10 thoughts on “Ailes Is Out

  1. I hope that as he left his petty bullshit empire built on lies, deceit, and propaganda, that he turned and looked back once more at what he used to rule like a sex-obsessed Authoritarian tyrant..

    And that the automatic doors crushed his dick and balls as they closed!!!!

  2. With his 40 mil settlement he will just buy a new pair. Save a buck and get them from some desperate bastard in a third world country. Just for looks cause at his age he is not exactly breeding stock.

  3. Hey, he got a $60 million farewell.
    He’ll have to pay for sex now and that’s apparently what it will cost him.

  4. tRUMP’s speech would have been better appreciated in the original Italian, before an audience full of blackshirts!

  5. Guys who look like Alfred Hitchcock but a hell of a lot creepier have to pay top dollar for their sex.

    At the end of the day it looks like FoxNews had to use a sexually harassing boss employing blonde bimbos and bombastic bullies telling lies so egregious and frequent that comedians could make careers of them, to spread that every other news source not them is in league with satan, lowering national discourse down to about caveman-tribal, in order to spread the idea that the Founders Were Christians.

  6. I’d seen, here & there, expressions of hope that once Ailes was gone, Fox would gradually start moderating and resembling something like an actual news outlet. That never made sense to me; why would any of the Murdochs, who worship profit above all else, change an obscenely enriching business model?

  7. CH..They’re not going to change it, they say they want to take the fox format of conservative divisiveness global.. The model of divisiveness has been such a large success in the U.S. that they feel that by going global that the world will be their oyster.

  8. Guys who look like Alfred Hitchcock but a hell of a lot creepier have to pay top dollar for their sex.

    Not if they go to the Dominican Republic.. Rush Limp-pud was getting it on the cheap down there. Just a couple of pesos.

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