13 thoughts on “The Grift That Keeps On Grifting

  1. These vipers in human form are not only swallowing their own tails, they’re also chomping at the bit to bite off another snakes tail.
    Eat heartily, vipers!

  2. Come to the well!
    It’s good to see that there’s more than one way to fleece a wingnut. I got a brother in law who had his email address book hacked so he decided to pay for real email security by getting a Reagan.com email provider. When it comes to security even the spirit of Dutch can satisfy that need.
    In Google we trust!

  3. The Samaritan’s Purse® makes these Conservative Pac rip-off artists seem like pikers. Compared to Franklin they are just a bunch of bumbling idiots.

  4. uncledad..Yeah they’re still out there preying on the rubes. Actually it’s only $40.00 a year. That seems like a pretty cheap price to pay for the illusion of security. But I can’t be sure because I don’t know what illusions are going for these days. Even if the illusion is over priced there’s always the added benefit of knowing that by purchasing an email account you’re helping to restore Ronald Reagan’s America. Win -Win!


  5. Reagan.com what a scam. Wow I wanna buy me some “Dutch Gear”! I like the promise “we never sell one word of your email content” Content is the operative word they don’t say they don’t sell your email address do they? I’d bet once you sign up you’ll be on every wing-nut mailing list known to man!

  6. Did anyone happen to catch Hillary’s interview on Maddow last night? Hillary was pretty good though it was hard to watch what with the Rachel Maddow rambling narration and tease for every segment. I bet the one hour interview had more Rachel than Hillary, what is with these cable news bobble-heads, can’t they just do an interview without making themselves part of the story?

  7. I tried to watch Hillary’s interview but fell asleep. I had a tough day yesterday. I don’t normally watch Maddow for the reason that she talks too fast and she takes 5 minutes leading up to the story or interview. I have to admit, I do like Hillary. She’s not perfect and I’m not sure she would make a good President but I like her.

  8. Saw my first “LATINOS FOR HILLARY 2016” bumper sticker today – while driving around LA.

  9. I am really curious to see what a woman as president would be like. Would we be better off and in what way? I have often thought about this. It seems to me that a lot of candidates believe they can make a big change or impact as president. But is this genuine belief in their abilities or just egomania? It’s true, there have been female leaders in other countries but it appears that they have acted and thought “like men”. Not that there is anything wrong with the way men think but there needs to be a balance. I am reminded of the Bonobo chimpanzees. They are not as aggressive as other chimpanzee tribes and it has been suggested that this is because they are a matriarchy as opposed to the others which are patriarchies. America is different from other countries in that some factions hold on desperately to that patriarchy. How will they react to a female president? Would she be more likely to be assassinated? Obama has been lucky to avoid that and I suspect the chances of that happening would be more than with a white president. One thing is sure, we do need some change in the way this government is run.

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