End Times

What about those Cubbies, eh? I don’t know whether to be happy for Chicago or worried that the Unusual Event in Cleveland is somehow a harbinger of more weirdness to come.

At least, it’s all be over soon … one way or another …

9 thoughts on “End Times

  1. Hillary is a Chicago native and Cubs fan. This bodes well for the outcome of the election.

    Corey Kluber’s pitching against the Cubs simply could not be hit earlier in the Series, but the seventh game shows an important principle: you can throw all kinds of stuff against someone and have initial success, but eventually they are going to get your number and start hitting against you.

  2. What could be weirder than a female president?
    The weirdness just gets better and better if you ask me.

  3. Ed,
    Unlike other sports, in baseball with its 162 game schedule, and brutal 1,3, 5, and 7 game playoffs, and 7 game World Series, when you borrow from Peter, there’s always Paul to pay later on.
    In football, the QB on one team or the other has the game in his hands at the end.
    In basketball, the star of the team has the play(s) directed to him.
    Ditto, soccer.
    In hockey, at the end of the game, you can arrange to have your best shift on the floor.

    In baseball, often,towards the end of the game falls on some random hitter:
    Like Buckey Dent in ’78.
    Or, some exhausted reliever, trying to get one more out.
    It’s not always the star who has the most influence, which in other sports is what the reality is, it’s often some back-bencher.

    Francona out-managed Madden 9 ways to Sunday in the World Series. And Madden made a lot of risky – even stupid – decisions.
    And yet, he won.
    No shame for the Indians, who were a terrific team. But the Cubs were loaded, and still barely won the 7th game.

  4. Ed. they have gestalted me on this web site.  I thought those bastards were in the loop but I guess that is not happening. I love you man but the shit is coming down.  Be good to those you trust, but I have studied long and hard.  I am solid with Swami, Doug, and all.  Not that they are perfect.  But in November my colander says ” Nothing we or hear is perfect, But right here is the imperfection is the perfect reality.    Done.

  5. bernie,
    I’d tell you what my colander says, but I wear it on my head at all times!
    First, to honor the great Flying Spaghetti Monster!
    Second, in a car accident, it would serve as a decent crash-helmet!
    And finally, it keeps my molars from receiving radio signals from the lizard-based aliens circling the planet!!!
    An added plus, is that it also blocks out TV and radio signals from FOX, Rush, Sean, Savage, and all of the lizard-aliens they’ve sent to America to prepare for their takeover!!!!

    ‘I’m ready for take-off, Captain Video!’

  6. Two things I thought I’d never see in my lifetime: a black President and the Cubs winning The Series. Both have come to pass. I just hope that a correction of all this good doesn’t end up with…I can’t even bring myself to voice the thought!

  7. I had a fitful night dwelling on some dark possibilities. It’s funny how the concept of harbingers, portents and such are buried so deeply in us, that it’s hard to keep them in the trash bin. We played a game of petanque with some friends this Halloween. None of us are any good at the game, but, my wife and I found ourselves with a six point lead at one point. Towards the end our luck went wrong and we lost. I didn’t care at all who won, but, somewhere the experience brought up the unpredictability of life. Of course, since we’re all preoccupied with the election, the two disparate experiences were unsettlingly juxtaposed.

    The mythic image that keeps coming back to me is the Hydra, the nine headed monster. When you succeed in cutting off one of its heads, three grow back. That’s what we find ourselves fighting.

    If the times allowed for a genuine exchange of ideas, even just a civilized conversation, I would ask my conservative Christian friends if they are happy with their standard bearer. Because, regardless of the qualifications and excuses, that’s what Trump is. He represents both the Republican Party and the “evangelicals.” They weighed him in the balance, and, in the end, they did not find him wanting. Instead, they all fell neatly in line. For me that displays the extent to which both groups will compromise their “values” in exchange for power. It demonstrates clearly, that power was the prime objective all along. They might wiggle away from the obvious truth, but, more objective observers will see it for what it is. Well, that’s the fantasy anyway. We humans seem adept at digging deeper holes to bury our heads in.

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