Quickie Fundraiser Time

This is me rattling the tin cup again. Having completed the year’s residence at the Fire Lotus Zen temple in Brooklyn, I am camping out temporarily on my daughter’s sofa. I need to find my own place asap, however, before we both go crazy. I find I need to scare up some money so I have some available for a deposit and the move. Just $1,000 would make all things happen.  Otherwise I will be here for several weeks, which will be a strain on everyone.

Here’s a PayPal link.

And for those who hate Paypal, here’s a GoFundMe link.

Go Fund Me!

Thank you all for your help and support over the years. You help keep me sane.

10 thoughts on “Quickie Fundraiser Time

  1. Done.

    The Repugs haven’t diminished my spirit of giving..They’ve only diminished my ability to give. I wish I could give more… but I have given the widow’s mite.
    I appreciate you, Maha. And I hope that all the readers of your blog response to your need.

  2. Fire Lotus, interesting. I have a license from the Florida Dept of Ag to harvest wild American Lotus. I sell the green seed pods to a very nice lady in Orlando’s little Saigon. It’s starting to take off. The health benefits of lotus are many. I also sprout the seeds, which I grow to about 12 inches long. They taste like a cross between mung bean sprouts and spinach. I have to wait for a check to hit, but you’re on this week’s list.

  3. I donated a few shekels! Go Trump, the more I think about this the Donald is really doing the United States a yoooge favor by dispensing of all these horrible GOP candidates, once Rubio and Cruz are gone he’ll have done his job!

  4. Did you see Christie in his new position? Donald has got him a boy..”Go bring the car around , Chris!”
    Wait until Donald hangs a pork chop on a string around Christie’s neck with instructions not to eat it until he’s given permission. Christie isn’t pandering for a position in Trump’s administration..He’s pledging for a position. Donald is going to paddle his ass come hell night.

  5. Mitt Romney made an interesting speech about Trump. People from the left and the right are dismissing it because of the source. That’s entertaining all by itself, as the GOP people who praised and courted Romney, now place all the blame for the condition of the GOP on their previous candidate. Scapegoating to the max. And liberals are convinced that the message will fall on deaf ears. SO was it an empry gesture?

    I have been wrong before, and that’s never stopped me. I think the speech will be pivotal in arresting future momentum with the demographic we need to sideline. Mitt was the ‘safe’ candidate – a reliable, experienced conservative of the kind the base has totally rejected for this election. But there’s a bunch of wavering independent voters who wonder it the Trump phenomenon is something they should join – and Romney (spurned by pundits, but still respected by voters who believed) makes the convincing argument that Trump is a loose cannon who will do enormous damage to the country.

    There’s a hunk of voters sold on Trump – There’s a hunk who will vote for the democratic nominee – whoever. The election depends on the segment who remains and I think Romney has influence there.

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