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My PC is having internet connection issues, so for the moment I can only post from my Kindle Fire. This is a step up from clay tablets, but barely. So just carry on.

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  1. SO guys, can we combine a X-Mas party with a Toga Party. We may only have a little time until adult supervision returns.

  2. We’re celebrating the solstice while it is still legal. No bond fire though just poetry readings and a few glasses of wine.

    The clay tablets line reminds me of a quip a friend of mine made decades ago. You’d probably have to be of a certain age to remember “Humor in Uniform” from the old Reader’s Digest (I know it was a right wing rag, but, it was standard doctor/dentist waiting room material.) The quip was, “that joke is so old, I read it in “humor in Cuneiform.”

    My wife’s choice for a reading was “Hymn to Persephone” by Algernon Charles Swinburne, which was pretty hard to get through with a dry eye given the circs. But, I think the best way to fight back is to keep ourselves fit and keep our brains hard at work.

    I think of something I read in “Zen and Japanese Culture” by Suzuki. (I don’t pretend to have more than a nodding acquaintance with Zen let alone an understanding.) But, I think you have to keep doing what you are called to do and what you think is right, without a concern about whether you will be successful or whether it will bear fruit. It’s always nice to think that someday some good will come of your actions, but, if you count on that you will falter in the dark times when that recompense seems impossible. You have to do what you think is right without regard to whether history, the world or anyone in it will ever notice.

    I’ll shut up now. The zinfandel calls. In my mind, I drink a toast to you all.

  3. So here is my problem; my wife babysits her boss’s dog when he goes out of town (several times a year ). Her boss is a pain in the ass , but he pays her well to look after the dog. The doggie is cute, but he terrorizes my big cat. The boss asked her if she can look after the doggie in January, because he is going to the inauguration. WWMD ?
    Once again, the boss is a petulant pain in the ass.
    The doggie is sweet.

  4. Doug,
    You know I’M in!!!

    I’ll bring the hard likker!
    (That’s my sister’s cat, Pushkin, who loves people he knows well, and start to,pet him, and to show his appreciatio, with his sandpaper-like tongue he would gladly lick your hands or arms clear down to the bone-marrow!.

    I think it’s Swami’s turn to bring the hookers and blow.
    (And by that, I mean fishing-rods and skeeter repellent – what did tou think I meant? Atnour ages, the version would surely kill us in nano-seconds!!!).

  5. gulag..Not me! I’m a pillar in the community. But if you guys want I can bring my hymnal and lead you all in a chorus of Bringing in the Sheaves or maybe a upbeat rendition of Blessed Assurance. Who knows? Maybe goatherd might want to accompany us with his ukulele and we can get things really rockin’ in a wholesome sort of way..
    Actually, truth be told, I’ve slipped into fossilhood and my partying days are gone. The burden of being responsible has ground me down into being a get off my lawn type of guy. I now have 10 grandchildren and one foot in the grave, so as you can imagine I’m not the party animal I used to be.

  6. I am very flattered, Lynne. I think I have to credit my wife with seeing a rough block of stone, smoothing out the edges and giving it, at least at first glance, some appearance of modest value. Left to my own devices I fear, I might have been led by sloth and baser instincts. Of course, as Cund/Swami noted above, at a certain age, (I turned 65 a couple days ago.) our baser instincts seem to settle down and nest in the corruption of the flesh that we are all heir to.

    Where was I? Oh, sorry.

    I don’t play much uke these days. I mostly play one of those long scale (670 mm) Selmer knockoffs. Once in a while, I get something almost right, but, mostly, just to grasp the theory of jazz manouche a little better.

    Although, many years ago, a friend talked me into playing a set at an adult daycare center. I did a few Jimmy Rogers songs. I think some of the older ladies were giving me the eye, and when went into the yodel during “Any Old Time,” I was a little afraid they were going top rush the stage.

    At least that’s how I remember it. Time and my ego have probably “improved” the memory.

  7. Ahhh, Swami – You need to emulate my maternal grandfather – shot by a jealous husband at age 95 as he tried to get out the second story window of the wife’s bedroom. The spirit was as willing as the flesh – it’s stiffening joints did him in.

  8. Swami, can we throw in a little “Onward Christian Soldiers”. My Mom never had a clothes dryer; hung her laundry on the clothesline. When she washed the bedding for all of us, she would sing “Bringing in the Sheaves” as she took them off the clothesline. However, it was “Bringing in the Sheets” on those days.

    Just saw where Trump wants to increase our nuclear weapons. Wonderful.

  9. At the inauguration, conservatives bored with the tired old Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Billy Ray Cyrus, are considering lessons for a possible vonTrump Family Children performance.

  10. Seems the Von Trump family swindlers are having a bit of difficulty launching their latest influence peddling enterprise.. I’m amazed at the lack of creativity with trying to market their selling access scheme as charitable giving. I mean why not just start a lowkey consultation business with some subtle yet original name like INFLUENCE PEDDLERS R’ US.

  11. Bill,
    I can see their first apperance at one or t-RUMP’s American Neuremberg rallies

    Let’s start at the very beginning
    A very good place to start
    When you read you begin with ABC
    When you sing you begin with Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi
    The first three notes just happen to be
    Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi
    Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Te
    Oh let´s see if I can make it easier

    Do- A buck, something to grift from some rube
    Re – Da “muscle” to get that last buck
    Me- What everything’s about
    Fa- A long, long way to run away from Re
    So- What I’ll say when you’re dead
    La- Goes along with “La, la, I cant hear you”
    Te- A black Mister I know and like
    That will bring us back to Do, oh, oh, oh

  12. Trump has lost.  When you sit as I did today in the middle of red state America and listen to those who are in charge of businesses, who have expense accounts, who are the movers and shaker, just passing through, it is a done deal.

    Who is going to work for him.  How in a moving America can we make walls and Islamophobia work.  Look at the horrid pictures from China with the terrible pollution.  They have only one political party, but they want to survive too. 

    Who will buy my grain.  Who will send students here to learn.  How can this type of idea or mindset work?  Where is the plan?  Libtards we are, but they are more over there heads than we ever were.  I am too old if I survive this onslaught of stupidity to clean up this mess.  I will not do it.  I will rub their noses in it until I die.  I learned from a State which let them take over.  Now they will clean up their own mess for once those frat boys.  If we have a nation left after they are done, let us remember one thing.  It is time that the Frat Boys learn to clean up after themselves.  It is going to be a really, really tough teach as they say.  I would say it is high time for tough love.


    Trump is reportedly proposing a 10% tariff on imports. He reportedly thinks he can do it by executive action. So let’s say he does.

    Fascinating! Trump thinks that US prosperity will be enhanced by a trade war. There is a pragmatic problem. Wall Street won’t allow it and Congress is a fully-owned-subsidiary of Wall Street. Impeachment likely?

    Now look at Trump’s cabinet – billionaires heavily invested in oil and banking who have visions of legally looting the public & the public treasury. Does The Donald think a filthy-rich cabinet can/will protect him from a thoroughly angry Wall Street?

    Serious fault line – Tariffs will drive up consumer prices LONG before any jobs appear. The energy moguls Trump has appointed will drive up oil prices on a get-it-while-the gettin’s-good philosophy. So Trump supporters will get raped at the gas pump – and for anything at Wal-Mart. – a double economic whammy which will surely trigger a recession – and unemployment.

  14. The second source was less certain about whether the tariff idea was serious or just part of a vigorous debate about policy options. But this source said the unpredictability of Trump and his team had the business interests nervous.

    That last sentence sums up the purpose of what Trump is doing..It’s his crazy Joey routine where you have to hang on his every word because you’re so afraid of what kind of crazy stunt he’s going to pull next and what kind of danger is it going to put you in..
    It also serves as a mechanism to distract from focusing on any one particular issue.. He mastered that maneuver in the primary where he would slip out of one outrage by creating another, and everybody would follow after him trying to dissect his current outrageous episode while he just moved on leaving the dolts to marvel at his ability to take command and get things done.
    It won’t be long before the public draws a bead on him and comes to see that he’s all flash and no substance. Seduced and abandoned will be the new watchword.

  15. Swami, can we throw in a little “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

    Sure, Bonnie..Normally I save that song for patriotic themed gatherings, you know, like the 4th of July but, I guess if it’s a favorite here at the Mahablog we can include it.

  16. I was wrong about the vonTrump family singers. It’ll be the Rocketts kicking to the beat of the Mormon Tabernacle choir.

  17. thank you everyone for a great comment section….It lifts my spirits to visit here….And I will lift some “spirits” in your honor….

  18. erinyes ..I was going to tell you not to take out your resentment on the dog, but I figured you wouldn’t do that anyway..The only advice I can offer is grin and bear it and hope that the money compensates for kitty’s grief. You don’t want to be the mommy dearest to an innocent pooch just because it’s owner is a true believer.

  19. Not that I have been asked, but to dispel possible rumors, I will not perform at or attend the upcoming inauguration.  Might I suggest some dancing bears and a MIG flyover.  I would think some Bach might be appropriate music if it is not to modern for them.  Some sort of sacrifice might appease the crowd, the more blood the better I am sure.  Swearing will not be necessary, as alt-truth is the new normal.  Any use of a bible will just attract lightning bolts and is ill advised.  It is a custom to have a poem read, and Edgar Allen Poe would seem fitting.  Nevermore, will we have a truly grand event.  Sorry I have to miss it. 

  20. Maybe this is a bit over the top, but a dear friend has just passed and if you are of the mind, you might listen to this and think of your own whom you have lost. We stand to lose a lot in short order, but, we must stand tall and remember the beauty of what we stood for.

  21. In what’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind act, the great showman Donald J. Trump has brought together two fantastic acts for the duet of the century. Don’t miss the Rockettes and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on stage together performing… (and my mind goes blank on an appropriate song – Alec Baldwin already snarked ‘Highway to Hell’ .. y’all help me out with a title) A show no one will ever forget.

  22. By the way, I signed (but did not contribute) to this online petition reminding LDS church that this reflects badly on them -no matter how much money is in it.

    The church is sensitive to criticism – linking the LDS with some of Trumps famous statements will cause a backlash within the state of Idaho. For them to pull out now would be more of an embarrassment to Trump than if they did not agree.

    Yuck it up on social media and let’s see what happens.

  23. Ooops (To quote the incoming Sec of Energy…) Related to a comment in the twit filter. I forgot to include the link re previous comment which you will see when Maha returns. I did not contribute but I did sign – I will pass up very few chances to embarrass Trump publicly. Y’all check it out.

    Link to petition.

  24. I would like to see a list of sponsors of fake news , of breitbart, of right radio talk shows . I would like to see them listed,published to give us a chance to boycott all. The source of much of our grief are these outlets that have poisoned the minds of so many.

  25. I will be having Christmas Eve lunch with a couple of Mormons tomorrow; and, plan to take that issue up with them. One is my sister, another a friend of hers from her church. I will tell them how disappointed I am in them. The Republicans never got over Obama being President, I have no intention of getting over Trump, the first scumbag. I am going to give him, his administration, and the Republicans as good as they gave to Obama and the Democrats–maybe better.

  26. I’d be MORE than HAPPY to “perform” at the inauguration. I can fart “Ode to Joy”, that would be fun, perhaps “Cat Scratch Fever” too.
    Thanks, Swami.

  27. I had a girlfriend once who found a cute little lost dog and while waiting for its owner to claim it, amused herself by dressing it up for pictures in various doll outfits. I also knew of a guy who figured that his boss had it in for him, so he took pictures of peeing in said bosses coffee cup and other things best not mentioned here. Maybe some form of imaginative amusement involving the dog and photos, but somewhere between these two extreme examples, would help pass the time?

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