Toxic Trump

Frank Bruni has his moments:

IN normal times, a party’s leaders and comers grovel for roles in the convention and prime time on its stage.

In the Year of Trump, Republicans are racing for the exits. It’s as if the Emerald City suddenly turned into Chernobyl.  …

… Small wonder that one of Trump’s advisers recently suggested that the candidate not wait until the climactic hour to deliver his remarks but, in a break with precedent, speak every single night. Not just double Donald. No mere triple Trump. Four luscious scoops of him.

Not only are a lot of A-list Republicans skipping the convention, a whole lot of corporate sponsors are opting out as well. Never fear; the show will go on, somehow. Bruni continues,

What a total, utter freak show this promises to be, and not in the manner that Republicans feared just months ago. They wondered then if the convention would be contested, with Trump and Ted Cruz dueling for delegates. Now they’re looking at four excruciating days that will be light on appropriate speakers, short on cash and long on God-knows-what other than the music of Trump’s voice and the shimmer of Trump’s hair.

He’s in a bind. He has expressed the desire for an event incorporating more show business than usual (shocker!), but bling doesn’t come cheap, and neither corporate sponsors nor individual donors are coming around in their usual numbers to contribute.

And then there’s the question of who might be The Donald’s Number Two.

John Weaver, who served as the campaign strategist for Kasich’s presidential bid, was more blunt: “I can’t imagine a truly credible person agreeing to be his running mate, because it would be the end of his or her political career.”

Ironically, the presumptive nominee’s own toxicity is making the job of finding a vice presidential nominee that much easier, because the short list is so short. Multiple high-level Republican sources said it is topped by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions a distant third and Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin also in the mix.

It appears Christie and Gingrich top the list because they want the job. They may be the only ones.

The Vengeance of WaPo continues with this piece, The brutal numbers behind a very bad month for Donald Trump.

16 thoughts on “Toxic Trump

  1. God, I hope they don’t oust him in some illegal convention coup. This is what I’ve been expecting since last July, when it was already obvious, that, with all his flaws, he could whip the behinds of the other less-foul mouthed, but equally stupid nincompoops.

    Except, I’d hoped for Bernie at the top of OUR ticket….

  2. If the GOP cheats trump out of the nomination, HRC will win in a landslide. Trumpists can be counted upon to hold grudges.

    But I see two possibilities which scare me:

    1. Trump dies, especially if killed by someone who could be (even tangentially) painted as leftish. GOP gets to make a Big Show of mourning him, and then replace him with (presumably) Ryan.

    2. Trump bows out on his own & strongly supports someone else. But WHY would the Incredible Trump do this? Bribery? (he might be out of money again). Extortion? (should be easy). Threat? (“Welcome to the Big League, Donny. You think your Mafia connections can protect you from our friends at the CIA?”)

  3. Moonbat: Not to worry. These are the dark ages but they will pass and we will have a new enlightenment. True, it may be scary and difficult but one never knows what the tide will bring in.

  4. “…who might be the Donald’s number two.”
    Everything/everyone about this rancid, stinking campaign has been the Donald’s “number two.”

  5. Gotta be Christie. You need a VP who’ll bring the Big Mac.

    Used to be you’d want them to bring the Big Mo, but times change.

  6. I wouldn’t trust Christie in the presence of a Big Mac. I still say Trump should hang a big juicy pork chop around Christie’s neck with instructions not to eat it until given permission. Just for a few days to test his obedience and self discipline.

  7. Probably Trump thinks he doesn’t need a VP so will most likely pick a “loser”. That is providing he actually does hang in there and I think he will.

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