling Colorado weed. African Americans know a scam when they see one.

  3. Wow, Goatherd, interesting link. This part bears repeating:

    After reappraising the building, regulators decided it wasn’t worth as much as was owed for it. The regulators reduced the amount owed by Bush and his partner from $4.56 million to just $500,000. The pair paid that amount and were allowed to keep their office building. Taxpayers picked up the tab for the unpaid $4 million.

    After the Broward Savings deal was revealed, Jeb described himself and his partner as “victims of circumstances.”

    Alas, poor Jeb!#?&%! No one should ever be forced by “circumstances” into accepting “free stuff” to the tune of $4 million. I’m sure that horrific experience really helped build his character.

  4. Sounds like Jeb!! took advantage of the same things Trump did when he declared bankruptcy four times. I wonder what the chances are in the house that moderate (read RINO) repugs join with Dems to elect a moderate repug to the speakership. Though I think as a party we’d be better off with them electing some nut job so the country can see what a bunch of lunatics they are. Hell, the gov’t might be shut-down til Election Day.

  5. Word is Boehner’s leaving was in the works for some time. They (the tea baggers) let him stay until after the Pope, since it was under his invite the Holiness came. It allowed him a moment in the sun before his pre-planned exit. He was about to be removed anyhow, so this avoids that shame.

  6. I find the Boehner departure …. fascinating. I’ve read some opinions and read Boehner’s own statement. I think we have something very significant here. For years we’ve observed the decline in voter participation and many from both sides have correctly diagnosed that voters are quitting because they reject the leaders.

    I think we are seeing the first occasion of a leader quitting because he’s rejecting the voters. Look at the three front runners in the GOP for president. None of them has held office and a politician with Boehner’s experience must find the peasants revolting – in terms of rejecting ‘qualified’ leadership – to be revolting. Second, if one grants Boehner credit for securing the Pope’s visit, and Boehner’s tears over the meeting sincere, what did it mean to Boehner to read the vitriol which the voters of his party heaped upon his guest?

    Last, maybe Boehner decided that the criticism that the progressives often lay on republicans, that they can not govern, is inevitably correct with the class of republicans that the hateful GOP rabble are sending to Congress and nominating for president.

    I honestly wonder if Boehner quit because a pragmatic conservative can’t direct the government in the way he thinks it should go when his own party lacks the stability that a more moderate GOP could have been until they purged all but the most extreme elements from the party.

  7. I think Boehner quite literally had a “come to Jesus” moment. Now the “party has the likes of an evil character from a Batman movie praising Boehner’s departure. Amazing.

  8. Whatever Boehner’s reason for leaving, I have to give him credit for doing it. It is extremely hard to let go of a dream or a way of life that one believes in. I think he was sincere in what he was doing but I just don’t see him as a leader. Perhaps that is why he failed or maybe it is just the situation of what the Congress has become. Anyway, he is moving on and I wish him well. I guess Florida is a good place to retire and relax, take it easy for awhile.

  9. Let me see if I’m getting this: stereotyping me as lazy & obsessed with free stuff will make me vote Republican? As Maha pointed out: that failed miserably last time. It ignores history. It ignores reality. How many times must they do that before they learn that it won’t work?

    Nice work as usual Maha. Fingers crossed that you get Minister of Enlightenment after the Revolution ushers in Obama’s third term!

  10. John Boehner is an alcoholic, his liver is failing and his next stop is rehab and possibly a liver transplant.

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