Too Much

Sometimes when I don’t write it’s because I’m so overwhelmed by so much going on I can’t settle on one topic. Right now we’ve got Crazy John Bolton trying to get us into war in Iraq Iran, the Attorney General of the United States undermining the Constituion and national security; Miz Lindsey Graham is undermining the authority of the Senate; the POTUS is a festering cesspool of resentment and ignorance. But now the state of Alabama just passed a ban on all abortions except to save a woman’s life. So the 11-year-old rape victim will just have to have the baby.

I’ll write more about this tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. Crazy ain't it?

    120,000 troops deployed to where? for what? Remember when a few hundred in Syria needed to be  withdrawn?

    And now if you have an ectopic pregnancy,  your fallopian tube will just have to explode and threaten your life not to mention the fact that an ectopic would not ever be viable.

    Don't forget the trade war.

    Barr wants to establish a 4th investigation of the investigation.

    And Graham lost his mind playing golf with the creature, who the latest book says cheats incessantly at golf.

    Oh and don't forget part of new abortion law is if a woman claims rape and the rapist fails to be convicted,  she will go to jail. As if we don't have enough male dominance behavior  already.

    But Dems think impeachment is too much trauma. We're numb from the trauma of the last 3 years. Impeachment is nothing compared to the hell in a handbag we are headed to.

  2. I can tell it's getting to ya, Barbara. I thought Bolton wants war with Iran, not Iraq.

  3. Have you not just stumbled into the story that needs thought and elaboration.  The absolute messy overload which lets one story after another die without anything close to the rest of the story, the final chapter, the surprise ending, the resolution or even a chance of a happy ending.  Is the new American government policy just one of domination of the media?  Hell I remember when the Kardashians had that role.  Now (unintentional consequence aside which  at least to me is a bit of a windfall) they can hardly get any air time  at all.  Even Brexit has a hard time breaking through with news blip any more.  No end to that mess either.  

    We get no closure on anything.  We have no time to connect any dots.  We have to invest and plan between twitter rants, to the extent that the Mad Money guy Jim Kramer is throwing up his hands or hitting all his  sound effects at once.  Jim, if you do not know him, is not a low energy kind of guy.  Quite the contrary, his middle name should be overcaffeinated.  He is saying it is impossible to invest in this twitter storm environment. If he has trouble keeping up we are all in trouble.  We are a country in desperate need of Gestalt.  

    We and the world at the mercy of the madman the Russians and the deplorables ramrodded into office.  Can we just raise a white flag and surrender this great nation to this  asymmetrical warfare or at least figure out how to restore a little sanity?  Where in the hell are the guys in the white coats when you need them?  

  4. It's not impossible the administration will start a hot war against Iran based on the theory Americans close ranks behind the president in times of war.


  5. I was expanding, Maha. Bolton is a neocon nut who wants to go to war with any country that shows a sign of rivalry. Trump could have his own reasons.


  6. "We have met the enemy and he is us."*

    With all due respect to the great poet, W. B. Yeats, tRUMP is 'The Third Coming.'

    tRUMP loves chaos.  That's his smokescreen, his out-in-the-open cloak of invisibility.

    And all of us non-deplorables are "turning and turning in the widening gyre."

    'Things are falling apart, the center is not holding!'

    Read "The Second Coming" for yourselves for further similarities between when Yeats published the poem im 1919, and 2019.  The entire poem reads as if it was written today. 

    In non-poetic language, we are fucked!

    * h/t to "Pogo," by Walt Kelly.



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