Stuff Happened Today

Today the AG, Bill “Mumbles” Barr, testified to the a House appropriations subcommittee. Steven “Gloves” Mnuchin also testified to the same committee and also to the House Financial Services Committee. I will write about these events tomorrow, I promise. Feel free to comment.

1 thought on “Stuff Happened Today

  1. Yesterday, Rep. Maxine Waters (Real D – CA) ate "Mental Munchkin" Mnuchin's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!

    He looked like a spoiled asshole – which, not coincidently, was 'truth in advertizing' because he IS one!  

    As for Bill Barr(-Barr the tubby old elephant boy), yesterday, in front of a House committee, he was riffing on different non-sequiturs about Mueller's report and his hand-edited 3 1/2 page Reader's Digest version of it.  None of what he said made any sense.

    Barr is Winston Wolf from "Pulp Fiction," only he cleans-up for Republican presidential assassins, instead of hit-men for drug dealers.

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