Show Us What Kind of Man You Are, Judge Gorsuch

Yesterday this happened

President Trump’s escalating attacks on the federal judiciary drew denunciation Wednesday from his Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, who told a senator that the criticism was “disheartening” and “demoralizing” to independent federal courts.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said Gorsuch made the comments during their private meeting Wednesday, and the account was confirmed by Ron Bonjean, a member of the group guiding the judge through his confirmation process.

Gorsuch had declined to make the comment public, so Blumenthal made it public, and the so-called president went on the attack.

This morning, our president woke up and decided to trash Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut because Blumenthal revealed that Trump’s Supreme Court nominee told him privately that he found the president’s attacks on the judiciary “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”

Blumenthal in 2010 got caught saying he was in military service in Vietnam when in fact he was in military service — a nice, safe reserve post – during Vietnam but didn’t go to ‘Nam. Blumenthal has apologized for this. It’s not so much fake news as old news. And Mr. Five Deferments is a hypocrite for commenting on anyone else’s service. But let’s go on.

Keep in mind that the so-called president didn’t just slam Judge James Robart for his restraining order but also insulted the judges on the 9th Circuit Court who are currently reviewing that restraining order, which of course is a great way to win the court over to one’s side.

If the 9th Circuit Court upholds the restraining order, as most people expect it will, the so-called president is likely to become even more unhinged. On cameras, please, oh, please ….

This morning Senator Blumenthal said the nation was in danger of a constitutional crisis:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Thursday warned that the country is heading toward a “constitutional crisis,” moments after President Trump attacked him for sharing Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s concerns with the president’s attacks on judges.

“I said to Judge Gorsuch and I believe that ordinarily a Supreme Court nominee would not be expected to comment on issues or political matters or cases that come before court, but we’re in a very unusual situation,” Blumenthal said on CNN’s “New Day.”

“We’re careening, literally, toward a constitutional crisis. And he’s been nominated by a president who has repeatedly and relentlessly attacked the American judiciary on three separate occasions, their credibility and trust is in question.”

There is an internet rumor that the so-called president un-nominated Gorsuch for the Supreme Court in light of Gorsuch’s comments. That turned out to not be true; the SPOTUS appears to be in denial that Gorsuch said what he said. In fact, he has widened his attacks to include Ron Bonjean and Kelly Ayotte, who both confirmed that Gorsuch indeed said what he said.

But I sincerely hope that this episode comes up in Gorsuch’s hearings, and that Gorsuch has the integrity to make clear that Trump’s comments, and attempts to intimidate the judiciary, are outrageously out of line. Or, even better, that he withdraws his name from nomination in order not to bear the shame of being a Trump nominee.

So let’s see what kind of man you are, Judge Gorsuch.

11 thoughts on “Show Us What Kind of Man You Are, Judge Gorsuch

  1. That we need an adjective in front of the name of our leader is novel.  That one would chose so-called as that adjective is notable.   My primitive understanding of the Spanish language is that they put the adjectives after the noun.  In English, if we use adjectives before the noun.  If we use too many, most are forgotten before the audience finds out to what the adjectives are referencing.  In Spanish they get to pile on the noun so to speak.  Therefore the choice of adjectives and power is critical in English, but in Spanish it is like a spice fest.  You have just got to like so-called as the right word.  I would prefer to write about our leader in Spanish if I could.  Oh the adjectives would fly and the sentences would be so long. 

  2. Well, at least Blumenthal showed up and put on a uniform.. Trump didn’t even have enough courage to go to Canada. Trump ran and hide behind a phony medical deferment that his daddy paid for. I think his deferment authorization was signed off by a dermatologist…something about a skin condition. Seems he had a big yellow stripe appear on his back.

  3. Update: CBS news just reported that the judge panel is not overturning the stay. So now we are 3 weeks in to the Trump presidency with a constitutional crisis. What fun!

  4. Tomorrow, February 10th, marks the 3rd week since t-RUMPLE-Thin-Skin’s innauguration as (S)POTUS..
    Three weeks.

    With all of the atrocities already perpetrated on America and the world, it alredy feels like over 3 years.

  5. What are Trump’s views on not serving?
    At a campaign rally in New Hampshire last year, after Trump had criticized the war record of Sen. John McCain for being captured and held prisoner in Vietnam, he expressed some guilt about having not served.

    “I didn’t serve, I haven’t served,” said Trump. “I always felt a little guilty.”

    Here’s how you can tell that Trump is a complete fraud and liar. If he had a legitimate medical deferment that qualified him as unfit for military service why would he have guilt? Regret maybe, disappointment maybe, but guilt?
    And the other reason would be that psychopaths don’t experience guilt. Feelings of guilt are not in their emotional inventory. To people like Trump, the claim of feeling guilty is just a verbal weapon used to disarm people into believing that there is an element of decency within them. Believe me!…Actually, don’t believe me.. go to Zoology. com and check for yourselves to see if reptiles are capable of experiencing guilt.

  6. The assertion that 45 is a reptile is probably unfair to that classification. Have personally met several admirable members here in Florida.

  7. That’s an astute observation, Swami. I had the misfortune to have been associated with a person with a cluster B personality disorder. They are a toxic mixture of narcissism, histrionics and manipulation. One of the telltale events, and one that was repeated, was that my cluster B friend would “apologize” to someone, and in the course of the apology, the anger inside him was rekindled, and it would end in an eruption of anger. It took me quite a while to figure this out. But, I think, at the base he had absolutely no idea what he was apologizing about. The apology was simply a means of manipulation, to draw the victim closer for another stab. If the victim wasn’t buying the act 100%, the anger and frustration was simply too much for the cluster B fellow to tolerate and the short fuse would burn to the end. So, I think you are right, Trump has no personal experience of guilt, except that he has observed others beset by guilt, and he recognizes that most of humanity, expects to feel guilt and observe guilt in others. He incorporates the illusion in his bag of tricks.

    I wonder if Trump is taking testosterone. Some of his behavior seems consistent with a mismatched dose. My money is still on the cluster B personality disorder.

  8. Did you notice the difference in his signature from the one shown on the draft card in the link above to his signature on his executive Muslim ban that he held up for display. I know it’s not an exact science…but suspicions about a signature reflecting the nature of how one feels about oneself and their sense of importance would indicate that Donald has grown over the years to thinking very highly of himself.
    I never thought about it before, but that might indicate that narcissism is a characteristic that isn’t static and complete within itself. It can be cultivated and grown. Can it be measured in density? Can it reach critical mass? Is Trump going to implode?

  9. goatherd,
    How about some combo of Testosterone, man-made steroids, “quicker-pecker-upper” pills (these might also tighten the grip on ‘pussy-grabbering’ fingers), Thorazine, speed, and other pharmaceutical wonders that can keep him awake, or put him to sleep, or contain his bottomlessw rage, or even to ‘bark when he hears his master’s (Putin’s) voice?’

    But, despite the best doctors and drugs in the world, you can’t un-phycho/socio-path a non-human like t-RUMPLE-Thin-Skin into being a normal, empathetic, human being. And, a flawed one at that – as we ALL are!
    Ah, but he’s NEVER made ANY mistakes, or felt any guilt when…
    Oh, wait, this is the part of the movie I came in!

  10. Besides all the larger issues, it seems like “good guy, bad guy” – making Gorsuch seem like the reasonable adult, thereby increasing his chances of getting on the bench. Not that he would have a lot of trouble doing so.

  11. I hadn’t expected a 3-0 ruling – unanimous makes this even more bitter for Trump. To rewrite the ban so it’s legal will require finesse. Not the strong suit, so far. I suspect Trump won’t take it to the USSC until/unless he’s got his tie-breaker installed. Dems, hopefully will be in no hurry.

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