My Advice to the GOP Establishment Regarding Donald Trump

Hoo boy, this is rich:

Mitt Romney and John McCain Denounce Donald Trump as a Danger to Democracy

Yeah, I’m sure the baggers supporting Trump will see this and say, “Really? Gosh, I didn’t know, but if Senator McCain and Governor Romney say so, it must be true!”

Snort. Baggers hate McCain, and I assume they don’t have a lot of use for Romney, either.

Oh, wait; I just did a quickie tour of some right-wing blogs. Reactions to Romney’s speech today denouncing Trump ran the gamut from derision to more derision.  However, one fellow pointed out that the GOP candidates are debating in Michigan tonight. Romney’s father was a governor of Michigan and remembered fondly, I understand, even if there is less love lost for Mittens. This might have an impact in the upcoming Michigan primary.

From Matt Yglesias at Vox:

And Romney isn’t alone. A bevy of prominent Republican foreign policy hands — most though by no means all hardcore neoconservatives — signed a letter today in which they slammed Trump’s honesty, his trade policies, his commitment to torture, and his views on Russia while stating plainly that “as committed and loyal Republicans, we are unable to support a Party ticket with Mr. Trump at its head.”

I agree with Steve M that the Establishment hopes that Trump will still be short of delegates needed for the nomination at convention time, and then of course no one would mind if the convention ignores the will of voters and settles on someone else.  Right? All those Republican primary voters will just fall in line behind anyone the GOP chooses, right?

Actually, they might. The headline of Yglesias’s column is “Trump needs to unify the GOP to win in November. This week suggested he can’t.” No, he probably can’t. But there is someone who can.

Hillary Clinton.

The baggers would trip all over themselves rushing to the polls to vote for the Devil himself to prevent Hillary Clinton from being President. She could prove to be the Great Uniter of the Republican Party.

There you go, GOP establishment. Go ahead and broker your rigged convention, and give the nomination to whomever you please. Then make sure Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee.  Problem solved.

4 thoughts on “My Advice to the GOP Establishment Regarding Donald Trump

  1. Oh, even Stan and Ollie, the elephant shit-picker-uppers’ agree!

    Better tRUMP, than that c*nt, Hillary…

    If the stakes werèn’t so high, this you’ll be soooooooo funny!


  2. Benin demolishes “Romoney”:

    The thing they really hate about Trump is that he doesn’t kiss the Koch brothers’, ummm, ring, like they all did. He’s less controllable….

    The Repugs are actually about all equally odious. Trump is maybe better than the rest, since he’s down on job-killing free trade agreements.

    I just hope the devil we got can take down the devil they got in the Fall. Turnout has been low in the primaries and low turnout tends to favor Republicans…

  3. Benin is sharp as a tack. He says what he set out to say about the hypocrisy of Mitt criticizing Trump. Pot calling the kettle black, if you are old enough to know that saying. However, Benin doesn’t call out Mitt for the difference that drives the division.

    Trump went populist by calling into question free-trade agreements. That has the Vulture Capitalists, Wall Street and global banking panicked. There’s a host of corporations heavily invested in China ad other Asian countries that Trump might target. I’m not saying that Trump is sincere,but he hasn’t given the movers and shakers any reassurance – NONE. That’s part of Trump’s charm – he likes to make the other side sweat like Rubio and they are in a lather.

    I think that Trump fans will love this, but as Trump moves to pivot to the center, he’s going to be taking heavy fire from the left and right. I’m doubtful he can enlarge his base with Independents.

  4. So Hillary Clinton is responsible for the fact that Republicans hate her? Good Lord, they were ginning up crazy accusations against her from Bubba’s earliest days as President.

    Or maybe she really did murder Vince Foster. Inquiring minds want to know.

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