9 thoughts on “Orange Is the New $7000 Suit

  1. If he accessorizes his new found prison vines with a Micheal Kors rose gold belly chain and matching leg shackles he might start a new trend in upscale prison fashion. When life hands you a lemon..you make lemonade?

     Maybe he can find a dog eared copy of The Valachi Papers on the prison book cart when it visits his cell.Who knows? maybe he'll even write a book in his leisure time. I think the title, The story of O, is already taken but he could perhaps title it, Being Made Whole with O. – One Man's Journey.

  2. I hope they give Manafort a cavity search. You never know, he could try and smuggle in a burner phone.

  3. I find it enormously satisfying to think, even if it's statistically unlikely, that Manfort is in my old jail cell.

  4. Notice to ManyFART's family:

    Send soap-on-a-rope.

    And don't stop sending it! *


    *This is not intended to make light of prison rape, which is a very serious problem. 

  5. Some of the comments above reminded me of Susan MacDougal's account of her treatment in prison.  It was pretty awful, and deliberately so.

  6. Doug:  Manafort is in Virginia and I think you were in Forida.  Guess it's enough for me to see that he is behind bars and probably will be for the rest of his life.  It's time to pay the piper.

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