9 thoughts on “Bombing Suspect Arrested

  1. CNN Just showed a full on frontal picture of the MAGAbomber in a MAGA hat at a trump rally in 2016.  For all the insistence that it was a leftist false flag, he’s a rightwing nutcase, as common sense would tell.

    Already the lunatics are claiming the fact that his van is covered with pro Trump and democrat hate stickers, that he must be a plant because (a) anyone who has a Trump sticker on their vehicle would have had their windows broken out, (b) the police/secret service "never" work that fast, and (c) he's a native New Yorker with a criminal past of making terroristic threats, so he MUST be a TDS — Trump Derangement Syndrome libtard.

    Up is down, black is white, good is evil.  These people are absolutely insane, and much to dangerous to have anywhere near the levers of power, let alone control of them.


  2. That's what happens when you get bit by the Trump bug. It's like building a wall inside your brain that prevents logic from penetrating the reasoning center. How did he ever think that he wouldn't get caught? Maybe his defense lawyers will use a variation of the Twinkie defense except they'll claim that the adjustable band on his MAGA hat restricted the flow of blood to his brain. Causing him to act impulsively.

  3. Swami:" How did he ever think that he wouldn't get caught? "

    Me thinks this guy, Sayoc doesn't do much thinking?

  4. Fingerprints and DNA, they say. This guy is about as bright as Trump. Now that they have him identified, the evidence of what he bought and where is probably in his house, along with materials. OJ Simpson's dream team couldn't save this guy. 

  5. The alleged right wing terrorist was all over the TV screens on my workout today.  The FBI went stupid when their Harbor Freight or equivalent tarp went awry with sub standard bungee chords revealing that the work was obviously  that of a extrovert flagrant right wing extremist.   Thank the god of the godless his van revealed no pink hitch nut, but then he was from New York, and they might think it a symbol of gay pride or something.  The right wing, previous to this evidence,  was all over blaming the lib-tards, with the bombings a ruse to deflate Republican voting enthusiasm.  I just peddled through it.  Swam a few laps.  Watched the stock market yoyo on TV.  Beautiful Indian Summer day, in spite of it all.

  6. Of course he was a leftie!

    I'm a leftie, and if I had a big-ass WHITE van, I'd decorate every inch of empty space of it with pro-tRUMP hoo-ha's, and then send faux bombs out to fellow liberals, to make tRUMP look bad (like he needs any help).

    Wouldn't you!


    Me neither…

  7. Thank the lord the FBI gave the white house a heads up on the smack down so the white house could do the fake look good.  C-gulag see like I see.

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