Obey the Disobedience!

MIT is now accepting nominations for the first-ever MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award, which carries a $250,000 cash prize, no strings attached. The award will go to somebody engaged in an “extraordinary example of disobedience for the benefit of society.” So who better to nominate than Our Doug? I nominated him already, in fact, but maybe more nominations would help.

Here’s the MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award page. And here is Doug’s Wikipedia page if you need to refresh your memory.

Doug, let us know in the comments what contact information for you people might use.

Update: Here is the nomination form.


14 thoughts on “Obey the Disobedience!

  1. Thanks, Maha. The MIT Awards are not a popularity contest but they invite multiple submissions and I think they review two questions closely – “What Work Has He Done?” and “How is that work making the world a better place?” The crowd that hangs out on Mahablog is way above average on civil disobedience and non-violence. Responding to those two questions is no different than commenting on one of Maha’s post. It’s a very short form – 10 minutes.

    The Wiki article is a good refresher with gobs of links.

    They ask for my email in the form – [email protected]

    I’m planning what I want to do after my probation ends – I’m not finished yet. Those plans include a replica of the gyrocopter they destroyed and travel thru the US to promote candidates who take a specific pledge to get big money out of politics. The voters are on board from both sides of the aisle – this is doable and will change politics forever. Ask yourself on almost any issue or election what would change if big money had NO seat at the table. Do that regularly and you realize we have to solve big money before we can win on any of the other issues. The award is a step for me to be a part of the fight.

  2. Al Franken is one of the smartest people in the world, but he can’t just say what is wrong. He describes the truck drivers two impossible choices with great clarity but never closes the deal. The company wanted the driver to stay with the load and die. The truck and trailer was more important to both the trucking company and Gorsuch then the Drivers life. Why can’t Al just say that right up front?

  3. Thanks Gulag – The one piece of information the form will ask for that Maha would not post is my email. Tampadoug47 at aol.com.

  4. Uhm…

    I feel,kinda stupid – nothing new for me – but where do I find the place where I nominate our
    Mr. Hughes?

  5. Why can’t Al just say that right up front?

    uncledad…Probably to achieve the same impact you did in asking that question. I don’t know the name of the rhetorical device used…but I know that it results in a feeling of a deeper understanding of getting the point.

  6. If this comes to pass, and Doug receives the prize, faith and hope will be reborn.
    To deliver truth to power properly and peacefully deserves commendation and reward. 

  7. Thanks, GULAG.

    Bernie, after I pay the bills and take care of my family, I want to be in the game with the folks who have figured out that money in politics is not a important as global warming, education, welfare, benefits & security for seniors, health care. All that stuff is much more important than money in politics – but money in politics is the key piece that prevents progress on ALL the really big stuff.

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