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  1. I haven’t been this despondent over the passing of a conservative icon of morality since Jerry Falwell when on to his reward.

  2. True Schadenfreude would be that these people’s god is as pernicious and vengeful as they think it is, and Jesus really was its’ son…

  3. Well, I’m about ready to turn in for the night..But before I do I’d like to correct a misspelling in my comment above..I put “when” where “went” was supposed to be. Normally I just let those type of errors pass without correction, but tonight I’m taken by the fact that it’s not easy growing old, and insignificant little errors like the one above can be a great source of irritation as a reminder that my mental faculties are slipping away.

    Now, getting back to Schlafly. I just read where she made a comment in some speech that rape in a marital relationship was an impossibility because the act of marriage implied or rather created a permanent consensual sex agreement. Sort of a throwback to the dark ages where women were considered chattel. You know, like Donald with Ivana. The male takes what he considers rightfully his and it doesn’t matter whether the wife is desirous or even responsive to his actions. I think that to support a view like Schlafly considers acceptable is some pretty sick thinking.. It would seem to me that any guy who is in agreement with that kind of thinking could just as easily find sexual fulfillment with a cadaver.
    OK, good night all!

  4. That sums it up well, Swami. Sometimes it’s strange to think of how far we’ve come since the 1960s. “Some pretty sick thinking” dominated and pervaded our culture. It’s pretty easy to get depressed when faced with the resistance to change, especially when the change would serve to improve the lives of people in some fundamental way. It’s easy to sell us, cheaper, glitzier material things or to sell us on comfort and convenience. But, if you really think that life is holy in some way, then you would want each individual person to have an open course to finding and experiencing that holiness. That would require constant change.

    The whole scene is less depressing when you look backward and see that we’ve taken a few little steps on the long march. But, people like Schlafly seem completely comfortable serving to keep people encumbered and fixed in place. Who knows what she got out of it? Maybe in some twisted way, she thought she was “fighting the good fight.” A lot of people still arrange the world in a hierarchy, and that places a premium on authority and stasis. She found her place, and it paid her well, but, in some ways she was a “brute beast without understanding.” I suppose we all are. But, I wouldn’t trade places with her.

    Anyway, one orthographic error does not dementia make, especially when it’s time to “knit up the raveled sleeve of care.” A lot of us are at the age, when we’ve done the math, and constructed self-diagnostics in an effort to divine our futures. Our minds work in different ways than they once did. That’s frustrating most of the time, but, it’s not all bad.

    As the saying goes, “The days are long but the years are short.”

  5. Ok, to put it another way:

    You should only speak good of the dead.
    Phyllis Schlafly is dead.

  6. Schlafly used the fiction of women and men being forced to use the same bathrooms if ERA passed to derail women’s rights, and succeeded.

    Here in NC, McCrory and the NCGA tried to stir up fear about transgender people using public rest rooms. They wrote a law (HB2) cramming all sorts of unrelated power grabs beneath the veneer of bathroom safety (e.g. forbidding cities from increasing minimum wage because the state won’t) and it blew up in their face. Yea, the law passed, but it cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars from companies no longer interested in expanding in a bigoted state. And it cost the state NCAA and NBA dollars. As pointed out by many, about 200 cities already have laws PROTECTING trans people and disaster has not ensued, making their initial premise ludicrous. On top of that, even conservatives in the state are more worried about the economic fallout for NC than they are about running into Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner the woman’s room.

    Maybe America does mature slightly, slowly over time. Painfully slowly, though, to any of us followers of Maha’s blog.

  7. Never much understood that whole lifestyle of “freedom and liberty for all but only if you’re a dominate white male sociopath and the rest of you better know your place or else we’re gonna try to put you back there”.

  8. I hear that Hugh O’Brian has died. Not that his life’s work merits any exceptional comment other than celebrity status, but it does recall memories and serves as a milestone on my own journey toward eternity.

  9. Swami,
    I know it’s no consolation, but from the moment we’re born, with every second, we’re nearer the end.

    I not so far away myself.

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