Trump Convicts Himself, Tweet by Tweet

Trump won’t shut up. These tweets are from yesterday:

And these are from this morning:

Does an innocent man say stuff like this? For that matter, does a guilty man who isn’t dumber than a pair of socks say stuff like this? As Andrew McCabe explained,

“This is part of an effort to discredit me as a witness,” he told the Times.

“Here is the reality: I am being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played, the actions I took, and the events I witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of James Comey,” McCabe said in a public statement.

Well, yeah; the blind could see it. So will any future grand juries. Or judges.

Trump  has not been so direct in attacking Mueller himself before now, probably on advice of counsel. Benjamin Hart writes,

The New York Times revealed one possible reason for Trump’s especially intense wrath of late: the special counsel’s office had sent over a list of questions to the White House to set up a possible interview with the president. Last week, Mueller subpoenaed documents relating to the Trump Foundation, crossing a “red line” the president had set dictating that Mueller not delve into Trump and his family’s personal finances.

The investigation, in other words, appears to be drawing ever closer to the president and he’s responding the only way he knows how: by preparing to take out his enemy, no matter the consequences.

Thankfully for Trump, the Republican response to this increasingly likely scenario has consisted mostly of silence.

At Vox, Emily Stewart writes that Jeff Sessions may have violated his recusal pledge when he fired Andrew McCabe.

That decision [for Sessions to fire McCabe] has prompted a number of questions, including whether McCabe’s firing was politically motivated — or performed at the urging of President Donald Trump — and why it was done so vindictively, taking place as it did just two days before McCabe would have been eligible to receive a full federal pension after more than 20 years of service. Another question has begun to percolate as well: Should Sessions, who recused himself from all matters related to the 2016 presidential campaign — which included anything involving the Clinton Foundation — have been able to fire McCabe at all? ,,,

… Writing at the New York University School of Law-based blog Just Security, Ryan Goodman, a professor of law at New York University, made the argument on Saturday that Sessions violated his promise recuse himself from matters involving the 2016 election — a decision Trump had been furious about for quite some time.

“Some might contend that Sessions’ recusal covered only the Clinton and Trump campaigns, and that McCabe’s firing involved the Clinton Foundation investigation as a separate matter,” he wrote. “But Sessions unequivocally assured senators of his intentions during his confirmation hearings in response to a clear and specific question from the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). Sen. Grassley asked a follow-up question that went right to the point. In response, Sessions very clearly said his recusal would cover any matters involving the Clinton Foundation.”

The stated reason for McCabe’s firing is that in 2o16 McCabe allowed FBI officials speak to Wall Street Journal reporters about the investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Of course, if that were the real reason, McCabe would be retiring today with his full pension.

Also too: See Sean Illing, Cambridge Analytica, the shady data firm that might be a key Trump-Russia link, explained. And the AP reports that the Kushners have been caught lying to New York City about rent-controlled apartments as part of a scam to toss tenants out of their homes.

11 thoughts on “Trump Convicts Himself, Tweet by Tweet

  1. The moron tRump was too stoooopid to let the firing stand on its own.  From Bloomberg this morning:

    Donald Trump has a gift for self-sabotage. His candor in an interview last year with NBC, after firing FBI director James Comey, is what got him the special counsel that haunts his presidency. His instructions to Donald Trump Jr. to lie about his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the election have placed his son and other senior White House staff in legal jeopardy.

    Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI." So the firing certainly looks political, right?"

    So the firing certainly looks political, right?

    More from Bloomberg:

  2. There's an episode in "Dune" by Frank Herbert where the main character is in his first-ever knife fight to the death. He's a trained fighter up against a more experienced opponent and it becomes apparent to the seasoned fighter that he's made the mistake of picking a fight with a better fighter – younger but quicker and better trained. The fear and desperation builds in the older fighter and here's the point made by Herbert that resonates.

    The fighter who realizes he's on the losing end of a life-and-death struggle can almost always be relied on to make a mistake. At the point the pressure becomes unbearable, he'll make a desperate gambit. The assault will come with enormous risk. I  think the pressure has gotten to that point for Trump.

    Is the struggle "Life or death"? If you have always lived a life of wealth and privilege and the potential prison term means you might die in a concrete and steel cage – it's a totally different threat than the poor shmuck who's facing jail again but he's been through it before.  

  3. Nate Silver upgraded the Democratic wave to a potential mega-tsunami.

    But that was four days ago, before this latest of latests.

    At the brink of being carried along with Trumps latest bankruptcy, some Republicans are starting to break the silence and publicly "warn" him. 


  4. tRUMP's "projection" is now probably visible from Pluto!

    He needs to stop digging – by shutting the fock up – but he can't stop.

    He's in the hole of his own making so deep, that with every spade-full he digs and throws up and out, 2 or 3 tumble back in.

    Every tweet he sends is like another strand in the rope that federal and state prosecutors can use to weave the noose they're going to hang him with (Note:  Metaphorically, not literally).  


  5. I think his strategy is to obstruct as often as possible right out in the open? Obstruction Saturation! If Mueller recommends obstruction of justice charges the administration will say that just Trump being Trump, it's been  right out in the open the whole time, move on?

  6. OT – There's a cartoon to be written – drawn – of Ryan and McConnell whistling through the graveyard where on the tombstones are the names of Republicans who have lost since Trump was elected. (I can't draw a stick man.)

    • “I don’t see any reason why an innocent man wouldn’t say stuff like that.”

      Somewhere on the autism spectrum, are you?

  7. I don't see any reason why an innocent man wouldn't say stuff like that.

    A truly innocent man would only have to say it once. Trump's repeated claims of innocence speaks to his guilt. That bag of shit thinks because he's put a buffer of deniability between himself and the overt act of colluding that he's gonna get away.. and he might have, except for the fact he's tied himself to the collusion/ conspiracy by going back to cover his tracks.  Better understood as offering an explanation for the Trump Tower meeting.

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link?

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