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  1. McCain had a knack with the press.  

    Other than that…  Well, I have nothing 'nice' to say, so………

  2. I haven't forgotten that McCain usually supported an ideology I disagree with and was far too willing to go to war, BUT

    I won't forget that he passed on the chance for an early release from the Hanoi Hilton because other prisoners had been there longer. I won't forget hat he defended Obama as a "decent family man with whom I disagree on policy" at a rally during the election. I won’t forget that McCain spoke of his friend Ted Kennedy and how they worked for the good of the country without compromising principles. That speech didn't win him any votes with Republicans.

    I don't understand how McCain can defend some of the votes he cast, especially against veterans issues. Even on this day, I won't ignore some of the profoundly bad (from my point of view) choices he made in his public life. (Palin) But there were no personal scandals. At times, he rose to greatness and I won't deny that, either.

  3. I didn't agree with McCain on a lot, and he made some poor decisions in his career (but who of us haven't?) but one thing he did from time to time was demonstrate great honor and integrity, even when it meant going against the GOP.  And for that he deserves respect in his passing.

  4. Oy.

    This means that the next week will be one chock full of McCain tributes.

    I heard that the Cable TV News' over/under is:

    More coverage Anna Nicole Smith;

    Less than Michael Jackson.  

  5. I always thought McCain was a pretty terrible conservative and I did not take his straight talk/maverick hype seriously. The fact that he looks classy compared to most of the Republican party now is just a symptom of how badly things have deteriorated over the past decades. It is still sad to see him go out that way, and he seemed to handle his illness with courage.

  6. Mandatory one minute video for critics. If Democrats can't emulate McCain and show a little class and dignity, we're destined for a Civil War. That McCain could be like this is why Obama won't find it hard to find good things to say about McCain. 

    Note that McCain was booed by his “fans”.

  7. Doug,

    I get your point, but it seems more applicable to the trumpkins, go over to Brietbart and read what the deplorables say about McCain, far worse than anything said on our side that I've read? I feel McCain was a horrible politician, a guy who only seemed to seek the spotlight right or wrong. I do however respect him for his service in the military. He could have made better use of his time in the senate though?

  8. The New York Times reported on Saturday night that McCain requested that both Bush and former President Barack Obama — each of whom has run against the Arizona senator in presidential campaigns — be invited to deliver eulogies at the senator's funeral. The Times also reported Saturday that while Vice President Mike Pence was invited to attend the funeral, President Donald Trump, who has had a tumultuous relationship with McCain, was not invited. 

     I wonder if Trump will allow Pense to attend?

  9. He was for sure a hawk and a high ranking player of the American warrior class.  Unlike small hands, he is a man of some class, even if it is was of the military elite variety.  

    In these strange times, he was able to throw some shade on the Donald, and reinvent himself even at death's doorstep.  

    I give him a B- as a politico, just because the average quality level of politicians has sunk so much and grade inflation is rampant.  But it looks as my feeble assessment faces rejection, though, as he is elevated to near sainthood this week, though the Trumpanista's will invoke all their usual demons in opposition.  It may take an appearance by Steve Bannon himself to rally the vile of the underworld against this one.  

  10. John McCain serves to illustrate the principle that the world abounds with virtuous men who should not be President. 

  11. My problem with McCain was mostly his war mongering, he supported, even cheered for the Iraq war and then acted like a hero because he pushed for the "surge" he claimed ended it. One thing though I never knew is that he apologized for his support, I guess with President Poopy Pants hardly anything gets through anymore, here is his statement from early 2018:

    “The principal reason for invading Iraq, that Saddam had WMD, was wrong,” wrote McCain. “The war, with its cost in lives and treasure and security, can’t be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have to accept my share of the blame for it.”

    That's pretty rare for a Repug to admit they are wrong about anything much less something that so defined his career.

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