An Epic Moment in Derp


Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) argued this week that restaurants should be able to “opt out” of health department regulations that require employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

It gets better.

“Don’t you believe that this regulation that requires this gentlemen to wash his hands before he serves your food is important?” Tillis was asked by the person at his table.

“I think it’s one I can illustrate the point,” Tillis told the women. “I said, I don’t have any problem with Starbucks if they choose to opt out of this policy as long as the post a sign that says ‘We don’t require our employees to wash their hands after leaving the restrooms.’ The market will take care of that.”

Um, Senator, do you think restaurant owners will post that sign voluntarily? Wouldn’t you need another regulation?

What can one say, but … derp.

17 thoughts on “An Epic Moment in Derp

  1. ‘We don’t require our employees to wash their hands after leaving the restrooms.’ The market will take care of that.”

    What is the fucking point? Isn’t requireing them to post a sign regulation? So your still regulating but people are getting sick, these tea-tards never cease to amaze, the new know-nothings!

  2. Either this is not the first time he has said it or this is being re-posted from some time back. Clearly he thinks he is brilliant free-market theorist. Why an idiot like this appeals to NC voters is beyond me, but of course Kay Hagan ran an abysmal campaign against him. I almost lost control of my car whilst listening to her debate him. She has continued her blue dog bankster ways into a lobbying position anyway, so she was not much loss. At least she wasn’t Tillis.

  3. Painful to read. Tillis (and Burr) are the two corrupt cretins who draw salaries that were supposed to be reserved for the two North Carolina Senate slots we were supposedly promised in the Constitution.

  4. Here,
    Instead of a straw, let me stir your mocha-choca-French-vanilla-latta-ya-ya, with my dick?
    You ok wid dat?!?!


  5. I guess ‘”washing one’s hand’s” is a “liberal” thing, so this nit/half/dim/f*ck-*wit is making some point with their moronic base.
    “Want some mayo, or some smegma wid u’re order?”

    I can’t take the stupidity anymore……….
    I just can’t take it……….

  6. We’ve got Patrick McHenry too.

    For a couple of weeks before the election, Thom Tillis ads were popping upon internet sites with overbearing frequency. On top of that they were so offensive that I was sure they would backfire. As usual, I was living in a fool’s paradise.

    We often hear tales of “Florida Man” following epic tales of inebriated attempts at derring-do, along the lines of shoplifting chainsaws and things like that. Frequently a gator is involved. But, there are probably a few states that could challenge Florida for this franchise, if only “North Carolina man” or “Alabama man” would fall off the tongue as sonorously. I have to admit that I have taken part in deriding our sister state, my former home, somewhat unfairly, as I realize now. Our style is a little more laid back and holier than thou. The cross of Jesus is thrust a little more forward than it is in Florida. Our governor doesn’t look like Skeletor, but, that isn’t much consolation, given the circumstances.

    A few more gators and we could give the Sunshine State a run for her money.

  7. “The market will decide that.” …No, the microbes will when people keel over from food poisoning first. I guess that’s the price we all should pay for living in a Randbot dystopia? I’m speechless.

  8. imo, this is why President Sanders will have an impossible uphill battle. At one time or another, “R-all 50” have been that stupid.

  9. I hope the Senator’s typhoid immunizations are up to date.
    This is just too depressing – whom does he believe he is representing?

  10. In any event what is so unreasonably burdensome about washing one’s hands after using the toilet? In what sort of filthy barn was Sen. Tillis raised?

  11. goatherd…. or overdosing on cockroaches in a cockroach eating contest? We Floridians are often imitated, but never equaled.

  12. Swami, I might as well face facts. The Sunshine State, outshines us. Maybe age has dulled my memory. I had forgotten about the cockroach eating contest. The wings of speculation rode the winds of forgetfulness. “Florida man” has beaten us, fair and square. It would be idle to deny it.

    I remember an incident about fifteen years ago, when a man in a town nearby had purchased a surplus school bus and buried it as a clever, high security storage facility for his personal arsenal. Somehow things went awry.

    At the time, I had to admit that I was impressed. But, those were different times. Such a thing barely stifles a yawn these days. Especially, with so many of the good people of Florida assiduously pushing the envelope.

  13. I think it’s important to realize that “Florida” is really several states in one. From the “Red Neck Riviera” to the Central Florida tourist sector, the cowboy country, the costal communities, the South East beaches, The super rich enclaves of Palm Beach and Naples, the crazy keys. Quite a mix. I haven’t heard anything about ” Ave Maria” lately. It is a conservative Catholic community near Immokalee, which is due East of Naples. Not much there but mosquitos and Alligators. I heard the plan was to keep certain items out of the town’s stores, including condoms and girlie magazines. Can I get a “praise the lord-a”?

  14. Quite right, Erinyes. Most of my time in Florida was divided between Tampa and Sarasota. I got occasional glimpses of the whole, from the Key West to the Georgia Line, but I can’t say that I “know” it.

    I suppose every codger remembers a world that was easier to deal with. But, even Orlando in the days before Disney, was a nice town, Sarasota was sleepy and north of Bearss Ave in Tampa was woodsy and quiet. The growth rate has been frightful.

  15. Sarasota is my favorite area, Goatherd. Pretty artsy, but not too far from wild Florida around Mayakka, and Siesta Key is beautiful.

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