34 thoughts on “The War on Christmas Escalates

  1. Well, Happy Chrimble has come early for me: the Obama administration refuses TransCanada’s delay request, and kills the Keystone XL pipeline. Kills it dead.

    Mister President, Secretary Kerry, look out… because this Ms. Claus is coming in for hugs.

    (Heh heh, Breitbrats. The Ewoks of the Internet!)

  2. I didn’t read the article, just visiting the site gives me the willys though from the pictures it is obvious that Starbucks has not only eliminated the Christmas symbols from the cups, the fact that they are solid red indicates their support for Communism, whats next satanic pumpkin laced lattes? Save us Dr. Carson!

  3. Holiday Gift #2, the wheels come off Dr. Ben’s toy bus! Apparently this is the week we discovered that every single thing he has ever said about himself is a lie. Neat.

  4. umm…the link was, ahh, those folks are, ohhh…ummm…sheesh, I can’t get a handle on those folks…where are my dogs…I need some lovin’…and reassurances that I am not Cray Cray…

  5. We lefties LOOOOOOOVES us some Christmas!
    And all of the various religions celebrations of the Winter Soltice!

    We just don’t believe in either Santa or Satan.

    Our righies think we’re waging a war on Santa, for Satan.

    But we lefties are closer to being Santa, than Satan – because we want to reward children and adults for good behavior (and correct those with bad), and help those in need, and share our nation’s bounty among all us.

    Righties, while they claim to revere both Santa and Jesus, want to keep our nation’s bounty for themselves and people close to them.
    Who needs gifts and sharing, when all you have to do is find one of the few remaining bootstraps they haven’t yet gobbled-up for themselves, or their kin and/cronies?

    I’ll let you judge:
    Are they closer to Santa, or Satan?

    Or, are those “Morans!” dyslexic – on top of being stupid, ignorant, and bigoted?

  6. My response to this “war on Christmas” shit from now on will be grow up or shut up. I’m tired of this anti Christmas myth every fucking year; now it starts before we mass murder turkeys.

  7. “now it starts before we mass murder turkeys”

    Soon it will be like the election season, it will never end!

  8. In our beloved “free market” Raheem can choose not to purchase his Communist inspired coffee, and go elsewhere. I suggest some purveyor of ” Thorazine Latte”, cuz he really needs to take a closer look at that paranoia. It strikes deep…

  9. Are they closer to Santa, or Satan? Satan is an anagram for Santa or is it the opposite?
    I don’t celebrate Xmas not only because I am not a Christian but the hullaboo is ridiculous and all about being a consumer society. The Xmas season is just like the stupid time change twice a year, something I have to put up with. At least I don’t live in the Bible Belt anymore. I would probably get burned at the stake.

  10. Dr Ben’s a strange guy. Very little he has said about himself can be verified. Great article at Is Ben Carson Running for President?.

    ..But the most likely explanation for his behavior is that Carson himself is in this thing to make a lot of money.

    Carson is doing a lot of things that seem puzzling for a presidential campaign, but quite logical for a brand-building exercise. He is taking weeks off the campaign trail to go on a book tour. His campaign itself is structured much more like a scamming venture than a political one. An astronomical 69 percent of his fund-raising totals are spent on more fund-raising. (Bernie Sanders, by contrast, spends just 4 percent of his intake on fund-raising.) In addition to direct mail, Carson seems to have undertaken a massive phone-spamming operation. Spending most of your money to raise more money is not a good way to get elected president, but it is a good way to build a massive list of supporters that can later be monetized. Perhaps it is a giveaway that the official title for Armstrong Williams, the figure running the Carson “campaign,” is “business manager,” as opposed to “campaign manager.” It does suggests that Carson is engaged in a for-profit venture…

  11. Well, if any of you readers are taking a Perceptions class in college maybe this will help in your understanding of how perceptions are formulated. It’s from the Wall Street Journal.

    In his 1990 autobiography, “Gifted Hands,” Mr. Carson writes of a Yale psychology professor who told Mr. Carson, then a junior, and the other students in the class—identified by Mr. Carson as Perceptions 301—that their final exam papers had “inadvertently burned,” requiring all 150 students to retake it. The new exam, Mr. Carson recalled in the book, was much tougher. All the students but Mr. Carson walked out.

    “The professor came toward me. With her was a photographer for the Yale Daily News who paused and snapped my picture,” Mr. Carson wrote. “ ‘A hoax,’ the teacher said. ‘We wanted to see who was the most honest student in the class.’ ” Mr. Carson wrote that the professor handed him a $10 bill.

  12. So Ben Carson was the “most honest” student in the class. I have taken psychology classes and worked as a psych nurse for many years and I don’t see how that is a test of honesty. Except for the professor which makes her the most dishonest. To me Carson appears to be deferring to authority. Or else he’s just a sycophant. That’s my perception and I don’t think I admire Carson if that story is true which I doubt.

  13. 69 percent of his (Carson’s) fund-raising totals are spent on more fund-raising. (Bernie Sanders, by contrast, spends just 4 percent of his intake on fund-raising.)

    Typical tax and spend liberal spending 96% of his money on the campaign and not on his political “team”. How can someone like Bernie be trusted with the finances of the executive branch?

  14. ‘We wanted to see who was the most honest student in the class.’

    Gosh he’s so soft spoken and modest!

  15. ‘We wanted to see who was the most honest student in the class.’

    You’re all missing the point. There was no “Perceptions” class. It never existed. The whole story about Carson being the most honest person in the class, including the class, was entirely made up.

  16. How can you tell when Ben Carson is lying?

    Answer: his lips are moving.

    The West Point thing was off-the-charts pants-on-fire. And the pyramid stuff was nuts. My 11 year quickly debunked it.

    Will the Fox-loving “sheeple” care? Probably not. They are profoundly fact-resistant. But the donor class will. The Kochs are evil, but not stupid. Carson is a pathological liar, and a huckster, and may be mentally ill. But he’s a BAD pathological liar– his whoppers are too easy to debunk. I’m betting the puppet masters would prefer someone a little more smooth.

  17. My apologies, you wouldn’t know the details about the bogus Ben Carson story because of the bad link. Try this one: Is Ben Carson Running for President?. To tantalize you further:

    …Carson’s relationship with Mannatech, a medical-supplement operator that uses misleading claims to exploit Christian customers, may provide the most revealing window into his methodology. Consider the utterly calm and putatively genuine way in which Carson flatly denied a question at the last debate about his business relationship with Mannatech:


    “If you have the facts in mind — Carson maintained an extensive relationship with the company — when you watch this answer, his unflinching dishonesty has a chilling quality. He is a perfect con artist…

  18. The article that Uncledad linked was really interesting. On the surface you have to wonder how the evangelicals and the “godless” libertarians get along so swimmingly. The Randians take it as a tenet that altruism is a character defect and the religious right, has replaced it with the concept of “tough love.” This makes for some common ground as it turns empathy on its head. It’s cruel to be kind and kind to be cruel. (That was a song, wasn’t it?)

    At one time, it was a sin to tell a lie, (another song). Wasn’t it James Dobson who said that he wouldn’t lie, even if it mean lying to a nazi soldier to save Anne Frank’s life? Then came Mittens, and suddenly, there was “lying for the Lord.” I suppose that’s how supporters view Ben Carson’s tussles with the truth. The lie or “stretching the truth” is just an exercise in making actuality fit the deep underlying truth, also known as the narrative, a little more comfortably.

    Then we have the small government folks and the baggers. They hate authority, but they love it at the same time, as long as it is the “right kind” of authority. They live in a childish world, and they want it that way. As Bruno Bettelheim noted, fairy tales often contain harsh, clear punishment. Children hate to be punished, but they want someone to push the witch into the oven.

    Who can unravel the mysteries of the human mind?

  19. Uncledad: The bully called senility senility, and the twit called yellow journalism yellow journalism; so the bully and the twit called each other liars.
    But must I choose? Can’t they both be right, about each other?

  20. paradoctor… The bully committed blasphemy. An intraparty lie is not even considered an offense to the repug mind, but a blasphemy of St. Ronnie of the Blessed Memory is the ultimate transgression in repuglican circles. They’re probably going to burn “Rielly” in effigy at the CPAC convention.

  21. “The bully called senility senility, and the twit called yellow journalism yellow journalism”

    The funny thing is that they both buy into the delusion that only Saint Ronnie’s legacy can save modern trickle down conservatism, they just disagree on the fringes?

  22. It’s strange how certain stories can trigger recall of incidents that have long been forgotten…When I first came down to Florida back in the 80’s I was going to a job on Treasure Island via the Pinellas Bayway. I had to cross a toll bridge that had a $1.00 toll. When I pulled up to pay I handed the toll collector a $5.00 bill. He returned $19.00 in change. I told him he had mistaken the five dollar bill that I gave him for a twenty and I was only due to receive four dollars in change.
    Just at that instant a reporter and a photographer from the St. Petersburg Times stepped out from behind the toll booth to praise me for my honesty.They told me they were on assignment to find the most honest motorist in Pinellas County. They told me I could keep the change as a reward for my honesty. They also took my picture and said that they would feature me in an upcoming article about honest motorists on Florida’s highways.
    Unfortunately, the article was never published because a news story about a freighter hitting the old Sunshine Skyway Bridge and causing it to collapse dominated the news cycle for the next several weeks. I guess the important thing is that even if I didn’t get the public praise for my honesty…Jesus was watching and approving of my honesty..That’s all that really matters!

  23. Good man, Swami, and twenty bucks went a lot further back then.

    My girlfriend at the time was in one of the last cars to make it across the skyway. She got a mention in the book. I guess we all remember our first glimpse of the skyway after the incident.

  24. “They also took my picture and said that they would feature me in an upcoming article about honest motorists on Florida’s highways”

    Well there you have it, Swami get out on the Presidential book tour/campaign trial immediately, if that story don’t qualify you to be commander in chief what would? And no big deal that they never wrote the article who would make a story like that up?

  25. Can you imagine what they’d have said if the cups were mostly green? (It’s the color of Islam, you know…)

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