The Hallucinations Continue

(Please consult Google maps if you’re unfamiliar with Manhattan). Now Trump is claiming that on September 11 he watched people jumping from the burning towers from his apartment. This would not be a fantastical claim, but his apartment is on the east side, between 56th and 57th, four miles or more from the Trade Center. I know for a fact you cannot see downtown from there, even from a 68-story high-rise. For a time after 9/11 I was working in an office tower on Madison between 48th and 49th, and you can’t see downtown from there.

On 9/11 I could see the towers clearly from West 17th between 7th and 8th avenues, but even from there I couldn’t make out bodies.

32 thoughts on “The Hallucinations Continue

  1. Trump, the conservative Superman, has X-ray vision, Libturd!

    And so does the telescope he has, where he saw Muslims in NJ celebrating the fall of the WTC (never mind that more than a few of NJ’s Muslims lost relatives and friends there).

    The ball’s in your court, MSM.
    Oh, yeah, I forgot – Hillary said she was shot at, when the FOTUS’s plane landed in Bosnia…
    So, I guess it’ll be back to “both sides do it!”

  2. Have read several sites which explain that the exuberant cheerers were Israeli mossad agents. Yet practically none of the stories featuring this Trump lie will mention this fact (the agents were stopped by police; were even interrogated and possibly tortured for two months or so.).

    • Benna — In New Jersey? There may have been a handful of people celebrating behind closed doors, but vast numbers of people opening cheering just didn’t happen. No way, no how.

  3. “On 9/11 I could see the towers clearly from West 17th between 7th and 8th avenues, but even from there I couldn’t make out bodies”

    Yeah but your not a billionaire!

  4. Benna’s info isn’t very good. I just spent some time chasing down the claim and the bottom line is that some Israeli employees of a moving company stopped their van and took pictures of the towers attack and were indeed quite happy about it. The whole company was apparently, with one employee saying “now America knows what we go through”. There is no evidence that they set up cameras or stopped to observe before the attacks happened; that’s all embellishment after the fact. As you can imagine, the initial chasing this down leads one into a morass of 9/11 truthers of the “the Jews did it” variety.

  5. I seem to be experiencing the same phenomenon as the Donald. But my recall of Muslims dancing up and down in celebration of 9-11 is of a blog page titled Michele Malkin under which there was a subtitle saying… and the pen became a clarion.
    Below the header was a stock photo of what appeared to be Palestinians (identified by head scarf pattern) grouped together in a jubilant pose. I don’t recall the exact text that accompanied the photo but the message of the post was that Muslims were celebrating the successful attack on the twin towers.
    I could be wrong in my recollection. I certainly don’t want to malign Little Lulu, but that is the vision that comes to mind when I strain to remember when and where I first heard the notion of anybody finding joy in the tragedy of 9-11.

  6. It’s called rhetoric.
    Stop behaving like an aspergers.

    And as you may have noticed, weak “GOTCHA!” politics doesn’t work on Trump. Libshits are behaving like children, it’s time for the libshits and cuckservative neocohens to go, we need to make America great again.

    Trump inspires das volk in a way not seen since Kennedy, and will win the white blue collar union democrat vote; meanwhile you will seethe in the corner with the neocons, finding new brethren.

    • //It’s called rhetoric.//

      I’d call it “pathology.”

      //it’s time for the libshits and cuckservative neocohens to go, we need to make America great again.//

      I wouldn’t get your Klan robes out of the attic just yet, son. The Donald is only popular with about 30 percent of the 25 percent of Americans who identify as Republicans. Everyone else thinks he’s demented.

  7. I don’t want to start a flame war, but the Cannon post is fairly comprehensive. And my comments are not ‘anti Jew’; my comments are anti Israeli Mossad. What happened, happened.

  8. But if you look past the post you linked to, Benna, it didn’t happen the way that post claims. They had not set up before the attack (and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence they were Mossad agents either. The reference they give to a NYT article (which is secondhand, BTW) does not say they set up before the attack, just that they were witnessing it and taking photos or video, just as thousands of area residents did (including the person who say them doing it). I didn’t mean to imply that you were being anti-Jew in your comment, just pointing out that following this claim up leads one into a morass of “the Jews did it truthers”. It does. I notice they have all sorts of arguments within their ranks, btw, which is amusing in a sad way.

  9. I suppose we could be charitable and interpret Trump’s visions and Sarah Palin’s sightings of Russia as shamanic events. They ascended to spiritual heights of which we only dream, and from there they saw all things as they truly are. (It’s kind of like the time when Dubya peered into Putin’s soul.) The pure of heart have remarkable powers, and those of us limited to worldliness, simply watch in awe, as they bring back the boons of the true faith, and an America that’s great again — along with lower corporate taxes and fewer pesky environmental regulations.

    But, apart from that it really makes no sense at all.

    Someone who knows more about psychology could make sense of it. But, when people undergo a shock, there are often bits of data missing. The mind fills in the gaps with some explanatory patchwork, usually constructed from actual experiences. There is some research that suggests, for example, that tales of alien abduction, of the little green men variety, seem to occur when a traumatic event triggers a recollection of the birth experience.

    9/11 was a trauma that engendered so much sorrow and confusion that we experienced something similar, collectively. I remember reading about the “Mossad agents” and the celebrating Palestinians. As I recall, the footage of the Palestinians was taken at an entirely unrelated event and the Mossad agents story ended up being discredited.

    We all had huge gaps in our understanding, and we wanted to fill them in with something. That something didn’t have to make sense exactly, and sometimes it was made of bits and pieces of our world view broken apart and reassembled. There is certainly plenty of anti-semitism and anti-Palestinian sentiment in our society and those faults were woven into the myriad conspiracy theories that followed 9/11. The way our minds work is not always pretty, but somehow it got us through an evolutionary process.

  10. Trump inspires das volk

    Very telling terminology, although Trump is at bottom such a wuss, I think of him more as a Mussolini mini-me than that Austrian guy.

    Also the fact that the troll’s comment is 65% name-calling shows just who supports Trump: grossly immature non-thinkers. Beat up anyone who questions their Il Duce, now that’s a plan.

  11. ” it’s time for the libshits and cuckservative neocohens to go”

    Now that’s some childish shit there! Almost makes me think about never using some of my favorite internet slang jargon: dimwittedteabagger, neoconsuperfratboy, Republicant, etc. Do they sound as silly as “cuckservative”? Oh well at least I made mine up all by my dimwitted self!

  12. “Trump inspires das volk in a way not seen since Kennedy, and will win the white blue collar union democrat vote”

    First off using German slang when support Trump, not a good idea he already makes everyone think of the Third Reich! Secondly I know lots of Blue Collar Union Democrats and aint none of them voting for your Billionaire Clown. Third even if he won every union vote in this country it wouldn’t get him elected dog catcher, not sure you noticed but conservative economic policies have all but wiped out unions in this country. You may want to try reading something other than Sludge!

  13. The German Nazi’s were much more stylish than our American counterparts.

    Full-length black leather coats, gatherings of hundreds of thousands bearing torches, carrying Nazi banners, and marching, singing, and chanting.

    Our Nazi’s are ignorant white rubes, wearing cammo, and practicing for their White Volk Revolution prancing about the woods, shooting paint-ball guns.

    When I remind myself of that, not only does it ease my mind, but brings a smile to my face.
    “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself…”

  14. We Pollacks remember Das Volks…just before Das Blitzcrieg….Il Duce in a Toupee….is the best he can hope for…..

  15. It really does appear that we’ve arrived at a time when the old question, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” has ceased to be a joke. It’s disturbing to think of the kind of personality that is behind such a revoltin’ development.


    I know that he is generally considered a dim bulb, but, when I have read things written by “Il Duce” he seems articulate as compared with many of our current political luminaries. Did he have a better ghostwriter? or is it just that dullwittedness has been weaponized?

    Okay, I think I just answered my own question.

  16. I thought I heard recently that Mussolini was a newspaperman before he was a despot. Trump is merely an Il Duce wannabe.

    Although… what was the bully kid’s name in A Christmas Story? Scut Farkus? With the yellow eyes and the coonskin cap that looked eerily like a rich man’s very bad toupee?

    Trump is Scut Farkus Lite.

  17. As a native New Yawker I see a strong similarity in the speech cadence and the gesticulations of Trump to those of Andrew Dice Clay. Put a leather jacket on Trump and a cigarette in his hand and you’d have a hard time distinguishing a difference between the two. Trump might be a little bit more toned down with the shock value, but it’s the same New York tough guy I love myself attitude that’s conveyed in the delivery.
    In fairness to Andrew Dice Clay…the attitude he conveys is just an act. With Trump it is a true representation of who he believes he is.

  18. I thought I heard recently that Mussolini was a newspaperman before he was a despot. Trump is merely an Il Duce wannabe.

    M was a businessman, dressed and looked the part. Head of the Italian Fascist Party (contrary to those Republicans who are closet fascists, there was an out and out Fascist Party that was very straightforward about what they were about).

    Several years of absolute power changed M into a guy who 1) shed the ordinary business suit for a custom military outfit of no real world rank, and 2) he became much more expressive in his body language and verbiage.

    In short, dictatorship is an energy, that takes over a personality. Mussolini started out quite ordinary and morphed into a caricature. Donald Trump is starting a little higher up on the curve. I can imagine Trump donning some kind of fantasy military outfit when he decides to take on China (and I’m not joking).

    What’s amazing to me, is that Republicans themselves are starting to use the “fascist” word for Trump and making direct comparisons to other dictators, in an effort to stop him. Check out Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric by the Kasich campaign:

    The 60-second spot, titled “Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric,” features retired Air Force Col. Tom Moe, a prisoner of war in Vietnam, speaking at an event before Trump’s campaign stop Monday evening in Columbus. Moe paraphrases Protestant pastor Martin Niemöller, who spoke out publicly against the Nazi regime and spent years in Nazi concentration camps, as images of Trump’s controversial rhetoric flash on screen.

    “You might not care if Donald Trump says Muslims must register with the government, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says he’s going to round up all the Hispanic immigrants, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says it’s OK to rough up black protesters, because you’re not one,” Moe says in the video.

    “And you might not care that Donald Trump wants to suppress journalists, because you’re not one. But think about this. If he keeps going and he actually becomes president, he might just get around to you, and you better hope that’s there someone left to help you,” he adds.

    It blows my mind that this is what Republicans are talking about.

  19. I know I’m prolly the only one in America that was actually comforted by 9/11–twenty years of planning by the most well financed terrorist organization on earth resulted in 19 boys with boxcutters, and a couple of “extra lucky” hits.

    I was born in 1940, and every year of my life (except the years I was three and four) at least 30,000 Americans died in car/traffic accidents. In 2001, 42,196 died. And we don’t blink.

    I have absolutely NO memory of when/if I ever saw the TV version of the bodies falling, but I do have a bit off film in my head showing the same, any time I care to think about it. Since I’m in WV, I know I didn’t see any such thing. But wonder if one were the wonder boy of one’s own life, who because of Boss/money is unlikely to often be contradicted, if one might not actually believe they did see what they could not have seen?

  20. puddle,
    And with the rich and powerful, you can be sure that there’ll always be some sycophants around who, when their bosses claim to have seen what they could not have seen, say, “Yes, Boss. I saw the same thing!”
    ‘Good lackey… Now, fetch me some coffee, and on the way back, put some lip-balm on. They’re getting a bit chapped.’

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