8 thoughts on “SNL v. Trump

  1. Watched it twice and laughed openly at the stalking part. That Trump tweeted afterwards is, well . . . that guy doesn’t need to be near the Oval Office.

  2. My mom and I laughed our asses off at breakfast. when we watched this!

    Baldwin makes a great t-RUMP!

  3. Yesterday at a rally, Trump suggested that Clinton needs to be drug tested before the next debate. Was he serious? I’m not sure how to define “serious’ with Trump. I think he doesn’t like debates because he can’t control the questions and he can’t pack the audience with supporters. If he entertains any delusions about winning, he has to show up and pray that Clinton makes a fatal mistake. On the other hand, Trump may want to avoid another public thrashing – there are now 9 women who have accused him (since the last debate) of groping them without consent. (Anderson Cooper set that up by demanding Trump declare that his ‘locker room’ talk wasn’t anything he’d actually done.)

    Trump ducked an appearance with Hannity this week – and Hannity is damn near a campaign employee. As far as I can tell, Trump is ONLY doing rallies where he’s completely in control. I suspect we’ve seen our last debate. Trump is going to skip it and claim it’s because he’s fighting a media conspiracy.

    Fareed Zakaria called it over for Trump. Not difficult. Over. IMO, a graceful concession and classy departure from the political stage is unlikely. How much destruction can this man do after his defeat and how much destruction WILL he do after his defeat. It’s like I can hear the RNC praying for Donald to go away – please – just go away.

    When Moosewoman occupied center stage, I thought it could not get worse.
    I was wrong.

  4. Doug,
    Consevatives say that these accsations are nothing more than “he said/she said.”

    I’m not convinced.

    Well, because now it looks like this:
    He said.
    And she said.
    And she said.
    And she said.
    And she said.
    And she said.
    And she said.
    And she said.
    And she said.
    And she aaid.

    And his rape case involving a 13 year-old girl, starts in December.

    I wonder what SHE will say?

    Often, it’s not just “where there’s smoke there’s fire”; often, it’s ‘when there’s a bigoted and misogynistic schmuck, there’s fire!””

  5. I’ve been thinking about how juvenile Trump is by defending his insults to Rosie O’Donnell by saying.. “she deserved it” when common sense would dictate that his comments were indefensible in the public arena . Then it dawned on me that to the ears of his homophobic supporters that what he’s saying isn’t perceived as juvenile at all..it’s perceived as an absolute truth coming from an honest person who tells it like it is.
    To Trump supporters the fact that Rosie is in the LGBT community automatically qualifies her for any insult or degrading comments.

  6. Well put Swami.  I think Blow’s article in the NYT is a bit on the same wave pattern.  I will provide a tease.

    “When you have a political party that takes as its mission to prevent government from working instead of to make government work, a party that conflates the ill effects of a changing economy with the changing complexion of the country and is still struck by fever over the election of President Obama, Trump is a natural, predictable endpoint.
    Furthermore, Trump is what happens when you wear your Christian conservative values like a cardigan to conveniently slip off when the heat rises.” 

    We have a few who fly the snake flag in these parts.  I think it means give me any excuse to tread on you and I will.     

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