5 thoughts on “Finally. This Is Why I Started Blogging

  1. While neo-cons like Cheney, the psycho, and his puppet, the simpleton, W, were “cleverly” mapping out how to arrange the circumstances to defeat Papa Bush’s arch-enemy, Saddam, at international checkers, the Middle East’s terrorist chess champ, Osama, had moved his pawns onto the neo-con’s checkersboard here in America.

    And, despite Clinton’s, Gore’s, and their administration’s warnings, and the latest from the US’s intelligence agencies – all trying to get the psycho’s, the simp’s, and their band of war-mongering self-satisfied sociopathic sychophants, attentions – they were all told, “Don’t bothers us with your terrorist nonsense. Can’t you see we have to figure out how to move the checkers pieces in Iraq, so we can ‘king’ someone, win in Iraq, and make him our oil-spewing puppet?!?!”

    I won’t coment further on the gross ineptitude, endless stream of lies, and malevolent malice – bordering on evil – that followed what Politico * – of all places – reported on today.

    It’s nothing I didn’t long suspect.
    But it was “nice” that this information finally saw the light of day. Something that the prisoners put in Gitmo by the psycho and the simp – and kept there by the cowards in Congress – may never again witness as free men.

    * What happened, NY Times, that Politico beat you to this story?
    Still feeling compicit and compliant?
    After all, when all of this was happening, you didn’t tell “All the news that’s fit to print,” but, instead, went with ‘All the news that’s print to fit?’

    I wish there really was a Hell…

  2. Let me get this straight. If Clinton lied about what happened AFTER Benghazi where 4 Americans in a foreign country who understood the risks of foreign service died – that’s a scandal.

    If Bush, Cheney & Rice lied for years about the warnings they were given BEFORE 9-11 – and they did nothing about those warnings, where’s the outrage? Three thousand people died that day and they didn’t sign up for the risk of foreign service.

    Am I equating the two events? Obviously, they aren’t equal. One event is a thousand times more significant than the other, but it’s beyond comprehension that all the outrage is over the lesser event.

    Conservatives need to wonder just how thoroughly they are being manipulated by propaganda when the reality is so different than the perception.

  3. I have some distractions going on, so forgive me if this is gibberish.

    “Conservatives need to wonder just how thoroughly they are being manipulated by propaganda when the reality is so different than the perception.”

    This is the kernel of the problem isn’t it? The only explanation I can shoehorn into the reality is something like the “sunk cost” effect. Some people have invested so much of their belief, their outrage and their self concept into a narrative that divides our nation into two camps in conflict, that there is no going back.

    I keep waiting for “cooler heads to prevail” and common sense Republicans to join the rest of us to stop the madness. They are evidently only creatures of myth, who exist in our land of hope along with unicorns and rainbows.

    There are certain concepts that fall into the realm of the unthinkable. But. what happens when the tissue of reality itself becomes unthinkable?

    I am still digesting the news from Paris. That city will always represent the pinnacle of civilization to me. As most of you know, my wife and I have “a thing” about France.

  4. Two thinks that still “stick in my craw” are testimony of Colin Powell at the UN with that vial of white powder, and the resignation of Tom Ridge. Tom Ridge’s resignation was like a cruise ship passenger asking to be dropped off on an atoll half way through the voyage because he was boared. If THAT didn’t throw up flags for criminal behavior, I don’t know what would.

  5. “Conservatives need to wonder just how thoroughly they are being manipulated by propaganda when the reality is so different than the perception”


    The problem is the true definition of reality does not apply to conservatives. Whatever Roger Ailes, FAUX news, right-wing hate radio and the wing-nut blogs conspire to promote is conservative reality. I watched a Nascar Race last night (I know its boring but I’m a car nut) and they had a truck sponsored by Liberty University, yes Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. They are even churning out their own per-programmed wing-nut college grads. I don’t see how the truth will ever penetrate the walls these people have built around them?

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