First Ailes, Now O’Reilly? Maybe.

In his most recent column, Michael Gerson slams Fox News.

If the accusations of dozens of women over two decades are correct — and it is hard to dismiss the women, as the accused have done, as unbalanced, dishonest or disgruntled — then Fox News is the focus of hypocrisy in the modern world. While preaching traditional values, it has operated, according to former Fox anchor Andrea Tantaros, “like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny.”

A recent New York Times story detailing $13 million in payouts to women accusing O’Reilly of harassment depicts a corporate atmosphere of predation and enablement. Stories on Ailes present a similar (and even worse) picture of women treated as sex objects and employment benefits.

Gerson’s column could almost have been written by a leftie feminist, except for one slightly paternalistic line, “Can a news organization deal adequately with women’s issues when you would never allow your own daughter to work there?” But I forgive Gerson, because he recognizes the essential problem.

The ethos of a newspaper, cable network or website influences the final product. At The Post — reflecting its investigative self-image — the new motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” At Fox, this ethos has involved, according to the New Yorker’s Margaret Talbot, “the fetishization of hot female news presenters.” And this, it seems, has doubled as a kind of conveyor belt for bright new faces. Can it really be a coincidence that feminism is often dismissed on Fox News as so much political correctness?

Of course it’s not a coincidence. Nor is it a coincidence that more than 30 advertisers recently withdrew their advertising dollars from O’Reilly’s show.

Erik Wemple of WaPo points out that O’Reilly is known for dismissing his detractors with insightful insults, such as “pinhead” and “far-left loon,” but he’s been mostly silent lately. Now that Ailes is out, will Fox News continue to shell out millions of dollars to keep its big star online?

6 thoughts on “First Ailes, Now O’Reilly? Maybe.

  1. Trump came to O’Rieley’s defense today. Lot of help that will be.

    Fox canned whats-his-name (Glen Beck) when advertisers jumped ship. The trick will be applying pressure to the remaining advertisers. Fox will pay 20 million to settle the contract and O’Rielly will go to internet TV.

  2. I wish I’d led a cleaner, better life, so that the FSM would give me the gift of (DUMB)FUX “news” unceramoniously dumping this loud-mouthed. bigoted, pin-head!

  3. gulag..It’s not too late. Just put your hand on your computer monitor as a point of contact and I’ll lead your in the sinner’s prayer. You can get washed right in the comfort of your own living room..How easy is that? Oh, there is a somewhat obligatory requirement of planting some financial seed faith money( $25.00 will do it) into the Mahablog donation basket. The donate button is up on he right hand side.. You’ll not only be a spanking new creature in liberal hood…your wish will come to pass.

  4. These creeps like O’Reilly, Ailes and Trump give us decent guys a bad name. Here they are the ones who go around harassing and abusing women then pay big money in settlements to avoid accepting responsibility for their vile behaviour. Yet, they all come away with a settlement that has no admission of wrongdoing and the particulars of their transgressions are sealed so the public doesn’t get of see the true nature of their fuckin’ creepiness. Yuk, I couldn’t imagine any women getting next to a toad like Roger Ailes.There ain’t no job on the face of the earth worth keeping if it meant warming up to a guy like Ailes. Lorena Bobbit knew how to handle creeps him and O’Reilly. Not to mention serial gropers like Trump.
    OK.. I just got my therapy session completed for the evening.

  5. Joan Baez’ first song in 25 years, Nasty Man, about a different nasty man.

    It wouldn’t be Fox News without the attitude and blonde bimbos.

  6. While preaching traditional values, it has operated, according to former Fox anchor Andrea Tantaros, “like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny.”

    Those ARE traditional right-wing values.

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