12 thoughts on “Bye, Paul Ryan

  1. It's too bad Ryan had to call it quits before he could realize his dream of throwing millions of old and disabled folks off medicare and SSI. SAD!

  2. John Boehner was easy to find.  He’s a lobbyist, a board member for a tobacco company, and now a board member for a marijuana company.

  3. Anybody wanna bet that Scott Walker will get out of his way soon?  It's a really nice mansion, and life must go on as it has for some of us.

  4. uncledad.. smiley  Yeah, it is sad, but you can't say that Ryan didn't give it the old college try.

  5. So, poor Paul "Privatizing" Ryan, conservative policy wanke… Er… Policy wonk supreme, got only a few of his political career goals accomplishments done:

    1.  Two massive tax cuts for the rich. And a lot of other benefits for the wealthy ONLY.

    But he failed in his three main goals:

    – Privatize/Eliminate Medicare. 

    – Privatize/Eliminate Medicaid.

    – Privatize/Eliminate Social Security.

    – Let millions of sick, disabled, old, young, poor, LGTQ people lose rights, and their lives, while increasing the wealth of corporations and their owners and investors.

    He'll now make millions a year being a member on countless corporate boards in the coming yeayearryeayearrs.

    Unlike normal "folk," who fall 'down,' conservatives always fall 'up,'

    Fuck him.

  6. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    Nunes is calling for FYI director Wray to be impeached. What does Ryan say? Nothing as usual. I can't say what I really think about Ryan,  I might get banned. He is a complicit smirking pile of enabling garbage who believes in nothing. He has shown us exactly what he is.

  7. There's been talk today about how Ryan is a good man who has been offended by Trump. Some of that is true. Democrats do the politically expedient thing and it's called wisdom – by Democrats. 

    The question which Ryan won't answer is IF.. If the polls did not show he's out of a job in January because of a Democratic wave, would he stay on as Speaker and put up with Trump's buffoonery? I think Ryan would eat Trump's deification (ducking the filter there) for the next two years if it meant he could craft legislation. 

    Being the minority leader is a protest position – there is no power in the House when you are the minority. Ask Nancy. Ryan refused to trade places with her. My 2 cents.

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