Live Blog Tonight

You’re welcome to hang out with me here at Mahablog as we watch returns. I’ll try to get started just before 7 o’clock eastern time.

6 thoughts on “Live Blog Tonight

  1. I’all be in the zendo 7-9. By the time I get home, things will be getting interesting.

    Local HRC office STILL hitting the pavement.

  2. Mom and I got in and voted – and it only took a few minutes.
    Our timing was perfect, since we went shortly after noon to go and vote at our local HS. They said it was crazy earlier, and they expected crazy numbers later.

    I’ll be checking-in here to give a few of my derpish thoughts.
    What else have I got to do?

  3. I’m going to just tune in when Donald makes his congratulatory concession call to Hillary. Not really, if that were the case, I’d never be back. Although I do look forward to seeing how Trump manages to gobble down that shit sandwich. I bet you money That Trump is going to break with tradition on that score.
    He’s averse to losers… 🙂

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