Believe It, or Not

If there were any clearer indication that we’ve entered the Twilight Zone, read Ruth Marcus. Yes, that Ruth Marcus. Yesterday she wrote,

That view of cancer — not as a metastatic killer but as a dangerous problem requiring vigilant control — may be the best way of understanding, and dealing with, the Trump administration. In the alarming month since he took office, it has become clear, if it were not already, that President Trump is dishonest, unprepared and undisciplined. His presidency poses an enormous risk to the country — to its safety, standing in the world and relations with allies, just for a start.

Of course, Marcus is still Marcus — a professional concern troll who works for the Washington Post. She doesn’t think the situation is grim enough to consider removing the so-called president from office. He can be managed, she believes. Still, for Marcus, the paragraph above is quite a leap.

In another sign that reality ain’t what it used to be, the bleeping Voice of America is running a column comparing the so-called current president of the United States to Stalin. Imagine going back to the 1950s and explaining that to your younger self, or your parents, whichever applies.

4 thoughts on “Believe It, or Not

  1. I don’t want to believe this self-induced (by angry bigoted – largely- white males) predicament we’re in, but I’m not some conservative who lives in a Drudge/other-Alt-Right websites/Rush/(DUMB)FUX “news” bubble, so…
    Oh baby, I DO believe the mess we’re!

    As for people like Ms. Marcus, I guess even paid poltical trolls and propagandists know a bad thing when they see 0ne!

    Of course, there are still plenty of her types who are still happy to blow smoke out their asses! Which, coincidentally, is their “go-to” place for BS quotes and stats.
    Which they all share – talk about ‘second-hand’ ass… er…SMOKE!

  2. That certainly is a piss poor analogy that Marcus is making. I guess to her mind she thinks Trump’s antics and poison can be reigned in with some minor external controls, but what she doesn’t seem to be aware of is the damage that is occurring in an entirely different dimension. In a realm where his poison can’t be combatted by way of judicial dictates or legislative actions.
    The external powers that Marcus speaks about might be able to stop the physical erosions of our freedoms, but they remain powerless to protect us if they turn a blind eye to the spiritual corrosion of our liberty if Trump’s poison is not completely eradicated.
    Trump is a very sick individual who is attacking the foundations of our country to justify the sickness that dwells within him.

  3. What Swami calls the sickness that lies within, is the corrosive element which his supporters unfortunately find as appealing.  That sickness has certain tenets.  Gaudy and gosh are of high artistic value.  Logic and truth are of little value.  Scientific thinking and science itself is suspect and subservient to political correctness of wealth and privilege.  No good deed should go unpunished  is the moral maxim of the day.  Ignorance has high value as does unbridled capitalism.  The only golden rule is that they who own the gold get to make and enforce all the rules.  Then of course the new moral tenet of whataboutism.  That was covered in fine fashion by a guest editorial to the NYT. idx=3&rref=opinion&module=Ribbon&version=origin&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Opinion&pgtype=article

    To resist these tenets is essential. 

  4. Amazing. The gal thinks cancer should managed and not excised. I’ve seen first hand what incompetents can do when they get reins of power, and it’s pretty frightening. Trump will have to be removed, the sooner, the better.

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