Bad Vetting Isn’t the Problem

I just want to point out that Sayfullo Saipov, the man accused of killing eight people in Manhattan yesterday, is from Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is not on any of Trump’s unconstitutional travel ban lists. And while we may learn otherwise, so far it appears Saipov became radicalized after he arrived in the U.S. in 2010.

5 thoughts on “Bad Vetting Isn’t the Problem

  1. When 58 people were shot dead in Las Vegas, lax gun laws had nothing to do with the tragedy and we should not politicize the killings.

    When 8 people are killed by a truck driver in New York, lax immigration laws have everything to do with the tragedy and we must go after our political opponents.

    Some people seem to have a problem with that, but there is nothing wrong with them that total immersion in Breitbart and Fox can't cure. 

  2. Of *course* vetting wasn't the problem. You know it; I know it; Trump has probably been informed of it, though whether it sank in is anyone's guess.

    But, hey, blame someone else, say you can do it better, and who *cares* if you say something that makes sense or not? That's the GOP way!

  3. I  suspect Trump creamed in his jeans when he found out he had a live terrorist to distract from the Mueller probe. Candidate Trump wanted a Muslim Ban and he still does. What happened in NYC is a tragedy – I do not intend to minimize that – but it's not a threat to national security. 

  4. Trump is such an intellectual bottom feeder.  He wants to send that terrorist to Guantanamo. Maybe it's me, but I been under the impression that the reason for Guantanamo is to prevent terrorists from reaching American soil to gain the protections of the American justice system.  It doesn't work in the reverse.  Elvis has left the building?

  5. Swami, you have to understand the thinking.

    Obama said that Guantanemo was bad, and the GOP base says he was weak and ineffective.

    Trump says Guantanemo is good, which, since it's not what Obama said, means to the GOP base that  he's strong and effective.

    Facts, thoughts, reasoning… none of those matter. They're on Animal Farm, and see the GOP as the only quadrupeds – "four legs good, two legs bad!"

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