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  1. Cue "Dragnet" theme:


    I hope Mueller & Co. are busy making copies of the evidence they have so far, and a list of who they want to indict and why, because this new DOJ Head Eunuch will shut this investigation down faster than a Baptist Sheriff would a bar open early while church services were still going on.

    And then, for plausible deniability, like in "Murder on the Orient Express," every one of Mueller's investigators and litigators can take a section, and… OOPS!  "How did that appear in the NYT's (WaPo, LA Times, Boston Globe, etc…

    And then, under questioning, "Which one of all y'all realeased this to the press?  What?  None of you sent it?"

     'Yes!  NONE of us!'

  2. Mueller better return fire by indicting Donald Jr. and Roger Stone. If he doesn't bring the issue of conspiracy and obstruction of justice front and center for the American public to see and pay close attention to, then he'll be giving Trump a great advantage. Whether Mueller is prepared or not he has to define the issue and make clear what the stakes are. Trump's objective is to destroy the Mueller investigation to hide his own complicity, and he might succeed if he's allowed to chip away at it like he's doing now.

     The Senate majority is in Trump's hand, and only pressure and outrage from the American public will possibly change that dynamic.

  3. Oh great the guy who's gonna shut the whole thing down has the same last name as me! wtf. I know this thing is bigger than just the media coverage, but you have to admit Trump knows how to change the subject. Less than 24 hours after losing the house nobody is talking about the election or the democratic party wins, we are once again talking about Trump!

  4. Swami: Mueller better return fire by indicting Donald Jr. and Roger Stone.

    I don't think Mueller can indict anyone, this guy Whitaker is in charge now , I'd wager any action (indictments, grand jury proceedings, etc) that was in the cue has been quashed.

  5. How long before skin head Whitaker is breaking rocks for obstruction of justice? I mean, SMART criminals cover their tracks; Trump and his cronies…. not so much.

  6. The petty vindictive child was on full display today. Some one obviously has a lot to hide and is in full performance mode.

  7. uncledad  … From what I'm hearing is that Whitaker is in a position where ultimately he'll take a big hit in exchange for no payday if he tries to carry out Trump's attempt to quash the Muller investigation. I think Trump think he'll be useful because he's expressed views that align with Trump's trying to get out from underneath the Mueller investigation. It's hard to say what Whitaker will do, but if he doesn't succeed in knocking Mueller completely out of the box, he'll be facing charges of obstruction of justice. Thread lightly,Whitaker because Trump will discard you like a used rubber after you've served his purpose…Just ask Jeff Sessions!

     We'll see where it goes…But I suspect Trump doesn't have a solid game plan..He's just striking out wherever he can, and doing whatever he can to get the monkey off his back.

  8. It is no longer possible obstruction. I'm getting the copyright on a slogan.

       Lock HIM up !


  9. uncledad – I'm no lawyer and I don't play one on TV, BUT, I understand indictments can be in the works and sealed – already approved by Rosenstein before the massacre began. Mueller can trigger those with a call to the judge or might they already be triggered for a set date unless Mueller recalls or delays the indictments? The hypothetical circumstances are that Mueller, being no dummy, had ample fair warning of what and WHEN. Trump may not know it yet, but he's reacting to Mueller, not the other way around. IMO, Mueller may dupe Trump into overt acts (as if appointing a puppet to supervise the Mueller investigation isn't overt) which make obstruction of justice a done deal.

    Mueller can't require a particular verdict of a jury, but he follows the set of elements which he has to prove. As I read it, the only element a jury might have questioned is "corrupt intent". Up until yesterday, whether Trump fired people with the objective of preventing an investigation into Trump's activities. I think it's proven now, but Mueller may want Trump to go further down the path.

    The handwriting is on the wall. Trump won't be found guilty in impeachment proceedings in the Senate. The DOJ won't indict a sitting president. IMO, Mueller wants to provide the DOJ with enough proof of crimes so that an A/G under a democratic administration must charge Trump with crimes early in 2021. 

    Again, as a matter of opinion, voters will have to DEMAND that the new administration charge Trump. Politicians won't want to do it. Read President Ford's reasoning for issuing a pardon for Nixon. A new democrat in the White House won't want to appear vindictive. The issue is an EQUAL application of the law to every citizen regardless of how high they rise in government. EQUAL means EQUAL. 

  10. Doug: " A new democrat in the White House won't want to appear vindictive "

    I agree, that is the problem, Democrats have let a long line of Republican criminals off the hook, that's why they keep acting like criminals. Hopefully there are sealed indictments as you say otherwise this thing might be over, Trump didn't appoint this hack to just sit there, he is there to shut the whole thing down.

  11. So, Democrats won't want to appear vindictive.  Do they want to appear complicit just to avoid appearing vindictive or do they want to do their job?  It is so obvious what Trump  is doing and even the proverbial man on the street can see what kind of person he is.  I'm getting more nauseated by the minute.

    OT–There was a mass shooting last night in Thousand Oaks., CA, 13 dead including the shooter.  My son lives in TO and I read it just recently was named the 3rd safest city in the U.S.  What does that say for the rest of us?  I'm too old to be getting angry but damn it; is there no one in the government who can do something besides sit on their ass and get on the phone and beg for $$$  or get out there and tell lies and kiss Trump's big ass?  It doesn't work, look at what happened to Sessions.

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