When Is a Terrorist Not a Terrorist? (And Other Stuff)

A young white guy has been identified as the Austin bomber. Mark Anthony Conditt, 24, blew himself up this morning as police closed in on him.

Yesterday the White House released the opinion that the Austin bombings had “no connection to terrorism,” in spite of the fact that the people of Austin were justified in feeling terrorized. I wonder if Austin police had already told them they had a suspect who was a white homeboy.

Here’s some good news — Breitbart’s readership plunges.

Trump can be sued in court. From New Republic:

Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant, sued Trump in January 2017 for repeatedly describing her as a liar on the campaign trail. She told the court that she suffered emotional damage and financial losses as a result of his attacks on her reputation. Trump and his lawyers argued in December that allowing the case to proceed in New York’s courts would violate the Constitution’s supremacy clause. Placing a sitting president at the mercy of a state court would raise serious federalism concerns, they warned.

Judge Jennifer Schecter rejected that argument on Tuesday. “No one is above the law,” she wrote in an 18-page opinion. The U.S. Supreme Court previously held in the 1997 case Clinton v. Jones that a sitting president isn’t immune from civil lawsuits in federal courts pertaining to his non-official conduct; Schecter ruled that the high court’s logic applied to cases in state courts as well.

See also Cambridge Analytica and its many scandals, explained. This is a big deal.

19 thoughts on “When Is a Terrorist Not a Terrorist? (And Other Stuff)

  1. Oh boy … yet ANOTHER misunderstood, confused white dude who murders Black and Brown Americans THIS time by blowing them up with …. IED's?

    Oh … but … but … but … he's not a domestic terrorist!

    We gotta wait for alllllllllllll the evidence to come in!

    Oh …. never mind the city wide, multi weeks, wall to wall, TV and press coverage of the "terror" felt by the citizens of Austin (get the fuck out of here) Texas!

    white skin has its privilege … whats your skin color?

    Oh … Samuel L Jackson need not show up for THAT audition!

  2. I said this a long time ago, Cambridge Analytica helped the russians disseminate fake news based on the DNC and HRC campaign hacks, they are in it up to their necks. If the tRumpers were smart they may have maintained enough distance to offer a denial, hey why not the man seems to get away with almost anything? I keep hearing the wing-nuts and many MSM pundits say "the voters knew about Trumps personal life before the election and elected him anyway, move on"? Excuse me we didn't know everything, many of these women were forced into NDA's, that's the whole fucking point we didn't know everything?

  3. Was the Unabomber a terrorist? I would say so, because of his manifesto. Was Timothy McVeigh a terrorist? Certainly. Posse Comitatus? Yes. The KKK? Of course. These people and groups use or used terror for political or social purposes.

    This guy? I don't know if we have enough information yet to tell.

    But yeah, shame on the media for not reporting enough on domestic right wing terrorism, which comprises the bulk of terrorism in the US. "We have met the enemy and he is us." — Pogo Possum

  4. How many "bimbo eruptions" can tRUMP have before the bigoted Evangelicals finally stop giving their "Hair Furor" mulligans?

    What if the next woman suing him is a woman if color?

    I bet THAT type of eruption might cause the bigoted holier-than-thou crowd's head's to explode! 

  5. The Cambridge Analytica emerging story has some interesting twists. Sending hookers to your opponent will get the headlines but there's a connection to Russia in the data mining by a Russian-American who got grants from Russia for his work. 

    WHat's not yet been asked anywhere is if the accounts targeted by Russa trolls came from the data breach of CA. If not, the other source that Trump claims he used was from the DNC. But I come back to the same question. Was that list of online accounts from the DNC fed to the Troll Factory, which is located in St Petersburg, Russia, a few miles from the Russian University that bestowed the grant to CA. 

    If there was collusion between Trump and the Kremlin, it's in the data Russia used in the pre-election attack via social media. Who loaded the gun with data? 

  6. Evangelicals went to the school of faith-based logic.  In that world, when an omnipotent being must rest on the 7th day, when God commands mass murder one day then forbids killing the next, when there is no commandment against slavery, when hundreds of thousands of animals (including sauropod dinosaurs) can fit on a 300 cubit ark built by a single family, when Jesus is the "prince of peace", yet, is also here to "divide people against each other" (both in the Bible)…  it'll be just as possible that Trump is on a mission from God as it is that he is not.  At the same time.

    Faith based logic is the gateway drug towards qwaaazzzzzy logic.

    In that world everything is all so mysterious.  When it turns out that Trump really is just a malignant narcissist con artist like rational people said he was, and there's no booming voice from the sky to refute that, I expect evangelicals to be standing steadfast and alone.  And still blaming libruls for making everybody else laugh at them.

  7. The Austin bomber was Christian homeschooled uptight white, should've gone to public school and learned how to deal with others.

    I am hoping the defamation suit gets traction because it involvesThe Apprentice. Mark Burnett owns all the video, some of which shows what ^!* Trump was and is. Burnett would not let any of it out especially after the Access Hollywood tape came out and that could've made a difference in the election outcome. I would love to see her suit force some of that footage  out into the open.

    I just wish the CA coverage would mention the Mercers more and their role in installing Bannon as head of the campaign and the role of their $. The billionaire class is the real problem we all have to worry about. 

    They say Zuckerberg wants to use AI to solve Fbks problems. How about some real intelligence Zuckerberg?

  8. I have struggled to comment, and spent much time reading about the definition of terrorism.  It is a word that seems to defy definition in that, like other words and phrases, people use frequently but cannot agree on a definition. 

    Two things are generally common with attempts at a definition,  induced fear and disruptive power.  In tone the word is generally considered a pejorative,  having an aura of disapproval.  Hair furor (had to borrow that one) will not break his two commandments, speak nothing derogatory about Russia and Putin, and speak nothing derogatory about white supremacists. There have been articles written recently suggesting one more possible commandment he follows, speak no evil about Stormy Daniels.  The jury is still out on whether this is really a commandment he follows or just adherence to legal advice.  As to the two commandments he follows, they might be evangelical commandments, but I am not going to research that.  They don't seem to be able to give him much moral guidance on any other things though.  

  9. Cambridge Analytica is not the only one or even the first.


    The one Palast talks about is Koch-funded.

    Also, sounds like Trump, just like Obama, used data mining and micro-targeting to find supporters so, seems like this will be what any politician will use going forward if, you know, they want to win. Can't figure out why Hillary did not use this method since Obama clearly understood the value of it. Don't those folks talk to each other?

  10. Someofparts,

    Wrong! Obama's voter list came from his own fundraising, he didn't steal the data from facebook like trump (through cambridge) did, also Obama's campaign was not involved in felonies (hacking of computer systems) like Trumps campaign (through wiki-leaks-Russians), get your shit straight!

  11. The Attack of the Chickenshit Hawks 2.0:

    John "The Great Walrus-Mustache of Destruction and Death" Bolton, like Chucky, IS BACK!!!

    And he's going to look to kill more young Americans in stupid and useless wars – 50 years after he, himself, ran away from doing his duty in Vietnam, a stupid and useless war. 

    A war that killed and wounded of millions of  better and smarter men and women than he (I'm including the peoples of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc…).

    PS:  My biggest fear is that Bolton will help tRUMP push the nuclear button – but only AFTER his and tRUMP's chickenshit asses are safely secure in some nuke-proof bunker (Sorry, Melania, but that bunker will have no room for you:  Too many younger babe's – and maybe boy's – will gladly service all of the war-loving, never served themselves, Chickenshit Hawks. So, why drag the old ball-and-chain to ruin a boys eternity?).

  12. “Too many younger babe’s – and maybe boy’s [!?!] – will gladly service all of the war-loving, never served themselves, Chickenshit Hawk” Is THAT why he has the godawful mustache?

  13. Trump's "strategy" for upcoming talks w/ N. Korea may be paired with the selection of Bolton. Trump picked a guy who is an unapologetic, open, public, nuclear warmonger. Trump is going to sweet-talk Kim into giving up nukes for nothing in return because… Trump. 

    Trump will return to the US with nothing but bluster. The reaction of the rest of the world will be interesting. I suspect the UN will move forcefully and we will be on the receiving end of a threatened global embargo. The economic effects could be on a par with the great depression. 

    Impeachment then? No. The GOP will not go against Trump while he's polling at 40% generally and 90% with the GOP base. Preventing a national catastrophe would fracture the GOP. Republicans will let Trump lead us into a depression or a thermonuclear war if it allows the GOP leadership to survive. 

    Step right up – buy yourself a prefab nuclear bunker that will fit neatly into your back yard. (Fifty-foot deep pit comes extra.)  

  14. Easy definition: Terrorist = "not Republican enough" = "other."

    Same definition Reagan used for the term "Liberal."

  15. Terrorist, as long as we're talking about us, has always meant *them*–having to *add* "domestic" when you accidentally don't mean *them* is telling. . . .

  16. It looks like old mustache McFuckstick is going to purge all the deep state from tRumps castle!


    I'm not a fan of McMaster, just based on the fact that he made it to a three star means he's a serious boot-licking facist but he is surely a finer human being than Bolton. Hopefully McMaster and Tillerson will both tell the truth about this whole fucking sharade! My advice:




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