My Brilliant Son

My son Sean’s Underground Railroad tour is written up in the New York Times. You will read this today.

 “I watch my children watching Sean, who I have now decided is nothing short of exceptional, discuss the complexities of race, the importance of gathering, the genius and resilience of enslaved people.”

Any questions?

16 thoughts on “My Brilliant Son

  1. My question is… How do I read the article when I’ve used up my 10 allotted monthly free readings? It’s no fun being economically disadvantaged.

  2. Excellent article and congrats kudos to your son!
    The article could have been written without mentioning him at all, he made a deep impression on that mom and her kids

  3. In this case, the bountiful fruit apparently grew in the loving shade of the tree.

    Unlike Dumber & Dumberer, t-RUMPLE-Thin-Skin’s lucky sperm inheritors, who prove that the turd doesn’t fall far from the sphincter.

  4. Swami do what did. If your ten are gone bring up manually on your phone. That’s where I read about Sean’s excellent tour.

  5. Swami,

    If you can, delete all cookies associated with the NYT. I don’t know your system but an extra step that should take care of it would be to relaunch your browser.

  6. Thanks, Barbara, for sharing this wonderful story about your brilliant (yes!) son. I’m a mom too of a son about Sean’s age. Congratulations to you for your mothering skills and to Sean for paying attention to his wise mom. Thanks so much for your blog, which I’ve been reading for years. We so need your flashes of insight and wisdom as we struggle to find our way through Trumpworld.

  7. His passion, detailed knowledge and compassion for those suffering the oppression of being slaves in a land whose creed is “all men are created equal” brings to life the struggles and absurdities of the time.

    What a beautiful, and the next time we’re in NYC, we’re going to take this tour and hopefully to be led by your brilliant son.

    He makes me proud, Maha! I can imagine how you feel.

  8. Doug..It worked. I was able to circumvent a financial roadblock and read the article thanks to you. Maybe you should consider changing your handle to the Artful Dodger. Thanks!

  9. Swami, disabling javascript works, too. The site uses javascript to pop up an overlay that blocks the article, so no javascript equals free access. I use this trick in my feed reader to read Krugman.

  10. POTUS Donald t-RUMPLE-Thin-Skin is skipping The Correpsondents’ Dinner this year.

    He’s he first to skip it, since Reagan.

    At least Ronnie had an excuse:
    A bullet his pierced his hide.

    With t-RUMP, his pride has been pierced.
    Largely of his own making.
    What a sore winner!
    Or, instead, make that a sore whiner

  11. Swami + Bonnie – go into your browser’s settings and delete all cookies. This is where websites store things like how many visits you’ve made. I routinely did this when I hit my free limit on the LA Times site – and it works, the browser / website forgets everything – but I eventually ended up buying a pay subscription, cuz it was super cheap and I want to support real journalism. Plus you lose all passwords and such to every site you visit, and so paying a trivial amount for a subscription was worth not losing everything. Wiping out your cookies is all or nothing.

    Along the lines of the Underground Railroad, I just saw the film I am Not Your Negro, based on an unfinished work by James Baldwin, who was a writer and a contemporary of ML King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers. I cannot recommend this film highly enough – it goes beyond race and is really about the unconsciousness of the white culture. It’s one of the most profound things I’ve seen in quite some time. NYT review here.

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