There’s Never Just One

Yep, another shoe just dropped on Brett Kavanaugh. This happened at Yale:

After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away. Ramirez is now calling for the F.B.I. to investigate Kavanaugh’s role in the incident. “I would think an F.B.I. investigation would be warranted,” she said.

Even Fox News’s polls are showing that more people oppose Kavanaugh’s appointment than approve it. Will somebody pull the plug on this farce before long?

15 thoughts on “There’s Never Just One

  1. Let me guess — only the illegitimate Russian-puppet President can order the FBI to do their job. They couldn’t possibly take the initiative to interview connected parties to these cases to save face after FALLING on their collective faces after the “sheet” job they have done so far. This is why we PAY you FBI guys — not to eat donuts.

  2.  Perhaps Kavanaugh should try using the proven three step Christian formula of confession, repentance, and restoration to successfully pull him across the finish line of confirmation.

    And it wouldn't hurt to throw in the first step of the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, and that our lives had become unmanageable.

    Well, at least he should admit that his confirmation process has become unmanageable. Maybe he should pose this question to the repuglicans on the Senate judiciary committee…What has two hundred teeth and holds back a monster?

  3. Actually there may be three. Avenatti (White House stripper attorney) says he is representing another witness

  4. This is the logical conclusion to rush, playing the Sgt Schultz in the hearing,  and push the 'minority but power party rules game'.

    Rauthoritarians will cry we're victims. 

  5. Will somebody pull the plug on this farce before long?

    You can rest assured that Trump won't be the one to pull the plug. The nastier this gets the better Trump likes it. If Kavanaugh goes down in flames Trump will use that defeat to stoke a sense of man the barricades in his base, and as an opportunity to selectively brow beat any Senator who didn't show the loyalty and zeal to carry the Trump party banner. Trump thrives in a shitfeast!

    If Kavanaugh's nomination fails Jeff Sessions is going to have some company in his public belittlement sessions.

  6. It might not save his nomination, but his polling numbers wouldn't be so abysmal if could simply admit: "yes, I was a bad boy back then, did lots of stupid things, and I feel terrible about it"

    Kavanaugh is Exhibit A for: the cover-up is worse than the crime.

  7. The problem with that, Moonbat, is he'll essentially be admitting he lied before, and everything else becomes suspect. 

    Wingnut judges on the order of Kavanaugh are sundry; if it's just finding a vote against Roe, that shouldn't be too hard.   What's a little more difficult is finding one who'll pledge up front to save Trump from any legal jeopardy. They’re out there, but now time is against them.

    Worst for them though, having Kav go down in flames is getting owned by libs, from their perspective, when all they live for is owning libs.  That may be the one thing preventing them from doing the obvious, withdraw Kav and find another Federalist Society legal loon to put on the court.

  8. The FBI would reveal K is, like Bill Clinton, an inveterate frat boy, a man after Trump's own heart.

    Trump will love him all the more for it, as he will love him for his "deny everything all day and all night forever" attitude.

  9. My view is that if Dems start winning back majorities, they should declare war on the conservative Federalist Society packed courts. Investigate them, railroad them out. After Merrick Garland, we should assume a war footing. Start with Kavanaugh's finances, lies under oath. Hell Thomas has been sponsoring His right wing causes at his own home through his wife. Start investigating conflicts of interest and corruption. Just because Kavanaugh makes it to the bench doesn't mean he gets to stay there.

  10. Now Kavanaugh is using the "cherry boy" defense to ward off the allegations of attempted rape.. Makes one kinda wonder if they looked at his prep school yearbook. Him and his buddy Mark Judge were slobbering all over the pages of their yearbook with little wink, wink exchanges of mutual affirmations that they both had lost their cherry.

    Hey Bret, have you been boofed yet? he, he?

    I assume that "boofed" is preppy vernacular for boffed.  Or it could be that they put more emphasis on seeking carnal knowledge than on developing their gramatical knowledge. But, in whatever case, it's more than clear that Kavanaugh and his BFF were consumed by their desire for sex and alcohol. And they hadn't gained control of their appetites come graduation day.

    I'm not moralizing here. I too had a misspent youth and was a victim to same desires for sex and alcohol just like Kavanaugh. The difference is, I had the wisdom and foresight to know that my youthful indiscretions and behaviors precluded any possibility of me ever accepting a nomination to the Supreme Court.

  11. Off topic…but justice, in a sense, is always on topic.

    "Bill Cosby has been ruled a “sexually violent predator."

  12. Swami: "I too had a misspent youth and was a victim to same desires for sex and alcohol just like Kavanaugh"

    I'm sure most of us (males) did, the problem is not really the drinking and even the alleged assault could be explained as a naive drunken attempt at sex (though according to Dr. Ford it was much worse), the problem here is the man can't seem to tell the truth. He has lied about several things during this and previous confirmation hearings. I would like to think that if your going to be a supreme court judge you should at the very least be counted on to speak the truth? This guy is nothing more than an entitled party boy who has risen through the wing-nut GOP ranks. He has no authority to sit as a judge on a municipal court much less the supreme court. Unfortunately the truth means nothing to the party that elected tRump, they just want the seat. Had the democrats made a bigger deal about the previous lies these sex/booze revelations would have had a much greater impact. My bet is he still gets confirmed, with at least two democratic votes as well, we'll see?

  13. Not the news, but a gem from The New Yorker;

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The Republican Party officially filed for moral bankruptcy on Tuesday morning, a move that many in the nation considered long overdue.

    In filing for moral bankruptcy, the Republicans will formally attest that they have no morals, standards, or ethics on their balance sheet, and will agree to cease all activity as a political party in exchange for indemnity from any and all legal actions.

    Harland Dorrinson, a Washington attorney who specializes in moral bankruptcies, said that, by making its moral vacuum official, the G.O.P. could theoretically break itself up and sell off the parts, but, he warned, “There are no buyers.”

    “From Lindsey Graham to Ted Cruz to Mitch McConnell to Chuck Grassley, all of the Republican Party’s assets could only be described as toxic,” he said. “Their breakup value is zero.”

    Further complicating such a sale, Dorrinson said, is the fact that the lion’s share of the Republican Party is already owned by the National Rifle Association, Koch Industries, and the Russian government.

    “All of those entities are going to take a major loss on their investment,” he warned. “The Kochs have been trying to sell Paul Ryan for months, and they can’t give him away.”

    While bemoaning the demise of a once legitimate political party, Dorrinson did see one silver lining. “The bankruptcy of the Republican Party will be presided over by Donald Trump, and no one has more experience in this area,” he said.

  14. Add another log on the fire. Super Sleuth  Michael Avenatti has sworn testimony from another one of Beer Bong Brett's sexual conquests. This woman " Julie Swetnick " has testified she was gang "trained" by Brett and his buddies! But hey what 17 y.o. boy didn't participate in a "train"! Us men are really taking a beating lately!

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