Trump at Work

The White House released a photo of Trump at work in the Oval Office, at the famous Resolute Desk.

This is Trump working hard to avert the shutdown, the White House says. But what’s odd about this photo? Beside the fact that it’s obviously posed?

I looked for photos of other presidents at the Resolute Desk and found this one:

My, look at all those papers and stuff. But Trump’s desk is empty. Have you ever seen a desk that empty, other than in furniture stores? We can’t see if Trump has someone stashed under his desk, but maybe that’s just as well.  I’d rather not know.

Of course, there was also this guy:

Well, okay, Dubya wasn’t the only one who propped his feet on the desk. But there’s other stuff on the desk, too, besides a telephone and a foot.

President Truman had a famous sign on his desk.

Here’s a close up of that sign.

What sign should Trump have on his desk?

22 thoughts on “Trump at Work

  1. Trump is a stable genius, who has "good words."  He's "like a smart person" for whom work is beneath him.  The presidency is a reality show, where he "stars" as president.  

    I'm just whipsawed from all the winning.

  2. What sign should Trump have on his desk?

    "I know you are but what am I"

    I noticed tRump is wearing his maga hat in all these "working" pics released by the WH, the toupee fixer must not work weekends or maybe he/she is on furlough because of the shutdown?



    Good suggestions.  I could think of many things but will go with:  I won, nanna nanna nanna (sp?)  I don't really care for feet on desks or sitting on the sofa with feet tucked under like Kelly Anne Conway did.  Or wearing baseball caps.  I remember Reagan would not allow any male in the office without a suit and tie to show respect.  However, the clothing does not make the man or woman.  On the other hand, one could be too relaxed.  Maybe there are no rules but showing respect for the office is important and it extends when one is out of the office.  IMHO, the oval office will forever be contaminated by the present occupant.  When Trump leaves, they will have to fumigate but that may not be good enough to get rid of all the vermin.  Probably will have to have an exorcism.

  4.  Beside the fact that it’s obviously posed?

    Not to mention the obvious product placement sitting on his head. He's making a mockery of the office of the presidency. When you think about his magnanimous gesture to forego his presidential salary — which in all likelihood is a bullshit promise — and yet he has the Secret Service paying exorbitant rents to maintain security details at Trump Tower, Mar a Lago, and who knows where else they've been permanently placed.

    There seems to be no end to the various ways he is exploiting the office of the presidency for the personal gain of the Trump Organization.

     It's in my heart to wish misery upon him and I'm praying to that affect .

    " Oh Lord, I beseech you to strike Trump down with a palsied tongue or a severely spastic colon in the midst of his State of the Union address."

  5. Maha was on the right track: he wears the hat when he’s getting action under the desk. And cowboy boots.

    “They call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad…..”

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