Final Debate Live Blog

Get the beer and popcorn ready, folks. I’ll be here watching and will add commentary as we go. I don’t promise to be sober, though.

About to start.

Supreme Court!

She’s standing up for LGBT rights, Roe v. Wade; the Supreme Court should stand up for all of us. No on Citizens’ United. Good answer.

The Nortious RGB insulted Trump? I missed that one. Trump wants to uphold the second amendment. Trump’s justices will be pro-life and protect the 2nd Amendment.

Discussion time. Clinton says she supports the 2nd Amendment but also supports reasonable regulations. Comprehensive background checks; close loopholes. These are not in conflict with the 2nd Amendment. The Heller decision did not apply the 2nd Amendment correctly, she said.

Clinton says Trump is heavily supported by the NRA and the gun lobby. Split screen; he is nodding. Yep; he’s supported by the gun lobby.


He promises to put more “pro-life” justices on the court, overturn Roe v. Wade and return the abortion question to the states.

She’s not being squishy; she will defend Roe v. Wade; she will defend Planned Parenthood; she will defend women’s rights.

Government has no business in those decisions, she said.

Trump talks about evil women having babies ripped from their wombs days before birth. Give me a break.


Criminals are pouring across the border! Trump cries. Heroin pours across the borders! That’s the biggest problem in New Hampshire now, apparently. It’s coming from Canada?

We need the wall! We stop the drugs! We need to get all of the drug lords!

Trump is sniffing again. Bad hombres!

Clinton says she doesn’t want to rip families apart or send the deportation presence required to deport all undocumented families.

Trump went to Mexico, choked when talking to the Mexican president.

Trump used undocumented labor to build Trump tower. I want to get undocumented workers into the regular economy so they aren’t undercutting American workers.

Clinton: Will you admit that Wikileaks is coming from Russian hackers? That a foreign government is trying to undercut our election?

Trump says he doesn’t know Putin. Then he says he knows Putin doesn’t respect Clinton. These cyberattacks come from the highest levels of the government?

Trump is losing it already. This is turning into a repeat of the first debate.

Chris Wallace took Clinton’s side on the Soviet hacker thing.

Now he’s denying that he thought it would be swell if other countries got nukes. We already found those videos, dude.


When the middle class thrives, America thrives, Clinton says. Biggest jobs program since World War II. Sounds good. Green energy. Create opportunities. Help small business. Raise the minimum wage. People who work full time should not be in poverty. Education system. More technical ed.

She mentioned Bernie! Free college tuition!

Let the wealthy pay their fair share.

Trump is proposing trickle-down economics on steroids.

Trump claims Clinton is proposing a massive tax increase.

He’s going back to the previous segment. NATO; why isn’t NATO paying up?

He’s lost it. He’s not shouting yet, but he’s lost it. Probably he was told to stay on trade deals. Jobs have fled to Mexico.

Cut taxes and corporations will start hiring people. Yeah, like that works.

Chris Wallace says to Trump, even conservative economists don’t think your plan will work.

Clinton: The only one who has ever imported Chinese steel is Trump. He built the Trump Las Vegas hotel with Chinese steel.

On the very day Clinton was in the situation room, watching the raid that took Osama bin Laden, he was hosting Celebrity Apprentice.

Fitness to be President!

Chris Wallace brings up the nine women who accused Trump of assault. Why would these women say this?

Trump says the women’s stories are debunked. Now he’s denying he said things we all heard him say.

Clinton says we want to think about what kind of country we want.

Trump brings up the emails.

Clinton: Every time Donald is pushed on something, he denies responsibility. He never apologizes or accepts responsibilities. Mocking reporter. Mr. and Mrs. Khan. John McCain. This is a pattern of divisiveness. This is a pattern of a dark and dangerous vision. This is not what America is.

Trump: All charges against me are false. I never said what I said.

Chris Wallace: What about Clinton Foundation pay to play?

Clinton: I would love to talk about the Clinton Foundation. Starts to rattle off accomplishments.

Trump is yelling, It’s a criminal enterprise!

Trump says he’s entitled to not pay income taxes.

When will this be over?

Rigged elections? Trump refuses to say he will accept the results of the election!

No, Trump, there are not millions of people registered to vote who are not supposed to be registered.

Now he’s saying that Clinton should not be allowed to run for president.

Clinton: Trump always says something was rigged when he loses. He even said the Emmys were rigged.

Whining! she said whining! He’s talking down our democracy!

Foreign hot spots!

Mosul! Can Trump find Mosul on a map? No, he wasn’t asked that.

Clinton will not support putting American troops in Iraq as an occupying force. She hopes for a successful military operations.

No fly zone, safe havens within Syria. Leverage against Syrian government and Russians.

Trump thinks ISIS already left Mosul. Whatever happened to element of surprise?

Trump seems to think that the only reason Iraq is attacking Mosul is to make Hillary Clinton look good. Iran should write us a thank-you note for this.

Chris Wallace: I want to follow up on another debate. [to Trump] You said things about Aleppo that weren’t true.

Trump: Aleppo is so sad, and awful, and everything bad that happened there is Hillary Clinton’s fault. He really said that.

All over the world, fact checkers have thrown themselves on the floor, weeping. Too much! Too much!

How much longer will this go on?

National debt!

Chris Wallace cites right-leaning social spending cutting groups to talk about taxes and entitlements. Social Security is going bankrupt! Oh noes!

Trump wants to repeal and replace Obamacare to save Obamacare.

Wallace asks Clinton is she’s willing to entertain a grand bargain on Social Security and entitlements.

Final question! Hooray! Why should people vote for you? Clinton has a good boilerplate answer ready.

Trump: Everything is a disaster. I will fix it. All she does is talk.


Okay, the big headline from this debate is that Trump directly refused to say he would respect the result of the election. This is going to eat up most of the post-debate spin.

15 thoughts on “Final Debate Live Blog

  1. Who would – could – stay sober!?!?

    Hillary, will be predictably numb.

    And the orange-colored, thimble-dicked shit-gibbon, will be predictably dumb, arrogant, ignorant, stupid, loud, and obnoxious – and those are his BEST TRAITS!!!

  2. Well, you might be sober, Maha. But beware of Trump’s intoxicating charm..He’s quite the babe magnet, and I hear that a lot of women have become enchanted by his debonair sophistication and gentle manner.
    Move over Ricardo Montalbán !

  3. I lasted until about 9:30.

    When t-RUMP said “BiGLY” two sentneces in a row, I stormed off in a huff – if werer younger, it would have taken about a fifth of a huff!


    ar less thannabhuff!

  4. He waffled on democracy. He’ll “see” about accepting the election results. Hillary said she was horrified, but really she sounded unimpressed.
    Regarding style: Some moments of cross-talk. Plenty of interruptions from him. He neither sniffled nor stalked. She got in a dig or two, which he bristled at. He accused, she analyzed.
    He replayed his greatest hits. She was boring and Presidential.

  5. He gaslit a lot. Deny, deny, deny. But there’s this thing called video tape, which we have him on. So there’s plenty of fodder for late-night satire and Hillary’s “Briefing” you-tubes.

  6. Trump is so immature! I think your point by point analyses is exactly right, Maha. I did hear sniff at least once. Then the finale – he won’t take “no” if he loses. Just like he did not take any “no” from women he was trying to assault – typical!

  7. Another point I forgot to make – every time he said “wrong” I kept giggling as he sounded just like Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live. Trump needs to keep up with his TV performances.

  8. erinyes..Were you really in the hospital? Or does your comment refer to watching Trump make an ass out of himself?

  9. WOW, erinyes.. Not fun. I suppose you have no regrets though. I have a friend who had one knee replacement and he had no regrets. He said the worse part of the procedure was the anticipation. And I can understand why because the thought of what it involves can really play on your head.
    I hope you’re up and about. who knows, maybe you’ll be dancing down stairways like Jimmy Cagney in no time. i hope so.
    I reminded of some words of wisdom my grandmother imparted unto me, she was 95 years old when she passed.. “It’s no fun getting old” and” Nature has was way of preparing you for death.”

  10. Well, I put my Make America Great Again hat back on and I felt a sudden urge to want to grope a female. What gives? It might be an acute case of Trumpitis, ya think?

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