Maybe a Delay

I’ve been putting off posting until there was news that the Kavanaugh nomination had been approved by the Judiciary Committee. And the Judiciary Committee vote kept getting delayed. Then the news was that the aptly named Jeff Flake voted yes but requested a one-week delay on the floor vote for investigation. Otherwise, he said, he might choose to vote against Kavanaugh in the end.

However, now we’re hearing that Lisa Murkowski and Joe Manchin also have come out for a one-week delay, which is getting a little more serious. Kavanaugh might need Murkowski’s and Manchin’s votes.

Stay tuned.

Update: GOP Leaders Will Ask FBI To Investigate ‘Credible Allegations’ Against Kavanaugh

12 thoughts on “Maybe a Delay

  1. Unless there's ironclad rules requiring debate, I wouldn't put it past McConnell to force a floor vote before the weekend's out.

  2. "aptly named Jeff Flake"

    You got that right! Me thinks "Flake" is playing a game here, I think he intends to vote yes for the entitled drunken frat-boy, this is just a thinly veiled attempt at being senatorial. I will give him some credit, yesterdays display by miss Lindsey was anything but senatorial. Anyway lets wait and see, I still think he gets confirmed. I am somewhat heartened that my mealy mouth senator (Donnelly) has come out against putting the credibly accused rap#st on the supreme court, small miracles!

  3. It is probably crazy thinking on my part, but I must rely on feelings on this one.  I feel the presence of John McCain as a guiding light.  We will take all the wisdom and guidance we can get.  Jeff  Flake might be the connection to the other side.  Pardon my flight to fantasy, but what are we to do.  Our country has abandoned reason, morality, and more.  

  4. So if a Senator, right or left votes for Brett, then he or she must believe that Dr. Ford was sent by Bill Clinton 12 years ago. Brett explained everything in his opening statement: “Revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of dollars in money from outside left-wing opposition groups.” It's obvious Bill had contacted Dr. Ford years ago, If only there was a way to connect Dr. Ford and Hillary!

  5. I"m predicting Kavanaugh withdraws to be replaced by a Phyllis Schlafly type who's never done anything immoral outside of voting straight up conservative evangelical.

  6. I loved that instagram, Marie!  It would have made Thursday so much more interesting with Samuel L. Jackson in it.  Thanks for the laughter.

  7. Don't worry about "Ol' Beer & Babes (An' WHAAAAA Happened?)" Brett.

    He wins either way.

    He either gets on the SCOTUS, or he has place as a lifetime martyr for the conservative cause!

    If, for whatever he didn't get on the SCOTUS, his obituary would say – "Cause of death:

    The Judge OD'd on the consequences eating too much rubber chicken on the Wingnut Welfare."  

  8. Don't be fooled by Flake's "principled Conservative" shtick.  Mark my words: he's running for President in 2020.  He skipped running for re-election this year to avoid a Primary battle where he would have had to come out strongly for or against Trump – either choice would have killed his chances in 2020.  He made some nice noises about the Kavanaugh case, getting/taking credit for delaying the vote for one week to wait for a half-assed FBI investigation. 

    The results of the FBI report will hinge on the actions of two people: (1) the person in charge, and (2) Mark Judge.  Despite Trump's wailing, there has always been a strong right-wing faction within the FBI, so it wouldn't be hard to find a reliable pawn to run the investigation.  And Mark Judge is the only person who could really tell us that Kavanaugh is lying; will he?  Will his statement be taken under oath?  Will they polygraph him?  Anything short of "proof" that Kavanaugh is lying (and Ford is not) will provide plenty of wiggle-room for the GOP Senate to confirm him. 

    OTOH, If Kavanaugh has said that he wasn't even at the party, other people could place him there.   The Democrats need to make this about Kavanaugh lying to protect himself, rather than how he mistreated Ford.  His behavior – and her pain – have more political resonance than relevance.  But his lying about this gives us reason to believe that he's lying about other stuff – Torture memos, stealing Democrats emails, etc – which is truly relevant to the question of Confirmation to serve on the Supreme Court of the US for the rest of his life.

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