Techno Dukkha

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce. My PC laptop had a meltdown on Thursday and I had to take it to the GeekSquad desk at the local BestBuy to get it fixed. Was supposed to get it back today; now they are saying a couple more days. I’m working on a Mac in the temple office nobody’s using, but I hate writing on a strange computer. Just feels odd.

So, carry on.

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  1. Oh, that’s why there are no new posts.
    I was starting to worry!
    Good luck with the fix!

  2. Maha, you’ve been writing really well lately. Hope you’re writing some good stuff down on a notepad until you get the computer back.

  3. She’s always written well. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.
    Here’s a link to the first blog post I ever read from Maha… and it made a Mahabot outta me. It all about clarity.
    In a sense,Maha, I’m glad that your computer experienced the meltdown and not you. We’ll look forward to your next post.

    On Thursday Trey is going in for the kill. That should be an interesting spectacle.

  4. “made a Mahabot outta me”

    Pretty cool, I first heard of maha on C-Span Washington Journal, I remember thinking here’s a journalist that knows the issues, has some serious common sense and doesn’t seem the least bit pretentious? I never really looked at or posted on blogs before so maha was my first! I can’t believe I’ve been reading and posting on this site for almost ten years and only been twit filtered a few times! So yeah I’m a Mahabot too!

  5. This whole kerfuffle with Jeb! and “he kept us safe” really exposes what is a serious disease for almost half the country. There are so many people who only consume right-wing media (FAUX, Drudge, Rush, Brietbart, Beck, Wall street journal, etc) and they just don’t fucking have a clue about what has been happening in this country for the last 10-15 years. They have know idea why Trump would challenge Jeb! on his brothers 9-11 record, they have know idea why the economy collapsed in 2008, they have no idea why Iraq was a disaster that lead to ISIS, they have no fucking idea how Obama has lowered the deficits, they have know idea that the ACA is working for millions of people. They just have no idea because everything that has happened is either not reported or blamed on the Clinton’s and or the colored fella? If I hadn’t been witnessing it I would never believe that so many people could be so willfully ignorant, almost fucking unbelievable!

  6. I woke up this morning and heard them talking on NPR about Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, and I had this Homer Simpson moment: “OMG! I’ve gone back in time! I have to warn the world about Nixon!”

    I don’t know what that has to do with anything… It’s just that 1971 is looking awfully good some days.

  7. uncledad…It was enjoyable to to go back and watch the C-span interview with Maha. It was interesting to hear her mention the “he kept us safe” nonsense even way back then. I’m glad to see that Trump is beating Jeb over the head with the he kept us safe club. The only way Jeb can extract himself from the foolishness of that statement is to add a qualifier that says “since 9-11”. Good move on Trump’s part.. In wrestling parlance Trump has put Jeb in a Boston cradle.
    Another thing I found funny was the caller from Georgia(?) who said that us liberals have been given over to a reprobate mind.. That was something I already knew about myself from my rejection of the inspired word of God..AKA the Holy bible.

  8. “Jeb can extract himself from the foolishness of that statement is to add a qualifier that says “since 9-11″.”

    Or he could just say: “he kept us safe after he didn’t”

    I always remember that I thought it was odd when Brian Lamb asked maha what “great dames” meant in her blogroll, seemed pretty fucking obvious, that always struck me as slightly sexist? I’ll have to have a look at that again, can’t watch it at work:(


    I didn’t expect to live long enough to read a David Brooks editorial that I agreed with all the way to the end. My expectation was always that in the next para – he’d tank with some irrational BS. Congratulations, even if you only proved the infinite number of monkeys theory.

  10. Joan.. Was Trudeau the guy that Nixon called an asshole on the watergate tapes? Nixon was a piece of work.. I’ll never forget a classic bit of American graffiti I saw written on a latrine wall in Vietnam…Nixon, pull out like your father should have.

  11. Didn’t Nixon pretty much call everybody an a-hole on the Watergate tapes? But yeah, he would have hated Pierre. I mean sheesh… “Pierre”! A Liberal reprobate’s name if ever there was one! 🙂

  12. Doug,

    Thanks for the link. Wow I’m floored that article really sums up the GOP’s dysfunction perfectly. A rare instance of introspection by a righty pundit! I do have one quip, the last sentence: “It took a thousand small betrayals of conservatism to get to the dysfunction we see all around”, he should acknowledge his own contribution to the GOP derp, maybe next time?

  13. Poor Jeb! I really feel sorry for him. He got cheated out of the presidency when George got it and now he has to defend him because of family loyalty. He’s between a rock and a hard place. Well. I’m sure he will work it out. Wish I could think of something really witty to say but I will leave that up to Gulag.

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