Happy New Year

Dave Barry’s Year in Review begins “Looking back on 2017 is like waking up after a party where you made some poor decisions, such as drinking tequila squeezed from the underpants of a person you do not really know. (At least you hope it was tequila.)” Yeah, pretty much.  I hope 2018 is an improvement for everybody.

Whatever happens in 2018, just remember — we’ll always have Bugs Bunny.

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Also from Dave Berry, I thought this was pure genius.

    "Assisting the president as he pursues this agenda is a crack White House team that includes Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, all of whom will, in the coming weeks and months, disappear like teenagers in a “Friday the 13th” movie. In the Trump White House, you never know who will get whacked next, but you know somebody will. Although Melania seems reasonably secure in the post of First Lady. For now."


  2. Doug,

    I can see tRUMP now, after hearing a noise, say to his VP, "Hey Mike, d'ja hear that loud thump?  Sounded like it came from the basement of my White House.  Go check it out and tell  me what it was." 

    And obsequious and dense as ever, I can see Pence tremble, poop and pee his Depends, follow 'his master's voice,' and begin to slowly decend the stairs, when…

    The rest, I'll leave to your fertile imaginations.

    Nappy Yew Hear!

    Oy!  Bill a stit… Still a hung-over…  *

    * I Wish!  No booze here, sadly…

    I'm in an assissted living facility until I get stronger.  And then, hopefully be able to find a small apartment to live in. 

  3. CUND – Here's hoping you feel stronger soon. Your irreverence is a constant we need in the chaos.

  4. Yeah, I try to smile and make wiseass jokes wherever I am – even in an assisted living facility full of blue-hairs who probably don't get 90% of what I'm saying.  But a few do, and that makes my day.

    If I didn't laugh, or try to make others laugh, I'd cry all the day and night long. 

    But I hear drowning's a horrible way to go.  😉

  5. Thanks to Maha and Bugs.  I happen to be a rabbit in Chinese astrology so I appreciate Bugs' talent.

    Gulag:  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  I will have a little drink in your honor. 

    Happy New Year to Everyone.  It's a 2 year and from what I understand from numerology, even numbers are a little smoother and balanced than odd ones.  I know, all this astrology and numerology may  be voodoo to you but it's just who I am, I like the weird stuff.  It's the spirit that counts.

  6. Like waking up in jail not knowing how you got there. 

    Been a while since we had booze 'round here for New Year.

    OK kids, you've all had your fun, now get back to the fight.

  7. So far the only thing I've gotten hung this year is the calendar.  It's advice is to be still and find my self.  I am heeding it, so CUND, your vicarious pint will have to wait until later this week. Just stilling till then.

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