20 thoughts on “Speaking of Clueless Twits

  1. The stupidity is just frightening. The only way to react to the presence of scholarship greater than your own (if you can muster it) is to ask a question of them – allow them to educate you. Show a sincere interest in their area of expertise and they will respect you. This works with higher mathematics, astronomy, nuclear physics. If you can put together one intelligent question, you will come out looking good. And this is beyond the talents of every GOP candidate for POTUS.

  2. One would hope that the best of the lot would have social skill superior to rabid skunk. I will adjust my reality accordingly. Thanks.

  3. Not to mention going to a matzo factory in Boro Park and telling them about the blood of Jesus!

  4. He probably was trying to get to the part where, a few years later, Joseph marries Mary. He figured they may not have known about that.

  5. Fortunately, the Talmud scholars had just met with Sarah Palin, and she clarified a lot of issues for them, so they were totally up to date on the Joseph thing.

  6. More clueless twitness:

    “Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Trump asked about Joe Paterno and said, “How’s Joe Paterno? We gonna bring that back?”

    Paterno died in 2012.

    What’s he gonna bring back the child sex abuse scandal?

  7. Who’s “They?”
    Dan, if the they you are asking about is the they that kasich is referencing in regard to selling Joseph into slavery then “they” would be Joseph’s brothers. Seems Joseph was a lot like Trump with his visions of grandeur and his brothers just wanted to get rid of him. If you remember the song that Borat sang in a red neck bar that was so warmly received by Bush supporters…Throw the Jew down the well. That song was an inspirational take off of the story of Joseph.

  8. ….Joseph built the pyramids for grain storage…..
    Swami… I hope you are joking because that is totally untrue.

  9. grannyeagle…Not according to Dr. Ben Carson. Evidently the Holy Spirit revealed that truth to him so who am I to question it. The Holy Spirit never did a work in my life like it did in Ben’s, so I’m inclined to believe that Ben has the inside track when it comes to knowing for what purpose Joseph built the pyramids.

  10. “because that is totally untrue”

    Granny – not according to the good doctor Ben Carson!

    You know I’m pretty much an atheist, but I heard what sounded like an elderly African-american women (i assume a baptist) mention on Thom Hartman’s show today that “God” promised he would not destroy the world but couldn’t guarantee that mankind wouldn’t, specifically by fire? So climate change happens cause were burning fossil fuels, I’m gonna have to get me one of them Bibles! If only the god-fearing gun-clingers believed this we’d be set! Every hard-core religious fundie I’ve ever talked to assured me that man-kind can’t destroy the earth and to believe such is blasphemy, now I’m confused!


  11. Just musing on inappropriate use of pronouns… =[;- )

    Can we just get on with calling him “The Duck.”

  12. OH, Dear God!! If Ben Carson said it, it must be true. Shouldn’t we make him Prez?
    Probably mankind cannot destroy the earth but can make it uninhabitable both for plants, animals and humans. In any case, the earth will eventually be destroyed when the sun dies.
    As for the pyramids, especially the great pyramid, I have been there and it is not suited for grain storage or for a tomb. I just am not in the mood today for nonsense. Again, I hope Swami is joking or else I have lost all respect for his judgment.

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