7 thoughts on “David Brooks Redeems Himself

  1. Trumpers believe it’s some kind of brilliant ruse to keep the establishment at bay while the master does his work. When I tell them that “his work” appears to be mostly establishment, I’m called “a snowflake” who’s in league with Clinton.

    How do people get that messed up?

  2. Bill,
    First, over 30 years since “The Fairness Doctrine” was killed.
    Before even that, we had the following:
    40+ years of conservative Op-ed punTWITS.
    30+ years of sensationalistic supermarket check-out picto-“news” papers/magazines.
    30+ years of Murdoch’s NY Post and other “news”papers.

    Then, after “The Fairness Doctrine’s” death, we had Bill Clinton stupidly signing legislating in favor of rich conservative loons from other countries owning multiple media news sources – whereas, prior to that, we used to be able to prevent cross-ownership by these vermin of the public’s airwaves, dedicated for news.
    We also had 30 years of the groundbreaking Rush.
    20+ years of (DUMB)FUX “news.”
    Almost 20 years of Drudge.
    Years of Breitbart, NewsMax, and other assorted internet collections of escaped mental patients.

    On the radio dial, you almost can’t escape Reich-Wing Yakkity-yak Radio.
    The TV dial is almost as bad – everyone’s trying to emulate FOX’s success.
    In newspapers and magazines, you have far more conservative voices, than liberal ones.

    And so, here we sit.
    Steeping ears-deep in conservatism, with “No Exit” in sight.

    How’s that for a quicky summary?

  3. c u n d gulag, but between George Will, Glenn Beck and now Brooks we’ve had a number of pop conservatives saying something between “Oy vey”, and “Psychopath!!”
    As somebody who’s apparently immune for whatever reasons, I’m still trying to wrap my head around how strong cult brainwashing can be.

  4. I consider this a modest down payment on redemption. Let’s see what comes next. Grace doesn’t come cheap with me.

  5. The whole op-ed by Brooks is amazing. Where was this guy hiding all these years?

  6. Yeah, Brooks seems to have a pretty clear understanding of who the real Donald Trump is.

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