9 thoughts on “Reince Priebus Is Out

  1. Looks like the Mooch made short work of that Wisconsin hayseed. Ya don’t be fuckin’ with the mooch!

    Trump tried the Washington way but eventually had to resort to the New York way. Priebus is lucky that Trump didn’t employ the Chicago way.

  2. Reince Priebus, who was so named by his parents so he could set the school record for total swishies received, found out the Sessions lesson.  The modus opererandi of Heir Peculiar and company is let no good deed ( or acts of loyalty) go unpunished.  Todays favor is tomorrows expectation and what in the hell have you done for me lately.  I think a few or more are catching on.

  3. Trump said of Priebus: “He’s a great great American. Reince is a good man.” Not much later the Mooch said” She’s a great great wife. She was a good fucking bitch.”

  4. I’m loving this.. I think the only person who is getting more enjoyment watching this chaotic circus then me is Vladimir Putin. I’m looking forward to the battle between the Mooch and General Mattis on who gets to officially claim the administrations moniker of “Mad Dog”. The Mooch hasn’t even been there a week and already he’s got 2 scalps under his belt.
    Way to go, Moochie.. You do us New Yorkers proud. Keep up the profanity!

  5. Against his stated 2016 campaign era “principles” Reince threw in his lot with a bunch of thugs and suffered the inevitable consequences. No one should feel any sympathy for him.

    The Mooch painted a picture of the “fish stinks from the head down” and then reconfirms for us that he reports directly to Trump by saying he and Trump “don’t stink.”

    Unless Kelly has insisted on the typical WH organizational structure where the Communications Director reports to the Chief of Staff, its just a matter of time before “The Mooch” shanks him, with Trump’s blessing of course.

    I can imagine Baby Boy Kushner, Ivanka, and Trump’s sons, “Dumb and Dumber” have gone to daddy out of fear of what the Mooch may try to do to them. Resulting in a meeting between Orange Julius and Thugula, where he tells him “don’t touch the family!”

    But how many “Fredos” are there really in the Trump family??

  6. Poor, poor Rinse & Repeatus….
    He loved and trusted in “Republicanism” too much, and it came to bite him in the asst-RUMPLE-THIN-sKkKin proved to be a RINO.

    And now, he’s out of work, and we can openly mock him.

    What a bag of douche….

  7. I’m beginning to build up a tolerance to Trump’s chaotic circus. I think I need another public humiliation firing or a profanity laced outrage just to feel normal. I’m jonesing without my daily shit- storm presidential tweet.

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