Trump Panic

Yesterday’s tweet in which Trump demanded (even though he did say “should”) that Robert Mueller be fired has cranked the Russian collusion drama up to another level. Do read:

Josh Marshall, I Don’t Buy This Explanation

Paul Waldman, Trump’s impotence on the Mueller investigation is driving him batty

Margaret Hartman, Team Trump’s Explanations for Mueller Tirade Make Less and Less Sense


14 thoughts on “Trump Panic

  1. I suspect Trump is spending big bucks to talk to the lawyers representing anyone and everyone questioned by Mueller. Or the lawyer's secretary or anyone on the inside in the know. Trump has a partial view of (and I admit this is all speculation) the evidence and testimony Mueller has assembled. 

    IMO, That's 50% of the source of the panic. The other 50% is because Trump knows without spending any money what Cohen can testify to. Trump knows his power comes from a flimsy soap bubble – GOP voter support. The Republicans in Congress who hate him are held at bay by a 85% approval rating among registered Republicans.

    The façade will slip, and it's a question of how much, when facts are released by Mueller. I agree with the pundits who say Mueller won't indict. That suggests to me that Mueller won't hold back evidence for a trial, because Mueller isn't preparing for a trial – not of Trump.

    What happens IF – I said if – Trump's support is cut in half? What if the 55% who oppose Trump becomes 75% and GOP incumbents are as much at risk by supporting Trump as they are for opposing Trump because the GOP in a post-evidence world following Muelller's report have evenly split?

    Those are the thoughts that have Trump in panic mode. Trump wants to suppress the release of hard facts. His advisors are saying Trump can survive an impeachment and he's not (immediately) looking at a criminal indictment. That's the viewpoint of the lawyers, looking at the legal jeopardy. Trump is looking at the erosion of popular support which will leave him naked in an arena of lions.

  2. If I say "this should happen ", it is vague conjecture. If I am boss and says this should happen Right Now ", that's an order. Someone needs to interview Mr sessions. 

  3. Reading about Manafort trial, fake invoices,offshore accounts,money laundering, wire transfers, no wonder trump is jittery. Weissellberg. ..

  4. Well, I'm going to put on my clairvoyant/child psychologist hat for a moment here. Trump isn't going to go peacefully into the night…and we have a constitutional crisis coming our way

  5. "Trump isn't going to go peacefully into the night…and we have a constitutional crisis coming our way"

    Swami, I agree 100%, though I seriously doubt Trump will even be asked to leave. Given the decent economy (thanks Obama) and the fact that so many voters are oblivious (FAUX NEWS) I don't think the dems will take back the house or senate, and even if they do there is no guarantee Mueller will issue report finding fault with Trump. I've seen every GOP president since Nixon act like a criminal in office, not one was was ever held to account, in fact most have roads, airports, bridges etc. named after them.

  6. If Cohen confirms, as was mentioned in the Steele dossier, that he was the individual who went to Prague on behalf of the Trump campaign to work out coordination between the Russians and the campaign, as is suspected, its game over for Orange Julius.  This could explain the increased desperation.

  7. tRUMP's under so much pressure from every angle that I fully expect him to implode.

    The combination of his large mass and inflated ego will fall upon itself due to gravity until it hits a critical mass point.

    And then:

    tRUMP becomes…   An "Orange Hole!"

    And this "Orange Hole" will suck every sucky person who ever supported tRUMP into it!  YAY!!!!!

    Where do they go when they're sucked in, you ask? 

    Who the fuck cares? 

  8. I agree Trump will not go peacefully anywhere.  He is so delusional and falls deeper and deeper into the abyss every day.  I know it is amusing when he portrays himself as a genius, knows more about everything than anyone and is the only one who can save the world.  However, he truly believes that crap and when he goes to rallies and gets his ego stroked, it energizes and fortifies him.  Because he is president and Congress just lets him do and say what he wants, he is very dangerous. If he senses the end is near, he will do as much damage as he can.  I feel sick every time I see Pence standing beside him and looking at him with that adoring look.  He is just waiting for Trump to be taken down so he can rightfully ascend the throne.  I'm sure he believes that is what God wants for him.  I hear we are heading for a constitutional crisis.  I am not  politically savvy enough to have an opinion on that but I say if it is to be, let's get it over with.  History tells us that world powers do not remain forever. 

  9. He’s behaving pretty much as my National Narcissistic Personality Disorder Posterboy should.  But his hardcore supplicants are disturbing.  A guy who lies all the time, cheats on his wife, repeatedly runs his businesses into the ground… isn’t going to always be working honestly on your behalf, regardless of what team you think he’s on, or how much you think he’s on your team.  Life experience should’ve taught them that.  There are a lot of really self-delusional people out there.

  10. Almost enough to make a progressive prankster want to revise a religious page at Conservapedia… 

    …until one remembers that some of those pranks can sit unchanged for many years before anybody even notices.

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