The Contemptible Jeff Sessions

This is disgusting:

A federal judge slammed the Trump administration on Thursday for trying to deport a mother and daughter to El Salvador while their case is still being heard in court and threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt.

“This is pretty outrageous,” Judge Emmet Sullivan of Washington said on Thursday, according to the Washington Post. “That someone seeking justice in US court is spirited away while her attorneys are arguing for justice for her?” Sullivan issued an emergency stay from the bench preventing the deportation of the family and six other people. But the mother and daughter were already on a plane bound for El Salvador, prompting Sullivan to order the government to turn the plane around.

This comes from a lawsuit filed by the ACLU that seeks to keep the Trump Administration from deporting people in danger of gang and domestic violence. The government had agreed to not deport the mother before Thursday midnight, but then they put the mother and daughter on a plane Thursday morning. The ACLU lawyers spent the day trying to find out what had happened to them, and then getting them back. The plane was turned around and returned to the U.S.

This is just out of control. See also “There Was No Crash”: ICE Lied About Crash Involving Van Full Of Detained Mothers.

10 thoughts on “The Contemptible Jeff Sessions

  1. This the new tactic of lawlessness. Do it and deliver the judge an accomplished deed you can't undo. They caught the plane before it landed, but if the lady and child were out of the country, the DOJ defense would be, "Oh, well".

    That the judge indicated contempt charges will first be leveled at Jeff Sessions will get his attention. He might have thought he could put off the Judicial Branch with an 18-month investigation to find out no one is in charge and it "just happened".  The judge let Jeffy know, he might be the first one jailed if DOJ tries to run over the Judicial Branch.


  2. Lawlessness is par for the course for these guys, and it starts at the top.  

    History will record Trump's as the most corrupt presidency in history.

  3. The authoritarian side of our government has gotten tremendously worse since trump "took" the helm of our own Exxon Valdez.

  4. tRUMP loves chaos.

    It's easier to grift in the midst of chaos.

    And so, he creates chaos by dividing the country.


  5. Oh, and it's nice to imagine  Jeff "The Bigoted and Evil Elf" Sessions sweat a bit when this Judge threatened him with contempt charges.


  6.   I really hate to admit it but I would be overwhelmed with glee if Sessions, Trump and the rest of the mob get their just desserts.  Even Melania is not innocent as she continues to stay with that jerk.  She probably signed a pre-nup and she would probably lose her son if she left and she does have a cushy lifestyle. I did read that Don Jr.'s wife is getting a divorce.  Wonder what is going on there? 

  7. Beauregard might be the only person in the Trump circle NOT in jail by 2020; he had brains enough to recuse in the Mueller probe.

  8. doug

    "The judge let Jeffy know, he might be the first one jailed if DOJ tries to run over the Judicial Branch."

    It would be nice to bring accountability back into our government.

  9. The con man and all who signed onto the con are beginning to spin out of control. Like a merry go round that spins faster and faster. There will be a crash. People who signed on this business are more and more desparate because they know the ride will end and they are trying to do as much as possible before their power ends.

    How this will play out who knows. Like the Nunes admission, it's going to get ugly soon.

  10. The nightmare of being used by the government as a messenger to brown skinned immigrants: if you come here, right or wrong, you have no human rights.  Sessions and Trump want this broadcast.

    There should be charges for this. And charges for each incidence of lost children. Charges for all human rights violations.  Charges which stick, right up the chain of command, bottom to top.  

    Democrats should put the fear of god in these criminals. Let them know that when we're back in, we'll send them for trial by international court.  

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