Please Make It Stop II

The Bundy verdict is especially unfortunate coming just days before the Titanic That Is Trump finally sinks. I fear it’s going to encourage the yahoos to engage in violence.

So the FBI finds old emails on a device that was shared by Anthony Weiner and his soon-to-be-ex wife, Huma Abedin. And this emails went through Hillary Clinton’s private server, to the Clinton email investigation is on again. I’m going to hazard a guess that the emails are all about stuff between Weiner and Abedin and don’t have anything to do with Clinton or the State Department or anything else that’s anybody’s business.

I don’t want to deal with this. Let’s just watch puppies.

21 thoughts on “Please Make It Stop II

  1. Dog days.  Yes dog days.  Not in summer but in late October.  Not in mid October but in late October.  Not one event but two.  Not an anomaly but two.  Not close in time but separated by over a week.  Never, ever, has this happened in recorded history in this state.  Not once.  Not in this state.  Never a recorded temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I do not care if Anthony Weiner sexted Hillary or visa versa.

    I do not care what kind of psychological problem make them deny.

    I do not care that the Green Party candidate is a total ditz.

    I do care that we have only one real choice for climate change reality. 

    We all have boot straps and we need them more than a leader.  Start pulling now.

  2. Oy…
    What was that jury thinking?
    Did elves do all of that damage?

    All of the cutting of civics classes in High School, and dumbing-down of the population, is finally coming home to shit our beds in out roosts!

    And as for the FBI, this is a fine time to send out a cryptic letter accusing Hillary of…
    WTF is she accused of?

    Ben Franklin, it took 129 years, but it looks like we’re way tooooooooooooooo fucking stupid to keep the representatve democracy you left us?
    Nice try.
    Valiant effort(s).

    But it looks like, with no “Fairness Doctrine, “Rush & Reich-Wing radio, (DUMB)FUX “news,,” and the idiotic Op-ed psges of the WSJ – among other papers – has won.

    RIP Representative American DEMOCRACY.
    Thanks, but we failed you……..

  3. I am disappointed by the Bundy verdict, but not crushed. The Bundy boys themselves are going to Nevada like Papa to stand trial for the first standoff. In that case they were stupid enough to post pictures of the Bundy crowd pointing rifles at BLM cops.

    The overall result was a failure for the movement – they wanted a Civil War against the Union and nobody joined. A bunch of yahoos with semi-auto rifles who won’t bring their big talk to the battle aren’t a threat, no matter how many rounds they have in the basement. These clowns want to stand with the rebels and claim victory AFTER they are sure they won’t get their ass shot off.


    Clinton throws it right back at the bumbling incompetent: “We are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. Voting is already underway in our country. So the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately,”. To paraphrase: “put up or shut up, [expletive]”. She’s got more cojones than the whole “opposition” party put together. I’m liking the “nasty woman” more everyday.

    It should also be noted, the director sent his letter to 8 Republican Senators without first briefing the White House.

    Remember, everybody, Comey is the same idiot who sued Apple to try to get them to crack their own product, in the absence of any precedent.

    He’s competing for the position of second worst FBI Director ever and I expect he’ll be “spending more time with his family” sometime soon.

  5. Come on, now:

    “The Associated Press reported that the emails the FBI is investigating did not come from Clinton’s private server. Law enforcement officials told the LA Times the emails were not to or from Clinton, and subsequent reports suggested that some or all of them might be duplicates of messages that the FBI has reviewed already.”

    I find it hard to believe a cacophony of DOJ lawyers didn’t say in unison, that sending that letter would not just be foolish, but downright dangerous. WTH was Comey thinking?

    Comey serves at the pleasure of the president, and Obama should take that clown to the woodshed, seriously. This was an incredible lapse in judgement for an FBI director, and I don’t see how someone like that can continue with confidence in the job.

    Unless of course, Trump wins, then Comey is the perfect “FBI Director.”

  6. Maha: Merci beaucoup for the puppies. Restores my faith in the universe. God is in his heaven and all’s right with the world. Sweet dreams to all.

  7. Another “scandal” that appears to be getting less scandalous as the day has worn on. Many journalists should be embarrassed by the way coverage of the whole email issue evolved. I was impressed by Clinton’s press conference today too. Made me happier to have voted for her, something I did early yesterday.

  8. Once an orange deplorable toad
    Who was riding a bus on the road
    Bragged on mike to a pal
    How he’d finger a gal
    But we heard, so he reaped what he sowed.

  9. “She’s got more cojones than the whole “opposition” party put together. I’m liking the “nasty woman” more everyday.”

    As time goes on, I am feeling more like this every day. Ezra Klein made a video about how HRC develope a strategy to push Trump’s buttons and make hime lose his cool, assuming that he had much of a cool to lose. I think the main thing that got under his skin was that she was unflappable in the face of his assaults. Klein observed that she called him “Donald,” and that he had an unexplained dislike of his first name. But, I think that what he really resented was the familiarity. In languages where there is a formal and familiar form, insults are always made in the familia as an added barb.

    I had Trump pegged as a classic sociopath, but, sociopaths are usually adept at finding and exploiting other people’s weak points. That requires a degree of empathy. Maybe Trump never developed that skill because he never had to, he just used his raw economic power like a blunt instrument. He’s one for the books anyway.

    But, it remains that all the old and young lions of the Republican party withered when he put them in his sights. HRC just smiles and lets his blows glance off. Of the many insights that could come from this election, one should be the toughness and savvy that women develop by navigating a hostile sexist environment. Most of us men are too fragile by comparison. That is our egos are too fragile.

  10. I wonder if Comey know he was going to be replaced when Clinton wins and he was developing a premptive narrative – one where he’s the victim of a political vendetta. Two or three years ago DWS publicly threatened Obama, when he was considering removing her as head of the DNC. She was going to go scorched-earth on Obama, claiming he was anti-woman and anti-Jew. The strategy is solid for an incompetent who doesn’t want to be fired – make the political fallout greater than leaving the fool alone.

  11. Doug,
    I don’t think Hillary can just up and fire him.
    FBI Directors serve 10 year terms, and Obama only put ‘Comey-the-clown’ in, and Congress confirmed him, recently.

    She CAN, however, make life miserqable for him!

  12. CUND: It is a 10 year term, but they can be fired. Sessions was fired– by Bill Clinton, ironically. As a functionary, issuing a press release without clearing it with your superiors is surely a fire-able offense.

  13. @cundgulag — I got called out for the same mistake on a different blog. The relevant case law is Myers v. US. It basically affirmes the right of the executive to fire any appointed official at will.

  14. “”

    He can and should be fired with cause; he was warned not to violate the protocols of his office by Justice.

  15. Puppies, kittens, bah!

    It’s Halloween!
    How about some snakes?

    How about some scorpions?

    How about some spirits?
    Don’t mind if I do!
    On the rocks, with a twist. 😉

  16. Looking at the most recent swing state polls at RCP

    Florida 10/29 46/45 Clinton +1
    Ohio 10/29 45/45 Tie
    N. Carolina 10/29 48/45 Clinton +3
    Nevada 10/29 44/42 Clinton +2
    Wisconsin 10/29 48/42 Clinton +6
    Pennsylvania 10/29 45/39 Clinton +6
    N. Hampshire 10/27 46/43 Clinton +3
    Iowa 10/27 44/44 Tie
    Georgia 10/27 44/43 Trump +1
    Arizona 10/24 45/46 Trump +1

    There is NO path for Trump that does not include EVERY state with 10 or more Electoral College votes. So Trump HAS to win ALL the above – FL, GA, NC, OH, AZ, WI. Plus some but not all of the smaller states.

    I used the most recent polls from different companies. Some may be skewed left or right, but unless ALL are skewed radically for Clinton, Trump is toast. IF – and that’s an IF – Trump’s lack of a ground game hurts him in reality, then the polls are skewed a point or two in Trumps favor and every state that’s tie or plus-Clinton may ball for Clinton.

    The Washington Post 10/28 gives dems the edge 5 to 7 odds to take the Senate. The biggest variable is turnout, and again the lack of a GOP ground game at the top of the ticket helps democrats. Four years ago, the GOP refused to believe the polls – individually some f the polls WERE off, but the collective prediction was as reliable as gravity.

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