Trump’s Soylent Green Budget

Let’s review:

Now, let’s look at what Trump put in the budget proposal released yesterday, from Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent:

Some of the highlights:

  • The Trump budget would cut about $845 billion from Medicare over 10 years
  • It cuts $241 billion from Medicaid
  • It would push Medicaid toward block grants which cap the amount each state would receive, which when the money runs out would result in pared-back benefits, recipients being tossed off the program or both
  • It would eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid, which would mean millions would lose their health coverage
  • It would cut $25 billion from Social Security
  • It would impose work requirements on recipients of food stamps, Medicaid and housing assistance, forcing them to navigate a bureaucratic maze or lose their benefits
  • It would cut $220 billion from food stamps
  • It would cut $1.1 trillion from domestic discretionary programs, which do not include Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security
  • It would cut the Department of Housing and Urban Development by 16 percent and the Education Department by 12 percent
  • It would cut the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent

In short, it’s Ryan’s dream come true.

Now, it’s entirely possible this stuff was cobbled together by staff, and Trump himself never saw it. After all, in the past few days he’s been hard at work tweeting that climate change is a hoax and that he has found new ways to be more efficient with names. But he might have noticed that the timing of this budget was a tad awkward, as we’re in the middle of a tax season in which millions of Americans are realizing they were conned about getting a tax cut.

Further, in 2016, older white voters were Trump’s most reliable demographic. You’d think this would piss them off. However, one suspects they aren’t calling this out much on Fox News …

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Soylent Green Budget

  1. Don't worry, coming soon:  The New American Revolution Will Copy the Best of the French Revolution: NOW, WITH CANNIBALISM!!!

    Kill the rich.

    Gut the rich.

    Cut-off the fat for other uses.

    Boil the bones for still other uses.

    As for and meat – NO RARE/MEDIUM:  ONLY VERY WELL DONE!  Those big vermin host a lot of little vermin. *

    * I kid!


    I mean it about the kidding.  Don't I?



  2. When the Republicans controlled congress they allowed him nothing that was not already in their agenda before his presidency was a gleam in his own eye.

    As you say, this is their budget, and they don't give a shit that it totally reneges on his promises to protect both Social Security and Medicare.

    His stupid base has taught them he doesn't need to keep any of his promises.

    He just needs to bellow that the communist, Jew-hating, baby-killing Democrats want to cheat his voters out of the sublime enjoyment of his glorious reign.

    And they'll vote for him again.

    He could actually get another four years.

    What the hell. Reagan did.

  3. You forgot to mention that he is cramming another 33 billion into the pockets of the defense contractors, a 5 percent increase, funny that since we are not really in a "hot" war at this time. As far as the social program cuts, they as the military pork are not getting much coverage in the corporate media, they'd rather talk about the paltry 8 billion he wants for the wall?

  4. Is this budget any more than a poke in the eye for American citizens?  I mean the ones that worked hard, paid their fair share of taxes, and did not shirk military duty.  The ones that had an uphill fight all the way, with others passing them on the elitist escalator.  When we are in dire need of a more level playing field, this is proposed.

    For the haters promises are kept.  Tyrannical leaders are praised and old allies are scorned.  The rest get the con job treatment they should have seen coming.  

    If this is not a slam dunk for a Dem. victory, we are all doomed.  The Reps will try to reality bend this mess into a stunning success.  They will use all the noise machine they can muster both domestic and foreign. The gullible will be conned again as you can fool some of the people all of the time.  Fools with a flat lined learning curve are unfortunately not an endangered breed in this country.   



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