Cohen Sings

I’m listening to Michael Cohen’s opening remarks. If you want to comment on the unfolding testimony, feel free.

Update: The Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are mostly just yelling that Michael Cohen is a liar. There was a poignant moment in which Cohen told the Republicans that they were just protecting the president, as he used to do.

Update: Other stuff going on —

Pakistan says it shot down two Indian warplanes in Pakistani air space. Note that both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons.

Whether the photo op with Trump and Kim in Hanoi is anythiing but a photo op isn’t yet clear. I can’t tell if any firm agreement on anything has been reached.

While in Vietnam, Trump took a heroic stand for censorship and totalitarianism by banning reporters who asked him questions he didn’t like

Reporters from the Associated Press, Bloomberg News, the Los Angeles Times and Reuters were excluded from covering the dinner because of what White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said were “sensitivities over shouted questions in the previous sprays.” Among the questions asked of Trump was one about the congressional testimony of his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

Update: If only there were a way to ban grandstanding by committee members, because that’s all the Republicans are doing. It’s tiresome.

Update: Ann Telnaes is live-sketching the hearing.

Update: Charles Pierce, The Republican Party Completely and Utterly Disgraced Itself at Michael Cohen’s Hearing

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  1. I remember that Katrina was George W Bush's tipping point, IOW the moment when it seemed that the public at large started to sour on him. That may be subjective on my part, but I don't think so.

    Here's hoping that Cohen's testimony is the beginning of the end for Trump, in terms of public sentiment. Of course the 30% dead-enders will never be reached, but if you can grab the middle, they become irrelevant.

  2. So far the Republicans are playing dis the messenger with annoying frequency.  The message Cohen is giving seems to be getting through almost unscathed.  It is pretty damning.  Like kitty cats in a diarrhea outbreak, they may not be able to throw sufficient dirt.

  3. I watched some of Cohen's opening statement, I amazed at how dull this guy come across, how the hell did he ever get through law school and pass the bar. The stupid really ramps up when the repugs ask "questions". Interesting that the GOP'ers give most of their time up to good old gym jordan, another dullard. The stupid it burns!

    • If you look up Cohen's alma mater – I forget the name – it is one of the lowest ranked law schools in the country.

      • He drew Bambi from a matchbook cover?

        Oh, wait…  That was to get into art school.

         Got it!  He got his degree in Granada.

        No, that was a "universty" to get  medical degree.

        I give up.  Maybe he just watched TV law shows and paid someone to pass the NY bar exam?


  4. I tried to watch, but as usual, the questions and accusations from the R's were monotonous!


    Doesn't any one of these sociopaths have a thesaurus?  There are "synonyms" for "liar" in there if they had one and knew how to use it!

  5. To say the climate of the hearing is intense is an understatement.  Quote of the day to that point:

    Katie Brenner of the NYT commenting "When it’s AOC’s turn, non-zero chance the room spontaneously combusts."

  6. Cohen is a liar.

    Trump is a liar. He lied about Trump Tower Moscow while Trump tasked Cohen with advancing a deal worth hundreds of millions. Cohen lied about what Trump was with the Russian government and when the deal ended. Shall we look at the lies Cohen told to protect Trump, and why Trump rewarded Cohen for the dishonesty for a decade?

    Trump is a liar. He lied about Stormy Daniels and Clifford. Trump knew there were potential election entanglements which is why the transactions were concealed. Cohen's going to jail for those election offenses – committed at the direction of Donald Trump. Shall we talk about conspircy? 

    Trump is a liar, a conman and a cheap hustler. The presidential run was a bid to increase the value of the Trump brand, which he hoped would eventually land Trump Tower Moscow. Putin put Trump over the top – stuff is getting looked at then would have been overlooked had Trump lost.

    Trump is a liar. He surrounds himself with people of his kind – lacking in ethics or honesty. The GOP seems to think Democrats must call as witnessses people of high integrity who can attest to Trump's schemes. Trump never hired people with morals.

    Let's look at the lies Trump told – and why,

  7. I love watching the Repugs up on their moral high horse condemning Cohen of being a liar, a narcissist, and driven by greed, with all their righteousness and moral indignation while the essence of Trump's spirit and behavior hovers over them like a foul odor.

    • "condemning Cohen of being a liar, a narcissist, and driven by greed"

      Yes the hypocrisy is thick, they should have went all in and called him an adulterer!

  8. I didn't have the chance to watch but caught the tail end during my commute.  AOC's questioning was pretty impressive. She was direct, thorough and she didn't stutter like the other Rep's I heard.  She asked pointed questions and followed up with requests for names.  Hopefully that may aid further investigation.   It will be interesting (and by interesting I mean revolting) to see how the RWM will spin this. 

    • Lawrence O'Donnell remarked last night, that usually in these kinds of hearings, the junior Congress-people appear toward the end – as AOC did – and there usually isn't much left to ask about. Glad to see this up-ended with AOC.

    • I liked the way AOC handled her time in questioning Cohen. It brought back memories of being in high school when we learned about how to write a business letter. The teacher always said the paramount rule was to make it brief and to the point. AOC didn't waste any time fumbling for direction. She knew exactly where she wanted to go.

  9. Good  morning. The north Korea talks just fell apart. Failure. About something that really matters. 

    Cohen  said abbie Lowell  and Jay sekulow changed his statement to Congress that may have helped convict him.

    Trump called him 2 months after the fbi searched his home and office. Sounds like a crime.

    Funny part was his statement that trump threatened  college not to release his grades sat scores. Laugh

    Funny too to watch Jim Jordan lose his smirk.

    I still blame media and especially new York  political  financial class for not saying he was a con  in 2015.

    • aj,

      Two words about why the NY poltitical financial sector didn't call tRUMP out as a con:

      Tax cuts.

      (Cue the song "Money" from "Cabaret).

  10. I didn't watch Cohen live, just excerpts on news shows and blogs. I've been fascinated by much of it, especially his ominous closing:

    "Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power."

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