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  1. I still have a lot of friends and family in Florida. I hope they can weather the storm. With the highways outbound choked with traffic and the shortage of gasoline, it wasn’t a simple decision. Most would have left if they had their druthers.

    I have a new computer, ergo, a new avatar. It’s pretty awful. I’ll have to do something about that.

  2. Cool, the avatar changed back to my old self.

    I was too self absorbed to remember to wish all the fine commenters in the path of Irma the best.

  3. Yeah, I’m concerned for friends and family ( actually everybody ) along the West coast of Florida. The storm track seems to be trending that way, but hurricane Charlie in ’04 took a similar path, then ran up the Peace river to Orlando / Kissimmee. As of the latest forecast, we are to expect tropical storm conditions with hurricane force gusts. I’ve spent the past 3 days preparing; our house is in a tropical jungle, and we have lots of windows and sliding glass doors. I have a feeling that the storm will exit Cuba as a low cat 2, run up the West coast, then slam the panhandle or Mobile, Alabama as Ivan did in ’04. Now we wait.

  4. Erinyes, my mother, sister and Bro-in-law lived in Punta Gorda when Charlie hit. That’s how my mother came up to NC to live with us.

    My mother in law lives in St. Pete, which looks like a bad place at the moment.

    I have a lot of old friends in the TBA, most of them live in older houses.

  5. I too wish for everyone’s safety. I have relatives in Daytona, mostly nephews and nieces that I have never even met. I know that if I lived there. I would have left a long time ago but I realize that is not an option for everyone.
    Here in Walla Walla, we have been plagued with bad air from all the fires from the west for over a week but today, the sun is shining and we have a breeze so conditions are improving.
    Weather is fascinating and we humans need to learn to have respect for Mother Nature.

    • I personally think we should throw Trump into a live volcano to propitiate the earth spirits. But I suppose there are laws against doing that kind of thing. Pity.

  6. I was working two nights ago when the course shifted from the center of Florida to the west coast. I waited until the 2AM projection confirmed the new direction and before 3AM, we were in the car with dog and 2 cats. Kathy, Alena and I are in Fayetteville NC with family.

    I notified my parole officer by email and she asked for my address in Fayetteville. I’m not allowed out of the central district of FL. So either I will be granted permission after the fact or they will send a car since they know where I am. I’m inclined to think it’s the first option.

  7. “I take it the storm has come to you”

    Pretty much, happy to have her safe but you know what Ben Franklin said about house guests and fish! Anyway hopefully all the Floridian maha-bloggers are safe and dry. Irma sort of looks like its starting to die out a bit!

    Be careful Doug you know now with Donald (law and order) Trump we are a country of laws that must be adhered to at all times (unless of course you were convicted of profiling colored folk)!

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