Meanwhile, Back at the Bird Sanctuary …

I know we’ve all moved on from the clown-shoe occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, but the last of the occupiers have not moved on. Four of the brave and resolute patriots remain on the Refuge, saying they will not leave unless they are promised law enforcement will not be mean to them, and that they will not be arrested. However, a federal grand jury just indicted their sorry butts, so I doubt that’s going to be an option.

Presumably speaking from a jail cell, this week Ammon Bundy issued an order to state and federal authorities to go home.

Ammon Bundy, leader of the monthlong armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge, said from jail Thursday that the takeover was “a needed action” and called on state and federal law enforcement officials to leave eastern Oregon. …

…”Government officials chose to end our educational efforts with attacks of force and it appears they attempt to do it again,” Bundy said in the minute-and-a half statement. “Go home, Oregon State Police. You have already killed enough. Go home, FBI. It is time to end this.”

Also, a bill has been introduced in Congress that would make the occupiers responsible for paying for the extra law enforcement their occupation required, and also for any damage they’ve done to property on the Refuge. They’ve run up about a million dollar tab so far.

17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Bird Sanctuary …

  1. “…end our educational efforts…”

    Is this what you imbeciles consider educational?
    Did you go to an NRA-sponsored school, where the ‘teacher’ stood in the front of the room with a pistol, teaching you “Five-R’s”?

    Don’t you worry about being totally ignorant.
    There’ll be plenty of time for all ya’all to get your GRE’s in prison. By the time you get out, you’ll probably even be able to at least spell “G-R-E!”

    We might be able to fix some ‘ignorannce,’ but no one can fix ‘stupid.’
    So, on that front, at least on the bright side, nature made many critical processes you need to stay alive, involuntary.
    On an even brighter side for the rest of us, none of you “MORANS” will ever legally be able to have gun again.
    And, if you’re ever seen with one, you’ll go back to prison to see the same nice guys you spent time with before – and meet some nice new ones, too!

    And I love the idea of making these and future yahoo’s pay the price for their “educational efforts!”
    Just think of that as a Redneck KKKollege Loans!

  2. Well, they have two choices…either leave in shackles or in body bags. It’s sure not easy being a patriot.

    “When I die I’ll go to Heaven because I have served my time in Hell” —Malheur National Wildlife Refuge -2016

  3. The local sheriff, who is revered by these ant-federalists as the highest law-enforcement authority according to their sovereign citizen BS, told them to leave. They were warned, not by the Feds, but by the authority they recognize. And they blew it off.

    They are at a bird sanctuary so this message to the holdouts is appropriate –
    Flock You.

  4. Absolutely amazing …white privilege on full and open display ….yet willfully ignored and NOT commented on by MSM.

    Just imagine if you will … Native Americans making this “occupation” to “educate” …or African-AMERICANS doing something like this in Flint, MI to protest THEIR poisoning for the past TWO years by GOP/Republican governance ….

    The surplus Iraq military equipment and military clad LEO’s would be “practicing” their anti-terrorist security procedures with all the robust their little hearts could muster.

    WHAT??? The ARMED white male Christian domestic terrorist are not dead or dying??
    No pictures of SWAT snipers armed with the latest laser sighted guns aimed in their general direction?
    No pics of Riot geared LEO storming the the compound as tear gas billows in think clouds with helicopters noisily swooping overhead??
    No pictures of white men being beaten with clubs, cloths ripped from their bodies, bloodied and battered splashed on the front pages of newspapers nationwide?

    …white privilege on full and open display ….yet willfully ignored and NOT commented on by MSM!

    Absolutely amazing!

  5. I do seem to recall a Native American event on Alcatraz Island many years ago. 8 months of patience by the Feds.

  6. “When I die I’ll go to Heaven because I have served my time in Hell” —Malheur National Wildlife Refuge -2016″

    Okay, Swami, it’s barely into the second month of the year and you set the bar pretty high, humor-wise.

  7. The Marco RUBE-io replicant had a tough debate last night.
    It kept repeating the same idiotic thing.
    It kept repeating the same idiotic thing.
    It kept repeating the same idiotic thing.
    It kept repeating the same idiotic thing.
    It kept repeating the same idiotic thing.
    It kept repeating the same idiotic thing.
    It kept repeating…
    It kept repeating…
    It keeeept reeepeeeeati…

    Time for them to upgrade its software!

  8. CUND=== “Why does the Porridge Bird lay its eggs in the air?”

    I expect most of you have seen some of the videos that the bird sanctuary occupation force has posted. The latest on is up at Crooks and Liars. They were wound up pretty tight before, but, I think they’re about to go over the edge. Crazy people should not have guns.

  9. Wait until the Federal prosecutor gets all his add on charges compiled against these clowns. Won’t they be surprised when they get hit with interfering with the migratory patterns of Canadian geese. And I’m sure the FCC has got a couple of charges they can throw into the mix also.
    You’re right, goatherd..they are about to go over the edge..and gauging by that guy’s attitude I don’t think surrendering is going to come easy to him. He’s taking body bag.

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