4 thoughts on “Gene Wilder, 1933-2016

  1. Gene Wilder had quite a run!

    From “The Producers,” through his other films with Mel Brooks, and others he was in, and directed, through “Stir Crazy” with the great Richard Pryor, he never failed to make me laugh until I nearly pee’d in my pants!
    “Willie Wonka” was terrific, too, as was he. But, I loved his comedies, more!

  2. gulag..For me it’s not about no love. It’s more a case of not knowing what to say as you watch others pass before you, and you are gripped with the realization that you’re in the queue….and the doorman is in sight.

  3. I’m with Swami. When I came to the abrupt realization that I have more past than future, my life took on a whole different perspective. My favorite of Gene Wilder was Silver Streak. Mysteries on a train are so great to us mystery/movie buffs. He was great in that.

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