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  1. I can’t afford cable TV.. The only access to any Olympic events are what is provided through internet coverage..Not much, but I don’t feel deprived.
    I want my country back!

  2. I watched on Sunday on NBC for about an hour (no cable). Here’s what I saw boxing match cut away just before it begins, volleyball (indoor) cut away before it begins, commercial, saccharine profile piece, commercial, last 2 minutes of rowing, analysis desk, commercial. I gave up after that.

  3. I’m in the same TV boat, as I’ve mentioned before, and like Granny, I don’t have much interest.

    I like the young woman who fences with sabre whilst wearing a hijab. I hope she wins the gold. Let me know if she does.

  4. If egotism was an Olympic event than Donald Trump would bring home the gold. He’d be setting world records for blowing his own horn with self adulation. After all, he does have the best words.

  5. Speaking of Olympic events ..If they ever have a synchronized butt sucking event, I’m sure that Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani would be a formidable duo in the quest for the gold.

  6. I used to LOOOOOOVE the Olympics!

    Then, in the the 80’s, they were ruined for me.
    First, we didn’t go to the Moscow Olympics; then, the USSR didn’t come to LA.

    And then, in 88, we had the basketball “Dream Team.”
    It was boring watching them win 140 to 30.
    And that did it for me.

    Plus, not enough sports, and too many personal profiles.
    And almost NO coverage of any athletes, except Americans. It’s the f*cking Olympics – WORLD games!
    And, of course, the ENDLESS commercials!!!

    I don’t watch, because I don’t want to encourage them by giving them ratings.
    I read the results the next day.

  7. I like the Olympics. However, I prefer the Winter Olympics to the Summer Olympics. I think the winter sports are much more interesting and challenging. NBC has never been as good as ABC in covering the Olympics–never. But, it is adequate; and, they have Bob Costas, Al Michaels, and Rowdy Gaines. I consider myself fortunate to live in an area where we get one Canadian station, which is carrying the Olympics. When I am bored with NBC, I switch to the Canadian coverage, which gives a different perspective on things and I get to hear “O Canada.”. However, I do hate beach volleyball–especially the women’s game. I just don’t enjoy watching half-naked women running barefoot in the sand and hitting some stupid ball. Also, there have been some commercials with Maya Angelou reciting some of her poems, which are great. And, it has been a teriffic respite from this idiotic campaign season.

  8. I greatly enjoyed the 84 Olympics. Being on the East coast the games started at noon and ran until 1:00 AM. I camped in my bedroom for the whole two weeks and watched non stop on the TV in there.

    This time I have a DVR connected to my 55 in flat screen and record the NBC coverage. I fast forward through things I don’t want to see. Hours of coverage of volleyball, water polo and diving. For those of you without cable NBC is available in most markets with a simple antenna.

  9. Embarrassed to say that I have watched NONE of it, and I’m usually an avid Olympic “consumer”. I’ve followed some results but not much.

    Mostly this is because I think Brazil and the Olympic Committee screwed up so badly by choosing & sticking with Rio as the venue. Sadly, it appears that Brazil is not really ready to handle something like this, and the OC should have realized that sooner. Yes, we all WANT Brazil to move up the developmental ladder; unfortunately, they’ve shown that they aren’t there yet, and perhaps aren’t ready.

    Brazil isn’t entirely to blame. US & European bankers continue to suck the blood from the planetary economy they destroyed; “Austerity” is the main reason the world hasn’t moved forward for 8 years. Long-term US policy of keep South America divided & open to US business interests are an even deeper problem there.

    But the Olympics should never have been staged in a country that hasn’t mastered the primary technology of civilized society: plumbing.

    • Other than the green water in the diving pool I haven’t personally noticed any way the Rio games were not up to the usual standards.

    • At least I got to see the finals of the freestyle dressage competition, so I’m happy. That’s not a sport I get to watch on the teevee very often.

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