It’s Time

Scientists say mysterious ‘Oumuamua’ object could be an alien spacecraft. Harvard researchers raise the possibility that it’s a probe sent by extraterrestrials. I wish we’d have gotten our act together better before we got probed.

Well, I’ve done my bit and voted for Claire McCaskill and a bunch of other down-ticket Dems. Fingers crossed.

There are three medicinal marijuana initiatives on the Missouri ballot. I understand that if they all pass, they cancel each other out. This was by design, no doubt. I took the advice of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and voted yes on the first and no on the other two.

Tonight sometime I’ll be blogging the returns for awhile, so if you want to drop by you are welcome.

12 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. OY!!!!!

    My roommate in the assisted dying (sorry, assisted living – they hate it when I call it what it really is) facility I'm in went to the hospital with pneumonia about a week ago, and I have a bad cough and chills, and have had them since Friday. 

    I already have lung issues because the right side of my heart retired earlier than the rest of me was ready.  So, I have major breathing problems once in awhile, and I don't dare compromise them any worse than they already are. 

    I'm still registered to vote at my former address, about a 45 minute drive from where I'm at.  I couldn't reregister here for some financial reasons. 

    I called for months to my former county Board of Elections, trying to get absentee ballots.  Busy.  Finally, about a month ago I got an answering machine where I left a message with all of the info they'd need to send me and my Mom ballots.

    None came. 
    Called and left messages twice a week. Still, nothing.

    Yesterday, I was pretty sure I could go today.  But I had a horrible night, and feel weak – and I'm hacking and sneezing even worse than before.  And here in Upstate NY, the weather is cold, windy, and very wet.  And a friend said the line is beyond belief – DAMN YOU, NY STATE, FOR NOT HAVING EARLY VOTING,!!!!

    So, FSM foregive me, I'm not risking it.  I'm not going.

    This will be the first midterm or presidential election I'll miss since I voted in the '78 midterm.  I voted every 2 years – and more often, depending on where I was living (like in NYC, for Mayor).

    Instead, I'll go back to bed, watch the returns, and keep everything crossed that arthritis allows me.

    I gotta stay alive and as healthy as I can be to be ready to oust that bigoted orange human HAZMAT windbag in 2020.

    PS:  After 2016, I promised to longer make predictions. 

    Ok , I lied!

    D's win House win the House by 50+.

    And D's win the Senate by one.

     Back to shivering in bed…

  2. Well, I voted by mail about a month ago. I voted a straight Democratic ticket. Any candidates who were seeking a non partisan position that didn't require a party affiliation I voted based on my understanding of their gender. If the the name was a female name they got my vote. I know that it's not exactly a method for being civically responsible, but my distrust of males being socially responsible with good governance makes me conclude my best bet is to favor the qualities that nature generally attributes to the female gender.

     I also voted in favor of restoring the voting rights of convicted felons in Florida after they have completed their sentencing/punishment obligation to society. There are 1.5 million disenfranchised voters in Florida because of the denial of the restoration of the right to vote. A carry over from Jim Crow…Let those who want to be restored to participation in our electoral process be allowed to do so.

  3. I voted Saturday.  If we don't win the house, "beam me up Scotty" 😃. I really don't think I could take more of the facist minority murdering and crowing their false narratives. Let's hope for better days. And mueller indictments. 

  4. Thanks, maha!

    I'm already in bed, remote in hand, ready to nap, and toggle between MSNBC and CNN until I'm ready to finally go to sleep.


  5. When in doubt I voted female, too. 🙂 No matter their ideology, women are generally more responsible than men. One empirical example, microfinance. If you make a small, unsecured loan, make it to a woman before a man.

  6. Saw early voting stats on Rachel Maddow a few nights ago. They can't tell what party the early voters are from, but they can tell their sex. For all the dozen or so states shown, every one of them had a higher percentage of early female voters vs men. In Georgia it was in the awesome double digits. I think people are going to be blown away by the pink tsunami.

  7. If America can't be Blue, I'll be more than happy to have a Pink America!

    Imo – IQ is probably relatively equal between women and men.

    However, when it comes to EQ (Empathy/Emotional Quotient), men are left in the dust.

    Back to bed…   ZZZzzzzzz…

  8. Maha,

    I thought you were from NY (I am sorry I havent been here for a while) and visit MO  to be with friends/family. 

  9. It's very interesting to me that the female defenders here are males.  And in a way, I can agree with you.  However, here in Walla Walla, my rep. in the House is Cathy McMorris Rodgers and I had to vote against her.  She does nothing but spout the party line.  I don't think she has ever had an original thought in her life.  Her opponent is also a female and I voted for her.  Cathy is very hard to get rid of.  I can think of other females that do not have the qualities being described above but I will not bore you.  Anyway, some of them are personal.  I just saw on the TV that Marsha Blackburn has won and she is another female I do not like.

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