We’re All Bleeped

Right now I feel as if we’re on an endless loop of Trump Is Awful and the country is completely bleeped up. What else is new? I’d like to believe that there’s a faint hope Kavanaugh, who has been thoroughly outed as a liar and partisan tool, won’t be confirmed. It could happen if all the Dems and just a couple of Republicans vote no, but we are repeatedly told that’s not going to happen.

And the possibiity of a solid Dem vote is considered even more unlikely than the couple of Republican votes. This is why the lame “rallying” cry “vote blue no matter who” doesn’t work for me.

Try to think of something cheerfull.


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  1. If Kavanaugh perjured himself, he left grounds for impeachment if the climate is right to go to a more moderate USSC.

  2. @doug, I read about Samuel Chase, an early Supreme Court justice, who was impeached by the House, but acquitted by the Senate. If Kav gets in, I suspect he’ll be there for awhile.

    It’s 60 days till the November election, and it’s going to be a full court press. Obama’s in my backyard today, helping turn the House blue. He’s like a big gun now, and is stealing oxygen from Trump, and I hope he keeps at it for the next two months.

    Even if Kav somehow gets nixed, they’ll simply call the next wingnut on the list, and go at it again. They’re going to have their 6-3 majority, one way or another.

    But that will be the extent of it. Once they get their justices, and particularly if the blue wave arrives in November, you will see more and more Republicans turn against Trump. That anonymous op-ed was just the first crack in the wall.

  3. The NFL season started!


    But neither my Giants nor Dolphins have any high expectations.


    Life sucks….

  4. I have read that the United States has already existed longer than normal.  Thus, I have felt I have been watching the dying of a once and great country.  It makes me very sad.  I'm with Gulag and very happy it is football season.  I live in the Seattle/Tacoma area and live in hope of another good team this season–maybe a Super Bowl appearance.  however, I like college football even more than the pros; so, I keep busy with watching football and ignoring the idiocy of the Trump administration. 

  5. “The NFL season has started” … And we know what EVERYBODY will be wearing and owners will bust a collective vein and stamp their gouty feet in their expensive shoes.

    If the country goes too red we rise up and kick their sorry butts like we crushed the confederate traitors in Lincoln’s day. I know they have most of the guns, but we have the numbers and all the brains. Cut off their Twitters and they will beg for mercy after a week.

  6. Nike online sales were up over 30% this week as reported on Meet the Press.  This is a fact which all but extreme reality benders will attend to.

    One reality bender, whose mental condition is becoming more and more suspect, will find a way to alter or discount this unwelcome fact as he has a history of doing.  This less than sane way of thinking is quite human, and all too typical.  I may just have to go a bit crazy myself, and buy my first ever Nike product.  It is not generally a product in my price range or one fitting my demographic.  Now, though, is becomes support for a first amendment for all United States people and a statement of political resistance that does have some style.  


  7. The GOP will succeed in getting either Kavanaugh or some other unctuous, far right "car pool dad" on the SC and achieve their 6-3 majority. And they will do this with a senate majority that represents 18% of the people.  So its long game time for democrats now.  We got to do everything possible to win the House in November, and work to get more statehouse majorities and democratic governors to undo gerrymandering the GOP relies on to maintain the House. 

    Yeah, we're all bleeped, for now.  But if we work at it, this won't last.

  8. "cry “vote blue no matter who” doesn’t work for me "

    I have to make a decision this year whether or not to vote for my DINO senator Joe Donnelly. I despise the man. I can see him voting for  Kavanaugh which will really piss me off. He's running ads here that tout his cooperation with Trump, one of the ads actually shows Trump at an event praising Donnelly? But what do I do, vote for the wing-nut or not vote at all? Sadly I'm going to have to "vote blue no matter who" I don't really see a choice?

  9. uncledad – the thing to do in Nov is vote Donnelly. The thing to do in January is begin recruiting a good candidate to primary Donnelly in two years. If worst comes to worst, run yourself and I'll sure as hell back you.

  10. This is not cheerful. This is about Mitch McConnell knowing his party is dying and pulling off a stack the judges the entire 3rd branch not just scotus, with operatives who have never tried a case. It is a shame that the state of Kentucky gives us such disproportional representation. Why we have to dance to McConnell and Paul's tune I really don't know. Nothing like minority one party rule.

    On the op-ed, it may have been produced by Bill Shine. Dictators love to create coups in order to crush them and prosecute and purge their traitors within . It fits their conspiracy theorizing narrative. It is a huge distraction, tells us nothing new. The statement" the sleeper cells are awakening" is classic conspiracy nonsense. This smells like created nonsense to me. How else to rouse his base than to cry ' they are out to get me'. 

  11. Now is the time for a Hail Mary play to stop Kavanaugh.  The call was made by Katherine Stewart, author of the Good News Club.  It is a fight over religious freedom and as she argues a fight against national religious preference. In a section of her NYT article:

    If the Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh, it will be declaring that the United States is a nation in which one brand of religion enjoys a place of privilege; that we are a nation of laws — except in cases where the law offends those who subscribe to our preferred religion; and that we recognize the dignity of all people unless they belong to specific groups our national religion views with disapproval.

    When a pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription on the basis of his own religious beliefs, according to today’s Christian nationalists, that is a shining example of “religious liberty.” It is not. When a Catholic hospital delays or refuses to perform a legal and medically indicated procedure on a woman suffering a miscarriage on the grounds that the procedure violates its religious directives, that isn’t religious liberty. When a private school that miseducates students with scientifically illiterate and historically inaccurate theories claims a public subsidy, or a Medicare-supported retirement home turns away a lesbian couple, that isn’t religious liberty,  either. 

    Let’s call it by its true name: religious privilege, not religious liberty..."


    Not fighting and winning on this point means all get a "religious"  theocracy which leans to the establishment of religious " Mullahs" of a privileged Evangelical bias.   They become the de facto privileged religion and our state's religion Stewart argues persuasively.  This is certainly a most undesirable future for almost everyone in this country. A change in the tactics of opposition is indicated.

  12. Well, Ron DeSantis resigned from congress. He's got to devote his energies to his race for governor of Florida, and he doesn't feel right about getting paid by the taxpayers when he's not really "earning" it. We should have more repugs that are so considerate. It takes a man of extraordinary character to find the fortitude to push himself away from the public trough even if he's only intending to reattach to a bigger feedbag. It's a gesture of magnanimity that almost entirely erases his racist attitudes and inclinations. 

     The cheerfulness in all this is the possibility that DeSantis could find himself completely on the outs if Florida voters reject him and his brand of politics come November. To my mind, DeSantis has sucked up so hard to Trump and his destructive politics that I am believing that the stain of Trump will lead to DeSantis' political demise. Let's hope. He's a junior bag of shit!

  13. I don't know if Politico is right but they re reporting that Governor Rick Scott who is term-limited and running for US Senate is also running from being too closely associated with Trump. Second story says that the GOP is attacking Obama who came out to play this weekend for the midterms but the GOP is not defending Trump.

    All this may be perception by Politico and groundless or we may be looking at the tectonic split beginning between the Trump loonies and establishment conservatives.  How could this happen if it hasn't happened before? Trump isn't backing away from tariffs and it's costing some rich people already and it promises to cost them a lot more. And money rules.

  14. I'm not saying Politico is always right but two articles are very interesting. Governor Rick Scott (FL) is term-limited and running for Senate. Politico says he's also running from Trump. "Seldom" mentions the president is what they report. In a second article, Politico says the GOP has come out strong against Obama since the former president cam out to campaign this weekend but the GOP is not defending Trump.

    How can this be true when Trump recruited Scott and the GOP has been in lockstep with Trump? Tariffs, perhaps? The GOP can't ignore the donor class and they are already hurting from tariffs and it will get worse.

    Purely speculation – is the GOP establishment planning on trimming Trump's wings (or horns) on his authority to start trade wars? The Congress abdicated tariff  power to the president and they can take it back but it will take enough republicans to join with Dems override a veto. There are indications the Koch Bros have the fist mortgage on Rick Scott's soul. Trump declared war on the Koch Bros a few months ago. Is this playing out quietly with Koch superpac money trumping Trump? 

  15. Here's the positive result of the op-ed. The more you can increase his paranoia the more likely he'll buckle under the pressure. The ideal goal is to create a bunker mentality where the pressure becomes so great that he starts thinking only in terms of wanting to bail out of the presidency. Nothing would make me happier than to see him curled up in a fetal position on a bedroom floor at Mar a Lago whimpering that he just wants to be left alone. I want to see him crushed by the weight of his lies.


    To quote Obama…We should be worthy of the inheritance bestowed upon us by the founders.

    That means we should be rejecting Trump and any of those who defend him for their own selfish purposes.

  16. Will Trump be impeached and removed from office or will he resign? My guess is yes. I have stated that a Democratic Congress will impeach him if they think that they have the votes in the Senate. I think that that is likely is Trump's net approval is negative in 16 states or fewer. Based on stats on 538, it looks like Trump has 9 solid states on his side: West Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota. If he continues to lose support in every state at the same rate he has since his inauguration, that's all he will have by next fall. There are 15 other states that were in Trump's camp as of May this year. Utah was on the cusp, but is probably negative on Trump by now. Arizona and North Carolina were at +2% for Trump then, and may have flipped already. Montana was at +3%. Florida, Texas, and Missouri were at +5%, and are possible flip states. Not that they will turn Blue, but that their Senators will think that a vote to convict Trump will not cost them at the polls.  Nebraska and North Dakota were at +6%. If all of those states flip, Trump won't have the support. Alaska, at +7%, and Kansan, at +8%, are also possibilities. There are other possibilities, including Indiana, at +8%, and even Oklahoma, at +11%, a high number, but Trump has already lost 23% in that state. On average Trump had lost 17% in each state by May. 

    All of these losses have occurred without impeachment hearings. I expect that impeachment hearings will start early next year. They may cause some backlash, but as they bring things out, Trump will lose more support. Maybe the Reps will want to have Trump out by next fall, so that they can run on the record of Pence in 2020.

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